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Work Sample-Cornelli Glass

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Work Sample-Cornelli Glass

  1. 1. Vetreria Cornelli Sample Use
  2. 2. Guerino Cornelli founded his glass factory in 1963. He was a craftsman, experienced with hand made glass since the early Fifties. With his passion and management abilty he was able to create and develop a factory that nowadays is one of the most ancient, efficient and estimated in Treviglio production district. In 2012 Vetreria Cornelli s.r.l. decides to begin a new adventure in the field of design working to a new line of products (tables and chairs) for imaging a new way of sitting and eating. Remo Ferrandi Luciano Bettoni Sample Use
  3. 3. Roberto “mastro vetraio” Fugazzola Sample Use
  4. 4. Fabio Suardi Sample Use
  5. 5. The philosophy of Cornelli s.r.l. has some main principles: customization of each product; customer care; high quality materials; high technology and hand made work; very attention to details. Ben Khadda El Hassan Andrea Natale Cornelli s.r.l. Sample Use
  6. 6. Romina Finali Pinuccia Tresoldi Anna Ghezzi Sesti Sample Use
  7. 7. The 3000 sq.m. factory, located in Treviglio (30 km. east from Milan, 20 km. south from Bergamo) is managed by Francesco Cornelli. Here there are ten craftsmen working. They are specialized in some different techniques: chamfering, multiple grinding, layering, milling, lead ligation. They build glass stairs, railings and partition walls, as well as insulating glasses made with Climalit® brand by Saint Gobain. UNI and CE certified, Cornelli s.r.l. is active in the fields of construction, decoration, installation, maintenance. Mara Aresi Francesco “Kikko” Cornelli Sample Use
  8. 8. CornelliGlass reserves the right to make any changes and product improvement without further notice.