Cloud or Bust: IT and Cloud Computing Trends


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Check out stats from some of the top cloud computing research on the market right now and learn why your competition's IT is leaving the nest for more agility in the cloud. In this presentation you will learn:
- Where the clod is headed
- Common cloud barriers
- Why companies choose to stay on-premises
- How to overcome common cloud barriers
- The growth of the Hybrid Cloud
- and much more!

For a full analysis of current cloud trends, download a free copy of "The Cloud or Bust" ebook here:

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  • It is amazing how Cloud has come to dictate to the IT world what is required and what isn’t. I can only see this to continue. Perhaps I have to dig in too.
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Cloud or Bust: IT and Cloud Computing Trends

  1. 1. The Cloud or Bust. Why Your Competition’s IT is Leaving the Nest for more Agility in the Cloud
  2. 2. INTRO This presentation is an overview of’s newest Ebook “The Cloud or Bust”. You will be introduced to some of the top IT and Cloud Computing research out there; as well as an analysis of the cloud as a competitive differentiator for businesses. This is just a brief look into the vast amount of data the full Ebook contains. Download a free copy of the full “The Cloud or Bust” Ebook to learn more about: • What is leading businesses to the cloud • Current concerns about the cloud • The truth about cloud security • The different types of clouds • What IT should & should not outsource • How businesses are using the cloud • How benefits for in-house IT teams • And much more!
  3. 3. The Future of IT Look to the Clouds
  4. 4. Don’t Dismiss The Cloud Shrugging off the Cloud and refusing to harness its benefits will stymie your growth and begin widening the gap with your competitors.
  5. 5. Where Do We Get Our Stats? 1 IT Global Trends September 2013 Report by Savvis 2 Future of Cloud Computing Survey by North Bridge 3 Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud Next Report by Gartner analyst Thomas Bittman
  6. 6. Why Do Business Stay On-Premises? Tradition No Contract Security Already have IT Control
  7. 7. In the next 5 years, 70% of all IT infrastructures will be outsourced Source: IT Global Report, September 2013 by Savvis
  8. 8. Hybrid The Future of the Cloud 76% of IT decision makers and C-levels expect hybrid clouds to be the core of their cloud strategies within the next five years. Source: Future of Cloud Computing 2013 Survey by North Bridge and GigaOM Research
  9. 9. Companies that outsource save an average of 11% the first year, 19% the second year and 24% by the fifth year. Source: IT Global Report, September 2013 by Savvis
  10. 10. So, what is stopping them? Security concerns Perceived lack of control Company Culture
  11. 11. In Reality The cloud is actually more secure! The bottom line is, if the Cloud couldn’t protect that data, then the Cloud wouldn’t exist.
  12. 12. This eBook is designed for the IT managers, directors, decision makers and C-levels that want to move their business forward but still have their feet stuck in the mud. Chris Schwab President
  13. 13. Download Free Ebook Download the Cloud or Bust Ebook, and learn why your competition's IT is leaving the nest for more agility in the cloud Download Ebook
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