201302 Application Modernization kalman tiboldi


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201302 Application Modernization kalman tiboldi

  1. 1. Kalman Tiboldi – CBIOIT Simplification@TVHApplication modernization
  2. 2. PARTS & ACCESSORIES DIVISIONEQUIPMENT DIVISIONRENTAL DIVISIONSERVICE & REPAIR DIVISIONTVH OVERVIEWAll parts, All makes!-Not cheap parts but quality partscheaper!-Your one-stop shop for all yourparts & accessories!-The genuine Alternative!§  500.000 SKU’s§  20 mil cross ref.§  120.000m² warehousefacilities
  3. 3. TVH OVERVIEWTVH offers the widest rangeof internal handlingequipment. From hand pallettrucks, stackers, lift tables,hydraulic jacks to lift cranes,hand trolleys and much more…PARTS & ACCESSORIES DIVISIONEQUIPMENT DIVISIONRENTAL DIVISIONSERVICE & REPAIR DIVISION
  4. 4. PARTS & ACCESSORIES DIVISIONEQUIPMENT DIVISIONRENTAL DIVISIONSERVICE & REPAIR DIVISIONTVH OVERVIEWNew and second-hand lifttrucks and aerial workplatforms.More than 2000 machinespermanent on stock
  5. 5. PARTS & ACCESSORIES DIVISIONEQUIPMENT DIVISIONRENTAL DIVISIONSERVICE & REPAIR DIVISIONTVH OVERVIEWThe TVH Rental Divisionadvises and helps customersmake the right choice, bothfor short-term and long-termprojectsMore than 15.000 machinesoffered to our customers
  6. 6. PARTS & ACCESSORIES DIVISIONEQUIPMENT DIVISIONRENTAL DIVISIONSERVICE & REPAIR DIVISIONTVH OVERVIEWMore than 65 specialized on-the-roadengineers answer all questions on-site, all over Belgium. In the fully-equipped workshop, more than 60in-house engineers work on aneffective solutions for customers
  7. 7. Tractor parts and accessories
  8. 8. International presence§  3900 employees worldwide§  45 companies in 24 countries§  900 mil € turnover§  32 languages
  9. 9. Today’s Reality for Most OrganizationsYour Application is at thecrossroads§  To complex user interfaces§  Security breaches, data losses§  Product and technology obsolescence§  Application can’t keep up with change§  Poor performance or reliability§  Maintenance budget exceeded again
  10. 10. Which way to choose ?Build Buy ComposePeter Hinssen – “The New Normal”
  11. 11. Evolution of Application ArchitectureMainframe SystemsWeb, Multi-tier ApplicationsClient/Server ApplicationsBusiness ServicesBusiness TimeMajorArchitecturalTransformationIntercloudInnovation Cycle
  12. 12. Technological driversApplicationModernizationSOASocialCloudInter-CloudObjectOrientedProgrammingModel drivenArchitecture ModernUIMDMBPMBigDataFast DataMobileCredit Suisse- The Apps Revolution ManifestoApplicationModernizationSOASocialCloudInter-CloudObjectOrientedProgrammingModel drivenArchitecture ModernUIMDMBPMBigDataFast DataMobile
  13. 13. SOA is dead - Long live ServicesAnne Thomas Manes, Burton Group
  14. 14. It’s about Business ProcessBusiness processes became less static in thefast-changing business world
  15. 15. IntercompanyPortalTVHBrands LegacyApplicationTVHOpen EdgeApplicationPartnersLegacyApplications.NET MobileApplication Lotus NotesCISCOIP-PhoneQlikViewBITVHBrands LegacyApplicationTVHOpenEdgeApplicationPartnersLegacyApplicationsCollaborationCISCOIP-PhoneCloud BasedServicesFlexible IT ArchitectureEnterprise Service BusComponentsData RepositoryData ServicesSimple and Composite ServicesEnterprise ComponentsCustom ApplicationsServicesBusiness ProcessComposite ApplicationsProcess OrchestrationPackageSecurity,ManagementandMonitoringCustom & PackagedApplications
  16. 16. Information managementCapture ManageDeliverRetainAnalyzeMaster Data Management
  17. 17. Model driven development§  UML Model in Enterprise Architect§  Code skeleton generation from UML§  UML model build-up from source code§  Object Oriented programming§  Standardization§  HTML user interface design§  Front-end based on Java WicketDS§  OpenEdge for business logic§  Open Source project of TVH§  Near-shore, co-sourcing modelmyStrobe Framework
  18. 18. Application designDesigning applications usingwireframing, prototyping andspecification toolUser interfaces designedby professional designersusing HTML
  19. 19. The success of deliveryProject ManagementBusiness AnalysisDescribe Define Plan Build Test ImplementSCOPEUSABILITYBUSINESSVALUEREQUIREMENTS
  20. 20. Agile project management§  Continuous delivery in small chunksusing automated tools§  Strong involvement of business users§  End-to-end focus on quality§  The same model used by our near-shore partner
  21. 21. The growing importance of the Cloud“Overall, the Cloud means a big boost to our economy. In a country likeGermany, some estimate that over five years, Cloud computing couldgenerate over €200 billion in economic benefits, and 800,000 jobs.”Neelie Kroes - Cloud-Computing – Between growth opportunities and privacy" / Brussels 25 June 2012
  22. 22. Cloud based applications and servicesHow to integrate them ?
  23. 23. Combining SOA and CloudSOA – Principles§  Loose Coupling§  Separation of Concerns§  Service OrientationCloud - Characteristics§  Shared, virtualizedinfrastructure§  Rapid provisioning§  Elastic and scalable§  Flexible pricingApply SOA principlesto maximizeCloud characteristicsIntercloud Architecture
  24. 24. Utility components in the Cloud§  Collaboration platform§  Technical library§  Utility applications
  25. 25. Salesforce CRM and Force.comMajor part of Salesforce integration realized bybusiness analysts without IT background
  26. 26. Enterprise mobility is here26PresentAnywhere, anytime - Enable the power of real-time response
  27. 27. User experience with native apps“Six mobile architectures -- native, special, hybrid, HTML5, Message and NoClient -- will remain popular. However, there will be a long-term shift awayfrom native apps to Web apps as HTML5 becomes more capable. Nevertheless,native apps wont disappear, and will always offer the best user experiencesand most sophisticated features.”Gartner: Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2013
  28. 28. Business Intelligence on mobile devices28Present
  29. 29. TVH Routing service
  30. 30. myEquipmentFinder on Samsung Galaxy30Present
  31. 31. New headache for IT organizationsBring your own applications (BYOA)
  32. 32. Conclusions§  Business Process-Centric computing§  Composite application model based on SOA§  Strong in-house application development§  Model driven software development§  Cloud-based services play a major role§  Difficult choice between native, hybrid and web-orientedmobile architecture
  33. 33. Questions§  Which strategy to choose ?§  Continue with business as usual§  Full reimplementation§  Modernization§  What to do with heavy customized environments ?§  Re-engineering with new technology§  Best-of-breed components, including Cloud-based ones§  Get back to standard process§  Which Integration middleware ?§  Enterprise Service Bus§  Cloud-based Integration§  Are they getting serious about the Cloud ?§  Oracle Cloud Application Services§  SAP NetWeaver Cloud, SucessFactors, SAP Business By Design§  Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP, Azure, Office 365
  34. 34. Thank you for your time!