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Presentation1.ppt hippies

Hippies as a sub-culture

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Presentation1.ppt hippies

  1. 2. WHO ARE THESE hippies and what the hell do they want? <ul><li>It all happened so fast­suddenly young men were wearing long hair and growing beards, young women were dressing like peasants and wearing psychedelic colours, all of them seemed dirty, drugged, and disrespectful of their elders and society at large. They were dropping out of college, starting up rock bands, living in communes, and travelling to the far reaches of the planet. To many it was frightening, mystifying, and inexplicable. Luckily the publishing industry was ready to help explain the unexplainable, often with hilarious insights into a world they viewed from the outside. Shown are a number of books that purport to explain to a bewildered society just what was going on with this new phenomenon called the hippies. </li></ul>
  2. 3. Woodstock Music Festival
  3. 4. A hippie
  4. 5. Tie Dye
  5. 6. Hippie use of the peace symbol, taken for the symbol for nuclear disarmament
  6. 7.                              A bus painted with religious slogans and several flowers
  7. 8. Hippie influence on literature
  8. 9. &quot;Groovy, man.&quot; &quot;Can you dig it?!&quot; &quot;Right on!&quot; These are just a few of the colourful phrases used by hippies                Woodstock music festival
  9. 10. &quot;Tune In, Turn On, and Drop Out&quot; was the motto of the hippie movement
  10. 11. The Beatles were very popular among almost all progressive-minded social groups of their times. That made them good bridge-building Ambassadors for the 1969s Peace Movement/ Hippy Movement. Yet, some of The Beatles still shocked parts of the public and their fans when they openly spoke out on various issues.
  11. 12. There were many happenings, be-ins, folk music festivals, concerts, coffee houses where hippies gathered and in many parks and on many campuses where there were long haired boys, some music, a sense of brotherly love and a smell of incense in the air... was a time and a place of a hippie festival/ holiday.