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201305 ABCIT Management

  1. 1. © GamingWorksABC of ICTThe No: 1 Success or Fail factor“Through 2011 more than85% of IT operationsorganisationswill be involved in IToperational process,quality and governanceinitiatives” - Gartner…..and MANY willfail to realize resultsbecause of ABC!....
  2. 2. © GamingWorks Business & IT productivity IT and Business alignment Business agility &speed to market Business processmanagement & reengineering IT cost, reliability & efficiencyand securityIncreasing impactITSM as a strategic capabilityGrowing importance,& dependencyPoor ability to executeKey TrendsCIO needs:Leadership developmentand staff trainingIT Transformation“….from Internal focus to outside-in, businessfocus and a Customer and Service culture…….”CobITISO27..20..ITILPrince2PMIDevOpsISO38..BiSL
  3. 3. © GamingWorks“Professional”“Pro-active”“Team Working”TOPDOWNdirectiveCIONewMISSION,VISION,VALUESMEMO/Posters“Knowledge sharing”“CUSTOMER & SERVICE focus”Easy toINSTALLtakes onlySECONDS“Ownership”….“Responsibility”“As a CUSTOMER, what BEHAVIORwill I see that DEMONSTRATES this?IT Culture change
  4. 4. © GamingWorksImproving Customer & Service focusBusy with Best practice training….(20 K invested)…...bought a tool…(50 K invested) developed processes….(10 K invested) …wasn’t working…..resistance…no information….no control…..customers not happy…..wants VALUE and RESULTS52% FailDue to resistance70%Don’tGet value from ITSMInvestmentA case
  5. 5. © GamingWorks Fact: More than 70% are unable to measure or demonstrate thevalue of an IT improvement program. (We struggle to get themost out of IT frameworks) Fact: 94% said current IT training and certificationdoesn’t help address ABC issues. (We don’t know how to solvethe above)....why do we keep failing? Fact: Many IT improvement initiatives fail to achieve their desiredaims. A Forrester report revealed that the biggest reasons for ITimprovement initiatives failing is resistance (Behavior) to change52%. (We have difficulty getting people on board, andkeeping them there)
  6. 6. © GamingWorks...the Impact of ABC..that iceberg won’tstop US!Full steam ahead!…don’t forget!ABC is like anIceberg…..a lotof it is hiddenbeneath thesurface, and itis capable ofinflictingdamage!
  7. 7. © GamingWorksA set of playing cards, developed by GamingWorks in associationwith Van Haren publishing. The cards contain 57 industry recognizedABC (Attitude, Behavior, Culture) worst practice cartoons.UserCustomerHelp deskTechnical specialistConsultantSupplier….This card set has been designed as anawareness and assessment instrument to helpteams, departments and organizations toimprove.A practicalInstrument…There are anumber ofexercisesyou can dowith themIdentifyWHO isguilty ofwhichworstpracticeDiscusstheBusinessimpact &riskAgreewhich onesneedFixing! Andwho isresponsible….assessing ABC
  8. 8. © GamingWorks How big is the Iceberg? What type of damage can it cause What ‘Leadership’ and behaviorMUST managers display?
  9. 9. © GamingWorksExercise 1: Resistance• Many IT organizations are starting Transformation initiatives andmajor change programs, and MOST meet with resistance. Manyadopt IT best practice frameworks to support their initiatives, butthese often don’t deliver the value people HOPED for. More than50% fail because of resistance. Resistance is a FACT in ALLimprovement initiatives. What are the common types ofresistance to IT improvement initiatives?Task 1: (10 minutes):• Which 3 cards most closely represent the type of resistanceyou see or experience or expect when you try and roll-out thenew processes and tools?• Record your selections.If you see the word ITIL change this for ANY IT best practice framework or Tool
  10. 10. © GamingWorksTask 2: (10 minutes):• Which card has the most negative consequences?• To help select try and identify ‘cause and effect’• Think of impact in terms of:Project impact?Business?IT organization.Exercise 1: Resistance
  11. 11. © GamingWorksExercise 1: ResistanceTask 3: (15 minutes):• “ What does the CIO need to do”?• “ What do Managers need to do”?• Give concrete examples of ‘Leadership’ to createbuy-in, overcome resistance, ‘walk-the-talk’.“What do we need to do to ensure that this resistanceis prevented or dealt with??’‘Leidinggevenden - de aanjagers zijn van de gewensteverandering en voorbeeldgedrag laten zien’.
  12. 12. © GamingWorksThe TOP 3 resistance
  13. 13. © GamingWorks0 10 20 30 40 50‘Resistance’ – The top 10 (Global)Saying ‘Yes’, meaning ‘No’No management commitmentPlan, Do, Stop…..No realContinual improvement culture12345678910ITIL(framework) is the objective not what itshould achieveNever mind about following proceduresjust do what we normally doITIL(Framework) Never work hereUnable to specify the VALUE requiredby the businessThrowing (Framework) Solutions over thewall and HOPING people will follow themIT thinks it doesn’t need to understandthe Business to make a Business caseNo understanding of Businessimpact & Priority2550 people
  14. 14. © GamingWorksA service is ameans ofdelivering valueto customers byfacilitatingoutcomesCustomers wantto achieve withoutthe ownership ofspecificCosts & Risks.0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%What is theimpact of allthis worstpractice?( V ) IT Solutions fail to meet businessneeds or delayed solutions( V ) : Lost Business opportunities( C )Higher IT costs( C ) Higher businessoperating costs( O ) Decreasedstaff productivity( R ) Increased businessoutages and risks( R ) Threats to business security,availability or continuity( R ) Increased IT outages and downtime
  15. 15. © GamingWorksWhat do managers need to do?Engage and Involve people. Empower teams to make the changes themselvesContinually remind people of the sense of urgency and what we are trying toachieve in terms of V,O,C,RActive participation in meetings e.g. CAB to reinforce messages and to confront‘saying yes , doing no’Confront openly and directly ‘Undesirable behavior’ – also with other managersReward and recognize ‘desired behavior’Creating a mirror by asking questions ‘What would the customer say? How doesthis impact the customer? How does this impact V,O,C,REndorse and support/communicate a CSI register – empowering people to suggestand make changesConsistent messaging from ALL managers. Not just ‘words’. Walk the talk. Lead byexample.Send IT staff into the business for 1 day. Have them gain an understanding ofbusiness needs, priority and impact.
  16. 16. © GamingWorksKnowledge:Expertise and skills acquired throughexperience or education;the practical or theoretical understanding of a subject.Education & Theory2 Million+certificates70%Get VALUEfromITSM InvestmentDon’t10%25%75%ListeningReadingWatching& ListeningDoingExperiential Learning5%%Knowledgeretained
  17. 17. © GamingWorksUserCall center1 st Levelsupport2 nd Levelsupport3 rd LevelsupportSupplierFlight DirectorBusinessMission DirectorExperiential Learning – Business simulationDeveloping a Tool,to enable the processes,support decision making,Manage the workload,Transfer knowledge,Solve issues.
  18. 18. © GamingWorksCreateBuy-inOvercomeresistance52% FailDue to resistance70%Don’tGet value from ITSMInvestmentBusinessSimulationGameEmpowerpeople toidentifyImprovementsto take-awayInput forCSISHAREDunderstandingand goals Played in context of Organizations Bringing ‘END-to-END’ together Create DIALOGUE Break down SILOS, ImproveTeam-working Assess WEAKNESSES Learn to Develop OWN proceduresand agreements Translate THEORY into PRACTICE Learn to apply 4 P’s to realizethe 5th P Learn Pragmatic CSI
  19. 19. © GamingWorksBehavior 1st 2 mnthI know why we need to document and register allrelevant items.6,5I register all the items I need to document. 6.7I regularly use information from the tool. 6,0I observe other people recording useful information 5,4I observe that others are using information to makedecisions and reporting5,7I see managers confronting undesirable behavior andpromoting new processes5,8Measure behavior - ProgressMeasuring currentbehavior & changeover time.
  20. 20. © GamingWorksSee! managers don’t really careThat’s not what we agreed!It can getWORSEI don’t have the time….I’ve got more important things to do…..Rewards!?…..nonsense, they’re adultsI already told them what to do!.....
  21. 21. © GamingWorksMeasure behavior - ProgressBehavior 1st 2 mnthI know why we need to document and register allrelevant items.6,5I register all the items I need to document. 6.7I regularly use information from the tool. 6,0I observe other people recording useful information 5,4I observe that others are using information to makedecisions and reporting5,7I see managers confronting undesirable behavior andpromoting new processes5,88,67,67,16,86,97,0