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Are You Just A Glorified Sales Network Marketing or MLM?


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Are you just a glorified sales rep? If you are in Network Marketing or MLM, you must evaluate your maketing strategy and learn to effectively use Attraction Marketing to reach your target market and having them pre-sold before you ever speak to them. Learn how, completely free "click by click" training.

Are You Just A Glorified Sales Network Marketing or MLM?

  1. Are you just a glorified sales man?
  2. I really want you to think outside the box with me on this one.
  3. We know that having sales skills is essential to success in network marketing and that every kind of business, really, is in the sales business.
  4. BUT... if the ONLY thing that you and I sell people is our mlm opportunity and the company products, then ALL we are is glorified sales reps.
  5. Nothing more.
  6. And if all we are is sales reps.. then no one wants to talk with us.
  7. Why ?
  8. Because no one gets excited about having to brainstorm some lame-yet-realistic- sounding excuses as to why they can't buy what we're pushing...
  9. when really they just don't have the heart to tell us they couldn't care less about us or our quot;business plan.quot;
  10. No one likes being backed into a corner where they're forced to be rude because you can't take a hint.
  11. The problem with being quot;justquot; a sales rep is that it's outdated.
  12. People don't have time to listen to yet another sales pitch.
  13. That doesn't add any VALUE to their busy lives. You have to give them more than that if you want their attention.
  14. Your prospect can go out and join any one of a hundred different work-from-home deals. Yours does not stand out as anything special in their minds.
  15. quot;But I thought you said we have to learn how to sell?quot;
  16. Yes, but understand that the type of selling I'm talking about and the type of selling most people think of – the kind their companies teach – are two completely different things.
  17. Let me ask you a question.
  18. What is it that makes sales hard? I mean really, why is it so difficult?
  19. It's having to convince the other person that they want what you have when really they don't.
  20. Am I right?
  21. So... if that's the case... what if the other person already wants what you have? What if they're already looking for it?
  22. Then the quot;typequot; of selling you have to do is completely different. You're not pitching them, you're educating them.
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