Access PA and interlibrary loans


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Access PA and interlibrary loans

  1. 1. Access PA Database and Interlibrary Loans Fall 2013
  2. 2. To Find Interlibrary Loan Materials… • Search the Access PA Database ▫ Database used to find materials in all participating Access PA libraries (public, school, academic, medical) throughout Pennsylvania
  3. 3. Logging on to Access PA • Access PA shortcut is on every library circulation computer • You can also log on by using one of the following: ▫ Access PA link ▫ POWER Library link
  4. 4. How do patrons log-on to the Access PA database?
  5. 5. Patron Perspective - Logging On Through Access Pennsylvania Link
  6. 6. Patron Perspective - Logging On Through Access Pennsylvania Link • A new window will open to the Access PA homepage, at the top of the page select the first tab entitled Search the Database
  7. 7. Patron Perspective - Logging On Through Access Pennsylvania Link • A new window will open with a PA state map • You can search by either: ▫ Specific county  Click on county name on the map or on the list counties below ▫ Entire state  Click on link which is located above the map  Most often you will want to search the entire state
  8. 8. Patron Perspective - Logging On Through Access Pennsylvania Link • You will always want to search the entire state. • Only in rare instances will you search by county • For example, a patron wants to know if the Berks County Library Systems has a title available
  9. 9. Searching Access PA Database • Able to search by title, author, keyword, ISBN, etc.
  10. 10. Patron Perspective - Logging On Through Access Pennsylvania Link • Select a library type to search ▫ You will always want to search All Libraries
  11. 11. If patrons go through Power Library it will look like this . . . Patrons would need to click here for Access PA
  12. 12. Patron Perspective - Logging On Through POWER Library Patrons would enter a Keyword, the Author, Title, or Subject
  13. 13. The search results will look similar to the OPAC
  14. 14. To borrow an interlibrary loan item, a patron would need to contact their local library
  15. 15. How do I request an interlibrary loan (ILL) item?
  16. 16. To Request ILL Materials • Patrons MUST come in to the library • Fill out an ILL Request Form and a Fax Transmittal Sheet
  17. 17. Before filling out any paperwork… • Scan the patron’s library card and make sure: ▫ The patron is 18 years or older ▫ There are no fines or overdue materials on the account
  18. 18. Fax Transmission Form • You are responsible for filling out the top portion of the form, and signing at the bottom • Have the patron read and sign the form • Make sure the patron is aware of the special loan rules, such as they will be charge $25 for each item that IS NOT picked up, and that fines for ILLs are $1 per item per day with no limits
  19. 19. ILL Request Form • Fill out the Book Loan Request portion of the form ▫ Make sure the book was not published in the last year. Libraries will not send items out for ILL until after 1 year. • Have the patron fill out the bottom portion
  20. 20. Fax Forms to ILL • ILL forms can be sent by fax or online: ▫ To access the form online enter the following URL address:  ▫ The ILL agreement will still need to be signed by the patron requesting the items & sent by fax: ement.pdf ▫ To fax the paperwork, send both sheets to Lancaster Public Library’s ILL Department, 717-394-3083 ▫ Staple sheets together and place in the ILL file folder in the black rolling file located behind the circulation desk until the item has been returned
  21. 21. Interlibrary Loans and Millennium
  22. 22. ILL and the Patron Record • You will see any Pending ILL Request on the Patron’s ILL Tab • In the example below, the STATUS of the request is AWAITING ARRIVAL. This means it has not been received by the ILL Department at LPL • Notice the virtual item does not have a barcode yet. When the ILL Dept. receives the item, they will attach a temporary barcode to it. NOTE: Pending ILL Requests cannot be cancelled in Millennium Circulation. Contact the ILL Dept. if a patron is asking to cancel an ILL Request.
  23. 23. ILL and the Patron Record • When you access a patron’s account, any Received Pending Requests will appear with a highlighted red ILL tab showing the number of requests NOTE: This pop-up box will appear even while the item is In Transit to the pick-up location. It may or may not be on the holdshelf yet. It will be necessary to view the virtual item record to see what date the ILL Dept. placed the item In Transit.
  24. 24. When ILL Material Arrives… • ILL material comes in the delivery. It will have a yellow strap with a temporary barcode attached to it • The item DOES NOT need to be checked it • Call the patron who requested the ILL material • Put the item on the holdshelf to await pickup ▫ We will hold the ILL material until the due date on the book strap. If the item is not picked up, please write “NOT PICKED UP” across the book strap and return the item to the ILL Department. A $25 charge will be added to the patron’s account for not picking up the requested item. ILL Department staff will take care of charging the patron’s account.
  25. 25. Checking Out an ILL Item • Scan the patron’s library card barcode ▫ Make sure their fine amount is below $6 and they do not have any long overdue items. • Scan the temporary barcode of the ILL item provided by the ILL Dept. • The due date is automatically put into the system according to what was entered by the ILL Dept. DO NOT modify this date! • Remind the patron of the special loan rules for ILL items: ▫ Fines are $1 per day with no limit ▫ We do not handle renewals of ILL materials. If the patron needs the book longer, they are responsible for calling the ILL Department at the number listed on the book strap within 5 days of the book due date. The ILL Department will then contact the lending library to request an extension.
  26. 26. Do Not Renew ILL Items • ILL material should NEVER be renewed by anyone other than the ILL Department
  27. 27. Checking In an ILL Item • In the Check In mode, scan the temporary barcode of the returned ILL item. The following pop-up box will appear: • Click CHECK-IN. The following pop-up box will appear: • Click No. Place the item in the LPL crate.