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Safe haven and the escape


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Safe haven and the escape

  1. 1. Safe Haven and The Escape | Tomás Braun, Matías Ripoll and Francisco Aresi Questions 1)Compare and contrast the female characters of both stories (film and the escape) 2)Compare and contrast both husbands in both stories 3)Describe the setting in place 4)What would you do if you were in katie’s place? What would you have done if you were in the mother’s place? 5)Write a short summary of the story of the video. 1) In both stories, there are two women, by the name of Patsy and Katie, which are abused by their husbands. Violence is used towards them, who, as a consequence, escape from their homes and their bossy husbands. The difference is that Katie escaped to an unknown place, to start a new place, while patsy did this but to a known place, Jamaica where her family lived. In addition, they both received help. Patsy was helped by Mrs. Ruby and Katie by an old woman. The blond woman was later found by her husband, who was killed by her act of stabbing him. On the other hand, the jamaican wasn’t found but returned because of her family and almost killed her husband, by throwing a brick at him. Furthermore, they both had addictive husbands. Finally, Patsy has four kids, while Katie has none. 2) In both stories, there are two husbands, Kevin, from Safe Haven and Alton, from The Escape. They both are married and abuse their wives. For these reason, we can say that they are both bossies, bullies, aggressive and violent. Due to their mistreat towards them, they both suffer the loss of their wives, who both run away from them and escape. In the case of Kevin, he keeps looking for her, and finally finds her and tries to convince her to go back with him. On the case of Alton, he does not care much about that and ends up cheating on his wife, until she returns. Moreover, they both are alcohol addicts, which may be the reason of their aggression towards their wives. Furthermore, there is another differences between them. Alton has four kids and Kevin has none. Finally, at the end of the story both suffer aggression coming from their wives, by self defence and also maybe as revenge. However, the difference is that Katie finally accomplished to kill and murder Kevin, while Patsy´s throw of the brick didn´t finish with Alton´s life.
  2. 2. 3) The story takes place in two different places; a neighbourhood in Boston, and a little town in North Carolina. The first place was where the main character lived with her abusive husband. There were not too many houses around, and one of those houses was also Katie’s shelter for a short period of time, the house of the old woman. Then, when she successfully escaped, she ended up in a little town called Southport. In that town, there weren’t buildings, but small wooden houses, and middle-class people lived there. The place were Katie stayed was in a forest with no houses around, very isolated, so that the police would not find her. She also worked as a waitress in a restaurant, next to a dock. In the dock, Alex had a boat, and in one chapter they go to a quiet place in the middle of nature, where the man used to go with her dead wife. 4) We think that, if were in both Katie and Patsy’s place, we would have escaped from our houses, as we would not have endured with the daily abuse from who would have been our husbands. In both stories, it is clear how the men hit and abused from the women, and we can perfectly see that suffering both women passed through, so it is clear that they reached a point in which they couldn’t stand the pain anymore, and that they had the necessity to escape, therefore, we think we would have done the same. 5) This movie is about a woman, by the name of Katie, who suffers abuse from his husband, Kevin, who is a policeman. For this reason, she finds difficult to sue him, as he is a man with lots of contacts who is hard to beat. As a consequence, on day, after he drove completely crazy, she stabs his husband and hurts him, but does not kill him. After this, she runs away and catches a bus to Atlanta. In this place, she meets a man in a shop, by the name of Alex, who has two kids. They start a friendship and later on they go out on a date, and Katie becomes like a mother to both of the children and she and Alex become boyfriends. Meanwhile, Kevin keeps looking for her, using wanted posts with her face on it. Because of this reason, he is discharged as an agent by his boss, for faking an attempt to murder for personal matters. He continues searching Katie by his own, and finally finds her in a festival while she kissed Alex. He tries to convince her, but after she denied her return he sets fire the home, were Alex´s daughter was. Alex runs to save her, while Katie and Kevin have a fight. At the end of the story, the girl jumps from the house and Alex catches her in his arms. In the middle of the quarrel, Katie accomplishes to murder her husband, after stabbing him with a knife.