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The Prayer Book


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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The Prayer Book

  1. 1. We often have fun reading jokes, and enjoying fiction stories… Thereforecould we justify not reading this short prayer???
  2. 2. With a humble heart, and relaxed mind,focus on the Creator; allow GOD to be The only subject in your mind while reading the following…
  3. 3. Dear LORD•I thank you for thisday;•I thank you forbeing able to see andhear the beauty ofyour creations;•I thank you for yourblessings in my life.
  4. 4. I humbly requestyour forgiveness for everything I have done, said, orthought in contrary to YOUR will…
  5. 5. Please protect me, my family, and my friends from alldanger, and support me with YOURwisdom to accept allthings that come my way with gratitude…
  6. 6. Let me not whine andwhimper over things beyond my control;let me recognize anysin and acknowledgeit as evil; and when I sin, give me the courage to confess, and repent for my wrongdoings.
  7. 7. Give me the strength,so that I could help the weak. Keep me uplifted, sothat I could encourage others.Give me knowledge, so that I could providedirection to those who have lost their way.
  8. 8. -I pray… For all my nearand dear ones to know youintimately;-I pray… for thosemisjudged andmisunderstood to havemercy;-I pray…for peace, love, andjoy to dominate my family’sand friends’ lives, and thatall their needs be met.
  9. 9. Even in those moments when I don’t pray, I askYOU to please listen to my heart andcontinue to use me to do YOUR will…
  10. 10. When this world closes in on me, I pray that YOU make me go asclean as the wayYOU created me.
  11. 11. May the words of this prayer be received into thehearts of every eyethat sees them, and every mouth that confesses them willingly…In Jesus’ name, Amen