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Ghana IGF 2016, How to implement the Multi-Stakeholder model in the internet development in Ghana BY: anja gengo presentation


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Presentation at the 2016 Ghana IGF

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Ghana IGF 2016, How to implement the Multi-Stakeholder model in the internet development in Ghana BY: anja gengo presentation

  1. 1. 2016 Ghana National IGF Emerging Issues: How to implement the Multi-stakeholder model in the internet development in Ghana Accra, Ghana, 18 August 2016
  2. 2. Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues, My name is Anja Gengo and I have the pleasure to work from the current IGF Secretariat’s position, with many of the IGF initiatives existing on national, sub regional and regional IGF. Ghana is one of them, and I have to say that we have wonderful communication and most importantly , excellent mutual cooperation with the aim of supporting each other’s good work on Internet Governance! By listening carefully today your program and being impressed by the speakers and mostly by the presented content, I am very thankful that you have invited me to share with all of you some updates regarding similar ongoing activities that are happening around the world, and all that thanks to the 65 teams of our colleagues that are organizing national, sub-regional and regional IGFs (we refer to them as the NRIs). I hope you all can see the slides shared with you, where we illustrated scheduled annual events of the NRIs. The map itself shows that the IGFs being allocated around the world, with many of new IGFs emerging.
  3. 3. IGF 2015 ATTENDANCE STATISTICS The breakdown by gender, indicates that there were 38 % of female and 62 % of male participants.
  4. 4. IGF 2015: NRIs Survey 4 Answering on the question (Q22b) regarding the stakeholders group breakdown, it is concluded that most of the initiatives have most participants from the sector of government (9) and private sector (8). The smallest number of participants are coming from international organization and academic and technical community (2).
  5. 5. National and Regional IGF Initiatives (NRIs)
  6. 6. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2016 Sri Lanka IGF Russia IGF SEEDIG Slovenia IGF Uruguay IGF Belarus IGF Nigeria IGF Croatia IGF EuroDIG Benin IGF Central Asia IGF Brazil IGF USA IGF Chad IGF Youth LACIGF IGF LACIGF Ghana IGF Austria IGF Armenia IGF Africa IGF Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF UK IGF First IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Second IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting IGF 2016 Annual Meeting AP IGF NRIs annual events – to date The process of gathering all NRIs events details is ongoing. All events are published as they are announced by the NRI Coordinators to the IGF Secretariat. Caribbean IGF Kenya IGF Georgia IGF West Africa IGF Netherlands IGF Youth AP IGF
  7. 7. NRI Geographic Coverage – What the World looks like * This Map is constantly being updated as new Initiatives are emerging.
  8. 8. NRIs Substantive Work in 2016 •NRIs Main Session preparations for the IGF 2016 •NRIs joint Booth at the IGF 2016 Village •Tool Kit and Info Manual: gathering best NRIs practices •NRIs – 90 minutes Administrative/Management Discussion Session at the IGF 2016 •Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billions - Phase II; Best Practice Forums
  9. 9. • This year’s IGF that will be in Mexico in December, is critically important for the NRIs as a network. One of the most important activities for us is the fact that for the very first time, the NRIs will host a joint MAIN SESSION at the global IGF meeting! The preparations are ongoing for creating a unique session for an audience of 2000 at the IGF, with the speakers from all over the world on IG sharing their perspectives. This will be followed by a joint Booth, a gathering point for all NRIs at the IGF. A separate session, of 90 minutes will be organized as well, so you and all your NRIs colleagues can address the issues that are particular for your initiative and are of administrative or management nature. • I won’t be taking any more time as we are here to hear from Marilyn’s long work experience on IG, but I would like to invite you to visit the IGF website, section NRIs, or contact the Secretariat directly, through Eric and Wisdom, so that we can connect and work together on these important for all of us, tasks. • Once again, thank you all very much, especially Wisdom and Eric, prof. Nii, for a wonderful day you gave us all, and for this opportunity, in particular!