Careers in Affiliate Marketing


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Have you considered Affiliate Marketing?

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  • Client – basedAgency – digital specialists PPC, SEO, display or managing social media
  • 1) Set up Google Alerts with different search terms that interest you. 2) Get a Twitter account and follow influential people working in your preferred industry. These movers and shakers usually have a lot of ‘klout’ (a measure of social media influence) and may point you to interesting articles about the industry. These provide extremely helpful talking points for interviews by showing you have a keen interest in the industry.3) Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure to include all your skills and specialties as well as a description of each of your previous roles. 4) Google yourself! Are you happy with the results? If not, implement more stringent privacy measures on your online profiles. Up to 50% of employers now perform online searches on potential employees. The results they find can be difference between securing the job or not. 5) Brand yourself. This can easily be done online by creating a simple website/blog outlining what you’ve done, your interests, what you’re looking for and how to contact you. This conveys your personality and acts as a quick way to impress potential employers.
  • Careers in Affiliate Marketing

    1. 1. Have you considered Affiliate Marketing?Zaynab AhmedMarketing Executive @francisconsultsFrancis Consultancy Ltd.
    2. 2. Who Is Using Affiliate Marketing? About Me
    3. 3. Is Affiliate Marketing new?Affiliate marketing has been around for 12 yearsIt is now one of the highest grossing channels for marketing spend
    4. 4. So what is Affiliate Marketing?At its core, affiliate marketing is simply usingone website to drive traffic to another.
    5. 5. Affiliate Marketing About Me• Is a subset of Internet Marketing, a.k.a. Performance Marketing• What is it about? Driving sales through third parties (I place your banner on my siteand you pay me)• Anything from mobile phones, holidays, dating, adult, finance, gaming to retail• Different models: CPC, CPA, CPL Also CPM• Affiliates (Publishers), Advertisers (Merchants) and Networks• Agencies and technology solution providers• Other areas to consider within Internet Marketing: Web Design and Creative,SEM (SEO), Display advertising (Behavioural re-targeting - Criteo), E-mail Marketing,Social Media, Mobile, Brand strategy consultancy, Online Reputation Management(tripadvisor example)
    6. 6. Already familiar with Affiliate Marketing?• Product & price comparison sites (• Cashback / rewards sites (• Voucher & discount sites (• Communities (blogs, forums, social media sites, intranets)• Content sites
    7. 7. Product & price comparison sites
    8. 8. Cashback / rewards sites
    9. 9. Voucher & discount sites
    10. 10. Communities (blogs, forums, social media sites, intranets)
    11. 11. Content Sites
    12. 12. Constantly shifting nature of digital The potential is massive!
    13. 13. Affiliate Marketing• The opportunities presented by digital are significant and growing with no sign of slowing down.• Companies want to capitalise on these opportunities.• They need people with passions, intelligence and drive to help them.
    14. 14. Feedback Feedback FeedbackDigital offers ‘instant feedback’ so any marketing efforts can be tracked and optimised.
    15. 15. Possible Career Path AffiliateMobile Marketingphones,holidays, -PPCdating, Client - -SEO based Agency -Social Mediafinance, -Accountgaming, Managementretail You might start at an agency and end up working client side after a year or two
    16. 16. Is Internet Marketing For You? About Me• Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, but do know what you don’t want to do• There are no right or wrong profiles. If you have the right skills, employers generally just want someone who can do the job well and quickly• Understand that as a recent graduate you are more likely to start at the bottom of the ladder• Technology is changing rapidly, this means opportunity• Money is not as good as banking, but the job is much more satisfying!• The more IT literate, the better• Transferrable skills 27/02/12
    17. 17. 5 Tips for Your Job Search1) Set up Google Alerts2) Get a Twitter account3) Update your LinkedIn profile4) Google yourself! Happy with the results?5) Brand yourself online
    18. 18. What can Francis Consultancy do for you? • We are used to looking after red brick talent • You are likely to get feedback and tips on how to perform at interview • Leading to a greater chance of success in landing a job • We build relationships with employers which can pay dividends in your future career
    19. 19. Our Main Client• Linkshare Global online marketing agency Owned by an enormous e-commerce player and based in the US, with teams in Japan, the UK and Canada
    20. 20. What Do They Offer?• Account Executive• £18,000 – £24,000• Fantastic training and progression in international, market-leading companies• Private medical insurance, a matched contributory pension scheme, permanent health insurance, season ticket loan, Give As You Earn, cycle to work scheme membership and free subsidised foreign language study sponsorship
    21. 21. Want to Apply?Sound good?Send a CV and let ushelp you land the perfect grad job!
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    23. 23. Any Questions?Zaynab Ahmed @francisconsultsMarketing Executive Consultancy