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UberEats Clone


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Start your food delivery business with UberEats clone. This presentation explores the food delivery application benefits and features. For more info visit here:

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UberEats Clone

  1. 1. UberEats Clone
  2. 2. What is UberEats clone? UberEats clone app allows the users to get their favourite meals delivered right to their doorstep. Whether you want to get a cold coffee or a scrumptious pizza, everything is possible with this single app.
  3. 3. Features of UberEats clone  Simple Login and Registration  Wide variety of options  Nearby restaurants  Reviews and feedbacks  Loyalty programs  Flexible payment options  Customer care support etc.
  4. 4. Working of UberEats clone app  Make registration on the app  Choose the category of the food like pizza, burger, noodles etc.  Provide your location  You will see the nearby foodstores  Place your order  Track your order  Within a few minutes, delicious meal will be delivered right to your doorstep  Make your payments  Give your reviews and feedbacks
  5. 5. Benefits of Uber clone app  Hygienic food  Transparency  Professional cook  Professional delivery agents  Flexibility  Food customization option etc.
  6. 6. How Uberclone app is breaking the market? Uberclone app is hitting the market by providing unbeatable services to their customers. The services delivered by this trustable app is reliable, efficient and corrupt-free. The customers can get their favourite food with the few simple taps on their phone.
  7. 7. Our Location our office 7
  8. 8. Thanks! For more info visit us here: https://www.ubereats