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Biology activity 2


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Published in: Education
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Biology activity 2

  1. 1. 2- b- Cataracts is a common problem in old people.Diabetes increase the chances of developing cataracts.​This happens when the lens gets cloudy the vision becomes blurred and colour vision is lost. c- Yes, in my class most of my companions have Myopia.Such as Sofi my partner in this work. d- 1)How did you realise you had a problem in your eyes ? 2)What you felt in your eyes before using glasses? 3)Did the doctor told you to use glasses or contact lens? 4)Where you able to distinguish the problem or a doctor did it? 5)When you get older would you like to have a surgery done not to wear glasses any more? 6)At which age you started to wear glasses? e- 1) I realise I had Myopia because I could not see well from long distances. 2) It was uncomfortable to strain my eyes to see from long distances. 3) The doctor told me both thing to use but I prefered to use glasses because it was easier to take them instead of contact lens. 4) I distinguish it before a doctor did because my father also had myopia at this age and I have the same problem as him. 5) I will like to do a surgery because I will not have to worry about wearing glasses. 6) I started wearing glasses when I was 15 years old.