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Strenthening Critical Internet Infrastructure


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Presentation at the 2016 Ghana IGF

Published in: Internet
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Strenthening Critical Internet Infrastructure

  2. 2. Critical National Internet Infrastructure Domain Name Registry (.gh) Root Server Copy ( F- Root Project) Cyber Security- Infrastructure Protection IP Numbers Resources (IPv4 to IPv6) Internet Exchange Point (G IXP) National Internet Backbone (Private, Gov.) International Gateways Operators National Datacentre Infrastructure
  3. 3. Domain Name (.gh) Registry Project Automation Project Completed  Equipment Installed and operational  Technical Management to be outsourced to a consultant to operate  GDNR - Domain Name Organization Established by ACT of Parliament (ACT 772 –ETA)  Multi-stakeholder Local Internet Community  Develop Policy for Registry  Oversee operation of registry  Registry Board to lead
  4. 4. .gh Registry Project  Registry Ready for DNSSEC implementation  3R Registry Model to be adopted  Call for EOI for Registrars (Open)  Registrar Accreditation Process  Registrar Association to be formed to Interface with registry
  5. 5. Root Server Project  Domain Name Registry planning to Deploy copy of root server  GIXP also planning to deploy copy of root server  Need to harmonize effort – Look at installing L- and R- Servers  Ghana to benefit for speeding up of Internet by joint effort  Joint committee proposed to work on this project
  6. 6. Cyber Security – CERT-GH  National Cyber Security Policy and Strategy already developed by Ministry with Multi-stakeholder support  Security Incidence Handling and response  National CERT (CERT-GH) Deployed as coordination CERT  Ministry of Communications & ITU /IMPACT  Sectoral CERTs to be developed along side  ARN, GOV (NITA), NSA, FIN, ISP, BUS  Coordination Centre @ Ghana Multimedia Centre  Team to move to 3rd floor of new MOC building  Constituents of National CERT (mostly network operators) to manage incidences when they receive incidence reports  Governance of CERT-GH – Independent entity with government funding ?  PPP Information Sharing platform developed and being operationalized  Governance- Info Sharing platform by PPP Steering Committee
  7. 7. IPv4 to IPv6 Transition  IP number resources administered by AfriNIC  Subscribe to be member  Depletion of IPv4 ( Critical Numbers Resources)  Need to adopt IPv6 number system  Migration Plan  Capacity Building  Equipment compliance enforcement  Need to have National Task Force  All Stakeholders  MOC & NITA to spear heard formation of Taskforce
  8. 8. Ghana Internet eXchange Point (GIXP)  Established in 2005  Managed by GIX Association  Has membership of 17 Operators  Exchange of Local traffic  Ghana traffic remains in Ghana  Members mostly commercial Operators  Governance?  Non-commercial (Edu) operators  Issues?
  9. 9. National Internet backbone  Principally driven by private operators  NCBC (Vodafone Wholesale)  Mobile Operators  Government providing infrastructure  NITA Eastern Corridor completed, Western Corridor planned  GIFEC Universal Service Obligations  Policy, laws on sharing infrastructure  Issues  High Cost of maintenance of Fiber  Incentives for deployments  Need for national plan to guide future expansion of Infrastructure
  10. 10. International Gateway  Five Sub-marine Operators  0ver 12,3 Tbps capacity  Satellite Gateway operators?  Policy and Law on International gateway  Promoting International Gateways  Issues and challenges
  11. 11. National Data Centres InfrastructurePrimaryDC spans across three floor in new NITA-MOC Building near AITI-KACE Over 600 Racks space and up - 2 Pentabyte storage capacity Sits on 10GBps Fiber around heart of Accra SecondaryDC Located in Kumasi Connected to Primary via high speed Fibre Optics cables To operate Active –Active with Primary Data Center DisasterRecovery Located in Tamale Connected to Primary & Secondary via High speed Fibre Optics •Primarily to store all government data securely •Lease of capacity to private sector for DC and DR services
  12. 12. Way Forward  Registry @ National Datacenter  GIXP @ National Datacenter  GarNET Exchange @ National Datacenter  CERT-GH Operating from National Dataenter  Synergies of Registry, GIXP, GarNET and National CERT and other National Infrastructure offer good preposition Joint Root Server Project and other Critical National Internet Ifrastructure
  13. 13. CONTACT: ERIC.AKUMIAH@GMAIL.COM PHONE: +233-243380612 Thank You !