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Presentation "eleven"


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presentation eleven

Published in: Education
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Presentation "eleven"

  1. 1. Childhood: Sandra Cisneros was born on December, in 1954, Chicago, Illinois. She was the daughter of an Mexican father and Chicana mother. Also she had six brothers. Sandra Cisneros received her high school education from Josephinum Academy, a small Catholic. In 1976, Sandra Cisneros graduated from Loyola University with BA in English and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from lowa Writers Workshop, in 1978.
  2. 2. Eleven Plot: The story Eleven is about a young girl called Rachel, that today she is eleven, however she feels like she was ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four, or even two and one. She thought about been one hundred and two years old to know how to say in that moment when Mrs.Price asked about who was this ugly and old red sweater. Nobody answered, so Silvia Saldivar said, it belongs to Rachel. She was innocent, that's why she didn't do anything. When the bell rings, at lunchtime, Phyllis Lopez, the owner`s sweater saw rachel with the sweater and said it was hers and Rachel gave it to her.Rachel was depressed because it was her birthday.
  3. 3. Protagonist Rachel: Rachel is a very shy person and she never says what she thinks because she is afraid about all kind of answers that she could receive from others students. Also, she is pessimistic because she thinks too much about the negative situations. Finally, if we talk about the positive things we can say that she is a good person because she has never disrespected to others.
  4. 4. Vocabulary: Itchy: to have or cause an uncomfortable feeling on the skin that makes you want to rub it with your nails. Raggedy: untidy, dirty and wearing old, torn clothes. Skinny: is a person who is extremely thin, often in a way that you find unattractive.
  5. 5. Rachel wishes 1.I wish I didn’t have only eleven years rattling inside melike pennies in a tin Band-Aid box.Today I wish I was on hundred and two instead of eleven because if I was one hundred and two I would had known what to say if Mrs.prince put the red sweater on my desk. 2.I wish I wasn’t eleven,because all the years inside of me ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two and one are punishing in the back of my eyes when I put an arm from one sleeve of the sweater that smells like cottage cheese,and then the other arm thought that the other and stand there with my arms apart like the sweater herts me and it does, all itchy and full of germs that aren’t mine. 3. I wish I was invisible but I am not.
  6. 6. Tenses Present Simple: “when you wake up on your eleventh birthday you expect to feel eleven” Past Simple: “ I didn´t have only eleven years” Present Perfect Simple: “I would've known how to tell her” Future Simple: “ everybody will sing Happy birthday”
  7. 7. Conditionals Type 2: “if it belonged to me I wouldn't say so” Type 3 : “if I was one hundred and two I'd have known what to say”