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Uses of will and going to


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uses of will and going to

Published in: Education
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Uses of will and going to

  1. 1. Uses of will and going to By Francisco Aresi, Gonzalo Irazusta and Bautista Buljevich
  2. 2. When to use “WILL” We use will: ● to talk about the future Structure: ● to talk about what people want to do Subject+Auxiliary will+Main verb ● to make promises and offers ● To say what we believe will happen Examples: We'll be late. We will have to eat.
  3. 3. When to use “going to” “Going to” is used ● When we have the intention to do something before we speak. ● To make a prediction about the future. Examples: ● I am going to buy a new car. ● Tomorrow I’m going to the cinema. Structure: Subject +am/are/is + going to + infinitive
  4. 4. When to use “would” ● We can use would for unreal situations, also as a past tense, in a conditional sentence and also for action that were in the past. ● Here are some examples: ● I would love to visit New york. ● I will be late. ● If I won the lottery, I would travel to Amsterdam. Structure: Subject+Auxiliary verb would+ Main verb
  5. 5. Hope you like it!!!!!