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11g New Features and Enhancements for Backup and Recovery


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Presentation about Backup and Recovery in 11g

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11g New Features and Enhancements for Backup and Recovery

  1. 1. By Francisco Munoz Alvarez Oracle 11G New Functionalities for DBAs
  2. 2. OK,are you from?
  3. 3. Born here Grow up here Got Married Here Mature here Now Living here
  5. 5. STREAMS 30%-50% Faster RAC 70% Faster Optimizer Stats Collection 10X Faster More Details More Improvements Query Results Caching 25% Faster
  6. 6. Table Scans 2.5 X Faster using Advance Compression Need More? More Improvements Oracle Secure Files 5X Faster than normal filesystems.
  7. 7. “it enables read-only access to a physical standby database for queries, sorting, reporting, webbased access, while continuously keep applying all changes received from the primary database.” ACTIVE DATA GUARD 11G NEW FUNCTIONALITIES
  8. 8. “Compresses any type of data (structured and unstructured data), as well as network traffic, memory utilization and inclusive the amount of data in the process of being backed up” ADVANCED COMPRESSION 11G NEW FUNCTIONALITIES
  9. 9. • • • • • • OLTP compression – It allows structured and unstructured data to be compressed on INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. RMAN Backup Compression - Compress RMAN backups. Datapump export compression - Compress datapump export files. SecureFiles Deduplication - Detect and eliminate duplicate copies of files stored within the database. SecureFiles Compression - Compress unstructured file data within the database. Network Traffic Compression - Compress Data Guard redo data as it is sent over the network. Compressions Available 11G NEW FUNCTIONALITIES
  10. 10. OLTP Compression When Loading Data
  11. 11. OLTP Compression When Reading
  12. 12. OLTP Compression When Inserting (Part II)
  14. 14. “allows businesses to quickly adopt new technologies while eliminating the risks associated with any change “ “it combines a workload capture and replay feature with an SQL performance analyser to help you to test the changes against real-life workloads, then it will help you to fine-tune them before putting them into production” RAT Real Application Testing
  15. 15. “ Indexes that are ignored by the optimizer. Handy for testing without dropping “ INVISIBLE INDEXES 11G NEW FUNCTIONALITIES
  16. 16. “Virtual Private Catalog and Import Catalog” “Recovery Advisor” RMAN> LIST FAILURE; RMAN> ADVISE FAILURE; RMAN> REPAIR FAILURE; <PREVIEW><NOPROMPT> RMAN What is New “Active Database Duplication”
  17. 17. “Multi Section Backups” “Tablespace Point in Time Recovery” “Duration” Backup duration 00:30 database; <minimize time> <minimize load> RMAN Some more cool stuff
  18. 18. “Validate Database” “Archival Backup” Any time this command detects a database failure, it initiates a failure assessment and logs the failure in the ADR. RMAN “Backup Failover to Non-Flash Recovery Areas” Some more stuff
  19. 19. “ Configure the DB_ULTRA_SAFE initialization parameter on both the primary and standby systems for the most comprehensive data corruption prevention and detection.“ DB_ULTRA_SAFE 11G NEW FUNCTIONALITIES
  20. 20. DB_ULTRA_SAFE In the Primary DB
  21. 21. DB_ULTRA_SAFE In the Standby
  22. 22. “Read Only Tables” “Health Monitor” “Virtual Columns” “Edition Based Redefinition” purely expression-based and aren't stored on-disk Enables you to upgrade the database component of an application while it is in use, thereby minimizing or eliminating down time. Other Important Stuff In Oracle 11G
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