Franchise Portal Myth Busters


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Review of results of Franchise Solutions pay-per-click pilot program with progressive franchisor advertisers.

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Franchise Portal Myth Busters

  1. 1. Giving Them (both) What They Want…3,000+ Visitors Linked Directly to Select Franchisor Websites =? Portal Myth Busters Series Case Study #182 Portals 2.0?
  2. 2. Who are “They” andWhat do They Want?1. Prospective Franchise Buyers (want the most info they can get and to decide if/when/how to engage)2. Franchisors (want prospects to interact with their ‘franchise sales’ websites to control the info- exchange and sales process, beginning with inquiry form submission) Portals 2.0?
  3. 3. Information OpenSeason for ProspectiveFranchisees Means portals are more relevant today then ever, not the reverse! Research starts at directories Ready to Engage… (online, print, expos) but How? Research continues at franchisor websites Interest is validated (or killed) in social/professional networks IF prospect chooses to use an inquiry form to connect (or phone, email, live chat), he/she is likely well advanced beyond franchisor’s presumed sales process starting point! Portals 2.0?
  4. 4. Portals… quality traffichasn’t left the building, it’sjust behaving differently(and has been for years…) THEN – Franchisors in Control 000’s of Portal Visitors ~10% (“Leads”) Wait for Information & Communication from Franchisors Portals 2.0?
  5. 5. Portals… quality traffic hasn’t leftthe building, it’s just behavingdifferently (and has been for years…) NOW – Prospects in Control 000’s of Portal Visitors ~5% (“Leads”) 000’s *More/Better (?) “Leads”+ [Sales Presentation] [Commentary/Opinion] Info-Rich Prospects Decide if/when/how to Engage Portals 2.0?
  6. 6. Test Program: (Give them both what they want) Enable direct click-out from select franchisorProspective FranchiseBuyers (want the most advertisers to their franchise sales they can get and to So What Happened?decide if/when/how to  3,000+ visitors linked direct to franchisor websitesengage)  61 total resulting leads (inquiry forms) submitted as recorded by conversion tracking pixel placed on post-Franchisors (want submission ‘Thank You’ pagesprospects to interact  Franchisors liked increased traffic to their sites but wantedwith their ‘franchise more leads (overall, franchisor sites converted visitors tosales’ websites to leads at lower rate than portal-hosted profile pages)control the info-exchange and sales WHY? Today’s prospects are increasingly less likely to fill out anprocess, beginning with inquiry form on ANY site! Portals and franchisor sites alike needinquiry form submission) to rethink engagement methodology to start more conversations and enable more quality connections. Portals 2.0?
  7. 7. Test Program: (Give them both what they want) Enable direct click-out from select franchisorProspective FranchiseBuyers (want the most advertisers to their franchise sales they can get and todecide if/when/how to What about the other 97%+ of the 3,000+ visitors thatengage) chose not to “engage” (single option to submit an inquiry form) at the franchisors’ webiste?Franchisors (want  Would they have shared name/email (maybe even phone) inprospects to interact exchange for access to a buyer’s guide video or franchiseewith their ‘franchise satisfaction survey results?sales’ websites to  Would they have done a live chat with a development rep ifcontrol the info- offered?exchange and sales  Would they have posted a comment to the franchisor’s socialprocess, beginning with tech outlets (thereby allowing franchisor to initiate directinquiry form submission) communication through that channel)? Portals 2.0?
  8. 8. It’s time to make engagement easier (and less processed?). Ok, so thebuyers have more control than they used to. We all need to adapt our engagement process to start (and join) more conversations!THEN NOW Inquiry Form Search Portal Zor Site Information Open Controlled Season Social Buzz Info Exchange Inquiry Form or Chat/Email/txt/LI/Phone…? Portals 2.0?
  9. 9. Portal Myth Busters Series Case Study #182Myth: Prospective franchise and business buyer use of online directories(“portals”) has experienced significant decline. Use hasn’t declined or eroded, but HOW prospects use online directories (and now franchisor websites as well!) has changed. For those paying attention, there is great opportunity here. Portals 2.0?
  10. 10. We understand that you need improved franchise recruitment economics intoday’s new world development environment.Franchise Solutions pioneered franchise sector online lead generation andcontinues its quest to innovate on behalf of growth-oriented franchisors. Let’s Talk About How We’re Innovating Today to Help You Achieve Your Development Objectives! 800.898.4455 | | Advertising Info Portals 2.0?