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Description of a place


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Published in: Education
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Description of a place

  1. 1. Description of a Place The cemetery of recoleta, is a famous cemetery located in the distinguished neighbourhood of the Recoleta in the city of Buenos Aires. We chose these two images to describe it because in this cemetery famous people are buried, such as Eva Duarte de Perón, Raul Ricardo Alfonsin and other prominent people. The outside of the cemetery which occupies more than a block, it perimeter is surrounded by brick walls. The main entrance is a portico formed by four columns of Greek origin, above the columns the symbols of life and death are represented in eleven allegories. On top of the allegories the message of the living to the dead “Requiescant in Pace” or “ Rest in Peace” is written. Inside the cemetery the message changes from the dead to the living: “Expectamus Dominum” or “We wait for the Lord”. The inside of the cemetery is enormous it has a lot of thumbs there is one type of thumb that is small houses one beside another as it is shown in the second image.This small houses are of different material because each family does them as they want. they are not so big they are small size houses with all the people dead of the family inside.There are long roads between the small houses. In conclusion the cemetery is a very lovely place you do not have to miss if you go to Buenos Aires because it has many famous people buried in it and because its old architecture that gives it a tone of gothic.