2012 17-01-dh-muruca-pundit-cortona


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Working on Digital Contents: A Semantic Vision, Conference "Open Platforms for Humanities, Cortona, Palazzone della Scuola Normale Superiore, 17 January 2013, http://openplatformsforhumanities.org

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2012 17-01-dh-muruca-pundit-cortona

  1. 1. 17-18 January 2013 @Cortona, Palazzone della Scuola Normale Superiore Working on Scholarly Content: A Semantic Vision Francesca Di Donato SNS - ERC francesca.didonato@sns.it This presentation is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
  2. 2. Outline
  3. 3. OutlineWorking on Scholarly Content:
  4. 4. OutlineWorking on Scholarly Content:Adding semantics to Knowledge:
  5. 5. OutlineWorking on Scholarly Content:Adding semantics to Knowledge:A Semantic Vision
  6. 6. Working on Scholarly Content:Muruca platformswww.muruca.org
  7. 7. http://burckhardtsource.org
  8. 8. the boxview browsing system
  9. 9. the boxview browsing system
  10. 10. the boxview browsing system
  11. 11. exploring the digital library
  12. 12. exploring the digital library
  13. 13. exploring the digital library
  14. 14. exploring the digital library
  15. 15. exploring the digital library
  16. 16. exploring the digital library
  17. 17. exploring the digital library
  18. 18. exploring the digital library
  19. 19. boxview: history
  20. 20. boxview: history
  21. 21. boxview: url-shortner (save and share your path)
  22. 22. boxview: url-shortner (save and share your path)
  24. 24. Letter metadata
  25. 25. Letter images
  26. 26. Letter images
  27. 27. Muruca backend
  28. 28. Muruca backend
  29. 29. Muruca backend
  30. 30. Muruca backend
  31. 31. Muruca backend
  32. 32. Muruca backend
  33. 33. Muruca backend
  34. 34. Muruca backend
  35. 35. Adding semantics: http://thepund.itAugment web pages with semantically structured annotationsA client-server, multi user web annotation systemAnnotates texts, images or user-created fragmentsExpresses semantic by linking the Web of Data
  36. 36. Pundit on a web pagehttp://bfp.sp.unipi.it/classici/illu.htmlPundit on a muruca platformhttp://burckhardtsource.org
  37. 37. Semantic by linking the Web of DataWeb of Data (RDF)- mash-ups- dbpedia- europeana- iconclass- bibserverCustom taxonomies- your own concepts- pluggable
  38. 38. Vision
  39. 39. Vision “This is the background of the pessimism of the intellect and optimism of the will, of which is gladly talked about in the Italian left, taken from Gramsci, who gave to this formula the greatest resonance. Let me then make a last philological digression, just on this formula. No one, as far as I know, knows the story. It is well known that Gramsci borrowed the formula by Romain Rolland. Rolland in turn - and this was not noticed until now - could not have read it except that in a few pages of his old friend Malwida von Meysenbug. In these pages, now in the twilight of her life (1898), Malwida said: "In Sorrento [where Nietzsche spent with her and other friends the winter of 1876-1877] we had a rich and excellent selection of books, but the most beautiful thing in all that variety was a manuscript in which a disciple of Nietzsche had taken notes from lectures on Greek civilization held by Jacob Burckhardt at the University of Basel". Nietzsche there commented them orally for us ... I was particularly enthusiastic about Burckhardts definition of the essence of greek people: pessimistic worldview and optimism of temperament”M. Montinari, Su Nietzsche, Editori Riuniti, 1981.See also P. D’Iorio, Le voyage de Nietzsche à Sorrente. La Genèse de la philosophie de l’esprit libre, CNRSÉditions, 2012, p. 74.
  40. 40. So concludes Montinari: "With the consideration of this apparentlyparadoxical intellectual lineage that from Jacob Buckhardt,through the mediation of Nietzsche, and through Malwida vonMeysenbug and then Romain Rolland, comes to Gramsci I wouldlike to close this attempt to discuss Lukacss reading ofNietzsche."Notebook 1, § 63. Lorianismo eGraziadei."Pessimismo dellintelligenza,ottimismo della volontà".
  41. 41. Thank you Please, send your feedbacks to muruca@netseven.itCredits:Michele BarberaSimone FondaMassimiliano FerriniDanilo GiacomiChristian MorbidoniAlessio PiccioliRomeo Zitarosahttp://www.netseven.it