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Curbing Cyber Menace BY: Kenneth Adu Amanfoh Deputy Director IT,NCA


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Presentation at the 2016 Ghana IGF

Published in: Internet
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Curbing Cyber Menace BY: Kenneth Adu Amanfoh Deputy Director IT,NCA

  1. 1. Ghana IGF 2016 18 August 2016 AITI-KACE Curbing the Cyber Menace BY KENNETH ADU-AMANFOH, DEPUTY DIRECTOR, IT, NCA
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction: Ghana’s Connectedness  Challenges in cyberspace  National Cyber Security Policy & Strategy  Special Interventions  Security Governance Initiative 01/09/2016 2
  3. 3. Ghana’s Cyberspace Today Market No. of Subscribers Percentage Voice 31,028,253 115.64% Data 16,106,218 59.78% Source: National Communications Authority, March 2015 Statistics 01/09/2016 3 Ever Expanding ICT infrastructure Six Network Operators Government Network Infrastructure 5 Submarine Cables with over 12.3 Tbps State of art Tier III National Datacenter Eastern Corridor Fiber and Private Operator national fiber optics backbone criss- crossing Vibrant Ghana IXP operated by GISPAE-government Initiatives Cashless Banking Social Communication E-Commerce Developments Other Cyber Developments Many Interactions based on Improving Infrastructure
  4. 4. Hacking Social Engineering Attacks (Phishing, Identity Theft, etc.) Botnets/Malware Attacks Insider ThreatsChild Online Safety Cyber Fraud Data Breaches 01/09/2016 4 Interaction open to Cyber attacks
  5. 5. Person Specific • Consumer User • Corporate user Device Specific • Telephones • Wireless Cell Devices • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Network Specific • Wireless Carrier’s Transport • Local Area, Metropolitan Area and Wireless Area • Internet Targets of Attacks 01/09/2016 5
  6. 6. 01/09/2016 6 Level 1:Home and Small Business users Level 2: Large Enterprise Users Level 3: Critical Sectors Level 4: National Priorities Level 5: Global Levels of Protection Required
  7. 7. CNII Sectors - Ghana 1.National Defense and Security 2. Banking and Finance 3. Information and Communications 4. Energy 5. Transportation 6. Water 7. Health Services 8. Government 9. Emergency services 10. Food and Agriculture 01/09/2016 7
  8. 8. Ghana’s Draft Policy & Strategy Effective Governance Legislative & Regulatory Framework Cyber Security Technology Framework Culture of security and Capacity Building Research & Development towards Self-Reliance Compliance and Enforcement Child Online Protection Cyber Security Emergency Readiness International Cooperation 01/09/2016 8
  9. 9. Special Initiative 1: National Cybersecurity Awareness Program Program to train different stakeholders on different aspects of cyber security with the intent of helping them provide a reasonable security consummate with risks to avoid incidences of cyber attacks. Will take the form of identification, need assessment, training and evaluation of different sets of stakeholders. The program will include a cyber security awareness portal that will establish a permanent awareness campaign on the internet 01/09/2016 9
  10. 10. Special Initiatives 2: Computer Emergency Response Teams Establishment of National Computer Emergency response Team (CERT- Established with ITU/IMPACT In August 2014 In January 2015 11 Government website defaced but brought under control with 24 hours by CERT-GH Sharing Alerts and Advisories with constituents to proactively improve security of systems 01/09/2016 10
  11. 11. Special Initiative 3: National Cyber Security Centre • Defines, communicates and updates (when necessary) the national cyber security programs to all the CNII. National Cyber Security Policy Implementation: • Closely coordinates cyber security initiatives of various key Agencies and organizations in Ghana. National Coordination: •Promote and facilities formal and informal mechanism for information sharing across the CNII. This includes promoting cyber security awareness, training and education programs to grow the competency of information security professionals and the industry as a whole. Outreach: •Facilitiate the monitoring of compliance to cyber security policies and standards across the CNII.Compliance Monitoring: •Assesses and identifies cyber security threats exploiting vulnerabilities and risks across the CNII.Risk Assessment: •Assist the National Cyber Security Council in all its function activities and help industry to test its emergency plans Support: •Contribute to application of international standards on cyber security as well as on accreditation and certification of ICT infrastructure, services and suppliers. Contribution: 01/09/2016 11
  12. 12. 01/09/2016 12 Information Sharing - Public Private Info Sharing
  13. 13. Ghana USA Security Governance Initiative US Government support to build cyber security and cybercrime capacity of : - National CERT - Law Enforcement & Judiciary - Government IT Employees - Network Operators Signed in February 2016 - Program kicking off soon 01/09/2016 13
  14. 14. Way Forword - Questions for discussion  What Interventions must be put in place to curb arising Incidents of attacks?  What are different Stakeholders doing to curb Cyber Security?  What are best practice for Public Private Partnership in the fight against? Cybercrime ?  What capacity build is needed to make this happen? 01/09/2016 14