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Effective Foreign Language Instruction and others 有效外語教學特質


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List of characteristics of effective foreign language instruction, focus on Chinese teaching and learning.

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Effective Foreign Language Instruction and others 有效外語教學特質

  1. 1. Characteristics of Effective Foreign Language Instruction and others 有效的外語教學特質 及其它 By Frances Fu *Revised and Approved at Annual Meeting, November 1999 Document developed in collaboration with and based on work done by the Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools
  2. 2. 有效外語教學的特質 • 1. The teacher sets high expectations for all students, designs assessment, and organizes instruction to engage and motivate all learners. • 老師對所有學生均設定高期望值, 設計評估的 型式, 以及有組織的教學並鼓勵所有學習者的 參與。 思考點? 1. 如何因應併斑或混班教學? 2. 是否針對“聽說讀寫” 採用不同的評量方式?
  3. 3. 有效外語教學的特質 • 2. The teacher and students communicate purposefully in the target language as listeners, speakers, readers, writers, and viewers. • 老師與學生以目標語言在聽說讀寫各方面做 有目的的完整溝通. 思考點? 1. 完全使用目標語的比例分配? 2. 機會均等, 有問有答?
  4. 4. 有效外語教學的特質 • 3. There is more student activity than teacher activity in most lessons. Student activity includes student to student interactions as well as teacher to student interactions. • Students work independently, in pairs, and in groups. Students ask and answer questions and they create with language • 大多數的課堂上, 學生活動多過老師,活動內容包含 學生彼此交流及互動, 單獨, 配對, 或者分組進行。 學生以目標語互相問答。 思考點? 活動的設計與考量
  5. 5. 有效外語教學的特質 • 4. Students take risks as language learners because the learning environment is positive and supportive. • 學生勇於冒險因為學習環境認可且支援。 思考點? 1.為何學生作答時態度猶豫扭捏不自信? 2. 學生上課的表現是否“量化”且計入考核評量?
  6. 6. 有效外語教學的特質 • 5. When error correction is appropriate, students are given opportunities, including wait-time, to self-correct. Teacher correction of student errors is often done through follow-up review and re-teaching strategies. • 錯誤可被適當的糾正, 給學生機會和等待的時 間讓學生自我糾正. 老師時常在緊跟著的複習 裡以教導的方式糾正學生的錯誤. 思考點? 1.即時糾正? ( 不記名的錯誤糾正示 範? 2.期待學生的“舉一反三”, 倒不如直接由老師舉三(錯誤的)讓學生反一(正確的)。
  7. 7. 有效外語教學的特質 • 6. Assessments are ongoing. Students are assessed formally and informally on how well they are able to meet the objectives of the lesson. Continuous self-assessments for students and teachers are encouraged. • 課程中隨時進行評估, 正式與非正式的都有, 以求符合課程目標。學生與老師雙方都被鼓 勵繼續不斷的自我評估與檢測。 思考點? 口頭練習, 遊戲激勵, 團隊合作, 搶答, 網路即時 搜尋…
  8. 8. 有效外語教學的特質 • 7. Students use language specific learning strategies and are encouraged to assess their own progress. • 學生使用特別的語言學習策略, 且被鼓勵評估 自我的進度。 思考點? 鼓勵並給予時間讓優秀學生主動分享學 習策略。
  9. 9. 有效外語教學的特質 • 8. Culture is a natural component of language use in all activities. • 文化是自然的語言成分, 被使用在所有的活動 當中。 思考點? -成語和諺語? -Event? Social Media? Pop Culture? -Daily life? -Message? Line? WeChat?