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Eben Pagan Product Creation Exercise


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This is a copywriting exercise from Internet guru Eben Pagan with an accent on Emotional Intelligence. Weigh the emotional needs of the target market and build a product with information resources that meet those needs.

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Eben Pagan Product Creation Exercise

  1. 1. F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD ! ! W W O O N N y y bu bu to to k k lic lic C Cw w m m w ww w o o .d o .c .d o .c c u -tr a c k c u -tr a c k 1. I am scared to death I will be sued. 2. I am afraid my agents will do something wrong on the Internet and I will be responsible. 3. I am overwhelmed and dont even know where to start. 4. I am struggling to create a solid risk management plan that keeps me safe. 5. I am frightened that one day I will not be able to catch up on the latest (tech, law, skills) and fall so far behind I wont be able to stay in business. 6. I am eager to automate my business and create more contact without becoming too mechanical and have more time to be personal. 7. I am confused by all the so called "gurus" and I dont know who to believe. 8. I am petrified of huge financial costs to defend a claim against my company in court. 9. My fear is the bond Ive built with my clients may be rattled by outside forces. 10. I am committed to my promise to help my agents be successful and build a thriving real estate businesses.