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Fran Griffin - Brighton SEO: Measuring Digital PR



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Links, links, links – we all know they’re important. But in Digital PR, top tier coverage isn’t always guaranteed to include one!
Here are my slides from Brighton SEO where I've discussed when and why to value a client name mention on a tier one website, despite no links – and how to explain this to SEO-focused clients.
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Fran Griffin, Digital PR Manager at Digitaloft.

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Fran Griffin - Brighton SEO: Measuring Digital PR

  1. 1. How to measure digital PR coverage 
 Fran Griffin / SLIDESHARE.NET/FranGriffin @FrannGriffin
  2. 2. I love cakes. Cake analogies feature heavily in this presentation! Quick DISCLAIMER
  4. 4. What I learnt in my journey from traditional to digital PR… @FrannGriffin
  5. 5. I’d sit in big marketing meetings at tables like this with international and global clients @FrannGriffin
  6. 6. FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! @FrannGriffin
  7. 7. I wasn’t doing a bad job. I had launched loads of campaigns that worked, with a lots of press coverage @FrannGriffin
  8. 8. But I couldn’t really tell clients what being in the newspaper or magazine meant for their brand @FrannGriffin
  9. 9. Proving ROI on traditional PR is almost impossible… …it’s like telling someone about the best piece of cake you’ve ever had without them being able to taste it!@FrannGriffin
  10. 10. @FrannGriffin Everything online is trackable
  11. 11. And that’s why digital PR is so great! @FrannGriffin
  12. 12. But there are a lot of metrics.. ..A LOT!@FrannGriffin
  13. 13. If you’re really lucky, you’ll have a client that understands digital PR But 9 times out of 10 you’re probably fighting an uphill battle in every exchange…@FrannGriffin
  14. 14. That time when you had some tier one media coverage for a client A better time when the coverage included a follow link and full credit to your client Think about…. @FrannGriffin
  15. 15. The time it didn’t though… No link Citation only No brand name @FrannGriffin
  16. 16. GOES ONE OF TWO WAYS WITH A CLIENT @FrannGriffin
  17. 17. SCENARIO ONE @FrannGriffin
  18. 18. Scenario one “It’s good placement for us, but it doesn’t have a link…” @FrannGriffin
  19. 19. @FrannGriffin
  20. 20. @FrannGriffin
  21. 21. SCENARIO TWO @FrannGriffin
  22. 22. Scenario two “Not even bothered about a link, it’s the effing BBC - thank you and well done!…” @FrannGriffin
  23. 23. @FrannGriffin
  24. 24. @FrannGriffin
  25. 25. So what’s my point? @FrannGriffin
  26. 26. Tastes as good.
 Looks as good.
 Serves the same purpose. @FrannGriffin
  27. 27. Cake is Cake. Coverage is coverage. @FrannGriffin
  28. 28. MeasuringDigitalPR We all know that coverage with a no-follow link is NOT bad. 
 We also know that citations DO hold weight in SEO. 
 We need to remember the wider awareness that coverage can achieve BEYOND SEO.
 Points to consider @FrannGriffin
  29. 29. 
 If you take anything away from what I babble about for the next 15 minutes, it’s this: Good PR isn’t always ideal SEO.
  30. 30. Metrics that matter The purpose of PR Serving results to a client My suggested approach to measuring This talk is going to cover: @FrannGriffin
  31. 31. Note: there is no set, correct answer to measuring PR. Just like there is no perfect cake recipe - each is bespoke to an individual client’s taste. @FrannGriffin
  32. 32. A fresh outlook on digital PR’s purpose Confidence to go back to the office ready to improve your PR reporting Insights into my own formula for measuring my clients’ coverage @FrannGriffin My promise to you today:
  33. 33. The purpose of PR ??? @FrannGriffin
  34. 34. PR by definition… “Public Relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.”
 - CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Nothing about website traffic or engagement Nothing about SERPs @FrannGriffin Nothing about links
  35. 35. There are a lot of points I can make here… @FrannGriffin
  36. 36. But there’s one I want to make clear when we talk about measurement… SEO is a technical tactic. PR is a creative tactic. @FrannGriffin
  37. 37. It’s impossible to measure two tactics in the same way, with the same KPIs. @FrannGriffin
  38. 38. Digital PR is a phrase coined by the SEO world where PR helps SEO efforts… @FrannGriffin A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.
 - Richard Branson
  39. 39. It might sound basic, but we need to constantly remind ourselves of the purpose of PR in this industry. Otherwise we fall into the trap of calling ourselves… @FrannGriffin
  40. 40. LINK BUILDERS @FrannGriffin
  42. 42. Why? Because we do so much more than just build links! …therefore there is more to measure than just the impact of links! @FrannGriffin
  43. 43. PR exists to build a conversation about your brand or client Successful PR isn’t just a link - so it cant be measured solely on links What’s tasty cake to a PR isn’t necessarily tasty to a SEO Good PR isn’t always ideal SEO. Takeaways from this section: @FrannGriffin
  44. 44. Metrics that matter @FrannGriffin
  45. 45. Remember: It’s impossible to measure two very different tactics in the same way, with the same KPIs. …so we need to prioritise. @FrannGriffin
  46. 46. Metrics to care less about @FrannGriffin
  47. 47. PR is not advertising so can’t be compared It’s impossible to track how circulation figures leads to a “maybe” spike in conversions or traffic It’s literally made up half the time! @FrannGriffin AVE or opportunity to see
  48. 48. Tier one journalists are not obliged to link out Citations and implied links carry weight on their own and Google will still recognise these - N.B Google announced it is evolving no-follow with two new link attributes in March 2020 - we might see no-follow links start to become recognised more! Dilutes the purpose of PR (general awareness) to rely solely on links Links @FrannGriffin
  49. 49. PR isn’t just a quick fix. The most solid and successful campaigns will be mentioned time and time again. For maximum impact, digital PRs should be looking at longevity: 
 Ways to re-launch around an upcoming key date 
 Using a campaign reactively to respond to current 
 news Repeating a study seasonally or year-on-year
 Reporting on campaign lifetime @FrannGriffin
  50. 50. TF, DA and CF @FrannGriffin Big tier one media sites sit well on these metrics naturally These provide guidelines for key media targets and focus, but should not restrict or limit outreach
 The aim of a good PR campaign is to go viral; avoid being prescriptive
  51. 51. Metrics to care More about @FrannGriffin
  52. 52. A really good digital PR campaign will get people talking and searching for you or your client directly.
 This is just as valuable and testament to a campaign as ranking changes or traffic from a link. Brand searches @FrannGriffin
  53. 53. Naturally, the more noise you make, the more you’ll be heard
 DO record and report on print coverage - even as a digital PR - as it is still a positive result that counts Look at syndications and shares too - as these can all improve SEO efforts Quantity of coverage @FrannGriffin
  54. 54. Marketing rule of seven @FrannGriffin
  55. 55. Supposedly, a prospective customer needs to hear about your brand at least seven times before they will engage or take action.
 In 2019, with all the digital advances and different trusted platforms around, I would argue that it is more like seventeen! Making an impact seven times @FrannGriffin Paid ad on Google Press coverage Social media Organic search Word-of-mouth Advertising Email campaigns
  56. 56. We need to look at the conversation beyond the coverage - what engagement, shares and activity has your campaign generated? Tip: Buzzsumo is a great tool for tracking keywords and campaign names Tip: Brand 24 is a great free tool for monitoring hashtag volumes Social media engagement @FrannGriffin
  57. 57. Age UK and Cadbury have both done this well with their recent “Donate Your Words” campaign. Age UK interacted with a lot of tweets, 
 adding a “human” element 
 All press coverage on the story was 
 shared, boosting reach @FrannGriffin
  58. 58. AVE Links, particularly if 
 they are follows TF, DA or CF Brand searches Social media engagement and online conversation Quantity of coverage Takeaways from this section: @FrannGriffin Care less about: Care more about:
  59. 59. Suggested approach to measuring coverage @FrannGriffin
  60. 60. The perfect formula to measure a PR campaign… …doesn’t exist! @FrannGriffin
  61. 61. A scoring system that works for me @FrannGriffin
  62. 62. I did the maths and analysed all tier one coverage we’ve achieved in three different recent campaigns. On average: 68% of the coverage contained a link
 31% of the time was it a follow
 * Calculate your own averages - these vary by luck, policies, industry or media sector and campaign seasonality - and give this guidance to clients beforehand
 * This can help you plan around SEO expectations and target other media tiers @FrannGriffin Set link expectations
  63. 63. I believe a great piece of digital PR coverage contains the following nine elements that we can immediately measure: 1. Client name in article headline 2. Client name citation or link within the piece 3. Specific name drop of your campaign name 4. Use of client image / video / creative collateral 5. Social media amplification - it’s being talked about 6. Complete article ownership and SOV (Share of Voice) 7. Length of coverage 8. Key quote or message included from the campaign 9. Good site reach @FrannGriffin Ingredients for good coverage
  64. 64. A simple tick against each element from the checklist will give each piece of coverage a score out of nine. Tip: set expectations and targets for both clients and team goals by using these as targets before launch. @FrannGriffin Bronze
 1 - 3 Silver
 4 - 6 Gold
 7 - 9
  65. 65. Example: Renault ZOE’s Santa Goes Electric Campaign @FrannGriffin 3 4 6 (SOV)
  66. 66. Example: Renault ZOE’s Santa Goes Electric Campaign @FrannGriffin 2 8 Score: 5
  67. 67. Use your own campaign data to set benchmarks Find a measuring system that works for you and shows your coverage in the best light Report these alongside traditional SEO and shared goals such as: traffic increase to a site or landing page, ranking improvements and SERP visibility Takeaways from this section: @FrannGriffin
  68. 68. Serving results to clients @FrannGriffin
  69. 69. SEO impact from coverage is only half of the picture or benefits from digital PR, so report on more than SEO metrics. 
  70. 70. …don’t be afraid to introduce new ways to measure and track results.
 Reports should be tailored to each client’s overall marketing objectives…
  71. 71. Digital PR is still changing and evolving. It’s up to us how we positively report it as the professionals. 
 Final note: never apologise for not getting a link!
  72. 72. (…and a quick favour to ask!) Thank you! @FrannGriffin #BrightonSEO