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Pundit. Web annotation for the Digital Humanities


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Seminaire e-philologie, Ecole des Chartes, Paris, 3 febbraio 2016.

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Pundit. Web annotation for the Digital Humanities

  1. 1. Francesca Di Donato Séminaires e-philologie PSL 2015-2016 3 February 2016 EHESS, Paris Web annotation for the Digital Humanities @_thepundit
  2. 2. What is Web Annotation
  3. 3. Annotations on the web Full page annotation Text fragment annotation Image annotation Image fragment annotation
  4. 4. Annotating All Knowledge: A coalition
  5. 5. Why the interest in web annotation? • rate a Web resource (usefulness, user-friendliness, ..) • improve or adapt its contents • collaborative tool, e.g. to discuss the contents of a certain resource • medium of artistic or social criticism
  6. 6. A vision based on decentralization • crowdsourced consume • cross-system platforms • content migration (standard: Web Annotation - W3C Working group) • no central control
  7. 7. What about the Web of Data
  8. 8. Web of data
  9. 9. Linked Open Data Cloud
  10. 10. Pundit
  11. 11. THIS IS PUNDITPhoto©LorianneDiSabato/Flickr Just think about this
  12. 12. Photo©LorianneDiSabato/Flickr or even this
  13. 13. Annotations on the web Full page annotation Text fragment annotation Image annotation Image fragment annotation
  14. 14. • Comments • Highlights • Semantic Annotations What does annotate means?
  15. 15. Semantic annotations ‣ Simply speaking Semantic Annotations consist of triples with: A. the information that is annotated (Subject); B. the content of the annotation itself (Object); C. a predicate, that establishes a relationship amongst the two points above (Predicate); Jean-Baptiste- Adolphe Charras [wikipedia] “is the person” …bien aimé Charras, aussi…
  16. 16. Why do you need Pundit? Create knowledge and enrich the web Reuse the LOD Share and reuse
  17. 17. Pundit components Annotation
 server Pundit (annotation s manager) Pundit Annotator Pro Pundit Annotator
  18. 18. Pundit Annotator
  19. 19. • Web application running in the browser • Easy and friendly interface • Fast textual comments creation • Text highlight features • Social features (soon) Pundit Annotator
  20. 20. Pundit Annotator Pro
  21. 21. Pundit Annotator Pro ‣ Web application running in the browser ‣ Allows the creation of semantic annotations using text fragments of web pages or whole web pages ‣ LOD entities can be used to compose triples
  22. 22. Pundit Annotation Manager
  23. 23. • Centralized annotations management • Notebooks management • Integration with both Annotator and Annotator Pro • Advanced search tools and search result filtering • Semantic tools for advanced search performance • Annotations export Annotations manager
  24. 24. Pundit Annotation Server
  25. 25. Annotation server Web Annotation Data Model defined by the Web Annotation Working Group of W3C Annotation
  26. 26. • Templates Faster annotation • Ann-o-matic Entity extraction • Image annotation • Image fragment annotation More (future) features
  27. 27. Pundit and the Digital Humanities
  28. 28. • SEMLIB - Semantic Web Tools for Digital Libraries (FP7 Research for SME, 2010-2012) • DM2E - Digitized Manuscripts to Europeana (CIP-ICT- PSP, 2012-2014) • EUROCORR - The European Correspondence to Jacob Burckhardt (ERC Advanced Grant, 2010-2015) • LookingAtWords - Looking at Words Through Images. Some Case Studies for a Visual History of Italian Literature (ERC Advanced Grant, 2012-2017) • Europeana Sounds (CIP-ICT-PSP, 2014-2017) • StoM - SEMLIB to Market (FP7-SME-2013, 2014-2016) EU Projects
  29. 29. How to use Pundit
  30. 30. • Fastest and easiest way to install and use Pundit Annotator. • Best for personal use and productivity. • Auto updates, new features coming for free. • Stores annotations on central Pundit server. Chrome Extensions
  31. 31. • Pundit code is hardcoded/embed in HTML pages. Pundit launches automatically. • Best solutions for Digital Libraries where we want to use Pundit. • Best solutions for Magazines and Newspapers where we want to start social interaction among users, based on annotations and comments. • More info here: Embed Pundit Annotator
  32. 32. • Allows to launch Pundit in web pages without the Chrome Extension and without code embedding. • The URL of the page is appended to the URL: http:// • Allows to easily select a configuration for Pundit and even a Pundit version. • Best solutions for web applications where we want to use Pundit without embedding the code (allowing to visit pages also without Pundit). • More info here:
  33. 33. Pundit demo (live)
  34. 34. Install and launch Pundit Annotator and Annotator Pro
  35. 35. •Pundit •Pundit Annotator •Pundit Annotator Pro URLs
  36. 36. Install the Chrome Extension 1
  37. 37. Launch the Chrome Extension 1
  38. 38. Register and login in Pundit Annotator
  39. 39. Register and login
  40. 40. Business model
  41. 41. • It’s a suite of tools: • Pundit Annotator • Pundit Annotator Pro • Pundit (Annotations Manager) • These will be provided as a Software as a service (SAAS) with different plans. Pundit • Tailor made projects made starting from the Pundit core. • We can modify Pundit to respond to any special requirement. • E.G. For Europeana Sounds and Ampere we are implementing some special features. #PunditLAB
  42. 42. Contribute
  43. 43. • Install the Chrome Extension and use it! • Enrich the web with your semantic annotations! Start using Pundit today
  44. 44. • Go to this page: • and learn hot to embed Pundit in your Digital Library or web site. • Contact Net7 for support! Embed Pundit in your project
  45. 45. Pundit is open source
  46. 46. Pundit Pundit Annotator Pundit Annotator Pro Developers site Pundit presentation video Francesca Di Donato Net7, Pisa Thank you for watching! Francesca Di Donato @_thepundit
  47. 47. • Pundit (annotations manager) • Symfony, Solr • Pundit Annotator, Pundit Annotator Pro • HTML, CSS (LESS), Javascript, Angular JS • Annotation Server • Java, Symfony, Sesame (GraphDB™ Standard Edition), MySql, Solr Technology