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Mentors and mushrooms


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Since a couple of years, we see emerging more and more mentors around startups... But what are they? Who are they? How to recognize them? How can they help you?
In this presentation I explain what startupmentoring is really about.

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Mentors and mushrooms

  1. 1. MentorsWednesday, November 2, 11
  2. 2. Mentors are like Mushrooms by @peignoirWednesday, November 2, 11
  3. 3. How to recognize the good ones?Wednesday, November 2, 11
  4. 4. Good mentorsWednesday, November 2, 11
  5. 5. How to recognize them.. Successful people Rare / hard to find You will have to attract them (they usually say no) They are awfully busy They have connections and usually $ They helped a lot of successful StartupsWednesday, November 2, 11
  6. 6. Toxic MentorsWednesday, November 2, 11
  7. 7. How to recognize the toxic ones.. They claim to be a mentor (it’s not a job!) They will come to you (usually you beg for a good one) They cost $ (usually mentors will invest...) They never successfully launched anything They will spend a lot of time with you (they have time!) They are everywhere!Wednesday, November 2, 11
  8. 8. Side Effects of Toxic Mentors - Weird strategic move - If you survive he will claim success - Killing your Startup -Losing credibilityWednesday, November 2, 11
  9. 9. Where to find them in the Startup eco-system You are taking over the World! HIGH GROWTH You have a stable business model and a great product SCALE You have a solid team Garage STARTUP with some good ideas You are an ACTION Entrepreneur You want to be an DISCOVERY Entrepreneur INSPIRE/CELEBRATE You’ve got some passions & ideas ?Wednesday, November 2, 11
  10. 10. What is Mentoring?Wednesday, November 2, 11
  11. 11. Origin Someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleagueWednesday, November 2, 11
  12. 12. Is it only about Knowledge?Wednesday, November 2, 11
  13. 13. ork etw ’s n or e nt M An unfair advantage providerWednesday, November 2, 11
  14. 14. Example of unfair advantage: Before After Mary Maxwell Gates was an American businessperson. Gates served 18 years (1975–1993) on the University of Washington board of regents. She was the first female president of King County’s United Way, the first woman to chair the national United Way’s executive committee where she served most notably with IBMs CEO, John Opel, and the first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washingtons board of directors.Wednesday, November 2, 11
  15. 15. Type of Mentors The Connector Mentor The Guru Mentor Network > Knowledge Network < KnowledgeWednesday, November 2, 11
  16. 16. How networks and Money Interact with startups Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company George W. Fairchild Sherman Fairchild Gordon Moore (1854 - 1924) (1896 - 1971) (1929 ... )Wednesday, November 2, 11
  17. 17. Be good at school kids! Having a great Academic network is your first ally! It allows you to build a great “unfair advantage” by yourself!Wednesday, November 2, 11
  18. 18. It’s only been 6 Years since good accelerators allows you to have access to great mentors via your Talent (usually technical talent!) Like Colleges each accelerator / incubators are different. Avoid the ones who don’t provide good Mentors (cf the Mushroom section)Wednesday, November 2, 11
  19. 19. Do you need mentors / great academics to succeed?Wednesday, November 2, 11
  20. 20. Nope... There’s always exceptions!Wednesday, November 2, 11
  21. 21. Though having models might help... Edwin H. LandWednesday, November 2, 11
  22. 22. Questions? franck@startupweekend.orgWednesday, November 2, 11