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Roadside drainage-cover


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I was lucky not being kill after dropping my bicycle front wheel

  • I am interested to know if there is better, cheaper solution for drainage than that has been shown in the slides.
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  • Lucky I was not killed after flew over my bike which was suddenly stopped by dropping into a drainage grill.
    Metal grill drainage cover can be a potential death trap for cyclist in Singapore.
    This slideshow helps to illustrate the problem, point to existing solution and question how the condition can be maintained in the future.
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Roadside drainage-cover

  1. 1. Road side drainage coverissues and improvementby Francis Chumember of SafeCyclingTaskForceEmail: chu.francis@gmail.comDate: 2011-02-26
  2. 2. February 26, 2011Lucky I was not killed!Flew off my bicycle and landed on the road ahead, just next to a bus. make cycling an easier choice
  3. 3. .. post the picture on Facebook,many share similar experience .. Wilson Chua : happened to me :( too many cars speeding Sandip Mahapatra Sheesh.... It happened to my fren and myself too. Hassanudin Hashim it happen my last last month , his face badly smash and broken nose brigde Sglim Sg O.O This happen very near my house. The extreme left of the road is always dangerous if you are not experience/confidence enough hitting the curb can cause death. Danny Pek Teck Wee Happened to me, i flew off my bike and fractured my wrist :( Matt Chia i suggest you sent a email to LTA. it happens to me but saved by my BA tyresSometimes it’s just unavoidable! Diane Flaviano i try and cycle a little to the right of the 2nd yellow line but sometimes you really can’t avoid the drain grills especially when other cars try and cram you to the curb. :( make cycling an easier choice
  4. 4. Same grill, somtimes good, sometimes bad everytime when the drainage cover open and closed by the cleaner. the gap change, some- times good, other times bad. big gap loose hinge make cycling an easier choice
  5. 5. Geylang East Centralmany drainge covers havethe same problem loose hinge big gap make cycling an easier choice
  6. 6. Sims Avenue same problem in some area Fast moving bus Cyclist squeezed be- tween life-threateninguneven surface options, making cycling on some Singapore roads very stressful and dangerous! big gap make cycling an easier choice
  7. 7. Geylang East Central & Sims Avenue problematic drainage covers make cycling an easier choice
  8. 8. How should it be? Sims Avenue good example in some area Even surface level with the rest of the road. even surface Drainage grill is tightly fitted to the drainage hole. It can be done! small gap make cycling an easier choice
  9. 9. Questions:When can the problematic drainage covers along Geyland East Central andSims Avenue be fixed?How can the drainage cover design be improved to prevent same problemin the future?How can the construction workers be trained to do a quality job?(e.g. even road surface)How to engage cyclists to spot problem of other area? make cycling an easier choice