The Virtual World of Digital, Mobiles and beyond...


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In today’s day and age with technology sweeping in, there is an urgent need for brands to move to digital and be mobile compatible. "Why," you may ask. Mainly because it is convenient, faster, measurable and a result driven medium!
This presentation contains a brief overview of the power of digital and mobiles. It also discusses the pillars that help the virtual world of digital make a real impact.

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The Virtual World of Digital, Mobiles and beyond...

  1. 1. Overview of Digital • • • Key Internet Stats Social Networking in India Search in India The Power of Mobile • Key Mobile Stats • Smart Phone Adoption and its usage • SMS + IVR and its usage Pillars that help the Virtual World of Digital make a Real Impact
  2. 2. Overview of Digital
  4. 4. Most visited web properties as on Oct 2013 Unique Visitors (000) Google Sites 69,393 Facebook 59,662 Yahoo! Sites 38,909 Microsoft Sites 31,332 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 24,934 Times Internet Limited 23,968 BitTorrent Network 22,640 Network 18 18,549 Ask Network 16,187 13,897 90 Mn + Use the Internet Each Day > Daily Circulation of top English Newspapers Times of India Hindustan Times Mumbai Mirror The Telegraph Economic Times Others 7.25 4.34 1.08 0.94 0.72 1.75 Circulation of top English Magazines Manorama Weekly India Today Morning Offers Readers Digest Business Today Others 20 Mn + Are exposed to print advertising Source: ComScore Media Metrix | MRUC – Indian Readership Survey 1.60 1.10 0.70 0.60 0.18 0.43
  5. 5. 96mn ON FACEBOOK 22mn ON GOOGLE+ Source: Buzz Master at id8Labs Report 2014 33mn ON TWITTER
  6. 6. 24% Linkedin 54% 30% Twitter 67% 35% Google Used in the past month 78% Own an account 55% Facebook 94% 72% On Social Network 97% 0% 20% 40% Source: Buzz Master at id8Labs Report 2014 60% 80% 100% 120%
  8. 8. 67.5Mn unique searches 6.4Bn searches 7.6Bn search result pages Google Yahoo Ask 90% Source: Buzz Master at id8Labs Report 2014 Facebook Others
  9. 9. The Power of Mobile
  10. 10. Out of the 200Mn internet users, 103Mn access internet from their phone 80% of mobile phones in India are Feature Phones 40% of searches on Google originate from mobile device 30% of new registrations on Facebook are coming through mobile 30% of mobile internet consumption in 2013 was from tablets 85% of mobile internet users, access the internet everyday 9% of overall Internet page views in India come from mobile devices Source: Avendus Report India's Mobile Internet 2013 | IAMAI 2013 11
  11. 11. 275 CAGR (08-12) Smart Phone adoption in India on the rise (In Mn) US China Japan India 92 43 63 21 2 0.8 115 36% 77 42 4 4.5 90% 145 137 11 10 24 18 48 29 121% 145% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 95% of Smart Phone users search for local information via their phone 91% of Smart Phone users research products via their phone 54% of Smart Phone users shop via their phone Source: Avendus Report India's Mobile Internet 2013 | GOOGLE ‘Our Planet’ Report 12
  12. 12. • There are 701Mn + voice subscribers in India • All of them could be reached out to using SMS / IVR based campaigns • This is not just a sure shot way of reaching out to them, but also provides an opportunity to talk to millions one on one. Source: Avendus Report India's Mobile Internet 2013 13
  13. 13. What makes SMS marketing more powerful than any other form of marketing? • 90% of mobile users keep phones within reach 24 hours a day • 90% of text messages are seen within 3 mins of delivery of the message • They provides an ability to send special offers and coupons to drive purchases
  14. 14. • An interesting use of IVR by Colgate where they asked the user to share their feedback on the taste of the Colgate Salt toothpaste via IVR • One lucky winner got to watch a movie with the movie star Sonakshi Sinha
  15. 15. Text based messages could be used as a tracking mechanism. Vodafone has introduced remote monitoring to track the following • Prisoners • Pets • Vehicles • Room Temperature
  16. 16. Smart, Philippines' largest telecom, took SIM cards and turned them into a free school text book delivery mechanism called Smart TXTBKS.
  17. 17. Tesco in its effort to adjust to the local market of South Korea, decided to make shopping easy. • It allowed the hard working Koreans to shop on the go by setting up a virtual store. • All you needed to do was to scan a QR code using your Smart Phone. Tesco - Virtual Shopping Mall
  18. 18. Pillars that help the Virtual World of Digital make a Real Impact
  19. 19. • Brands and their Social communities have taken the lead in making a difference to society. • Even support shown virtually could have a big impact in the real world. • Garnier Men’s 2 Mn strong Social Community helped accelerate the process of rural electrification. A simple Facebook Share or a Tweet helped bring light to villages across India. Garnier Men PowerLight a Village
  20. 20. • Thousands of brands are serving billions of ads across mediums everyday. No wonder consumers are turning a bling eye to them. • Social Media provides an opportunity to talk to each user individually • TATA DOCMO took this ability a step forward with its Hyper Personalised ads TATA DOCOMO Hyper Personalisation
  21. 21. • Digital innovations help make life easy. Mobile apps and gadgets such as the Nike Fuel band not just serve as a digital merchandise but also serve great utility. • The VIP fridge magnet took the concept of utility to the next level by creating a ‘Pizza Emergency Button’. On the click of a button, the pizza would be delivered to your door step. The VIP Fridge Magnet
  22. 22. • Brands with their follower base have the potential to set trends. Trends that not just define fashion but also help change age old perceptions of mankind. • Dove sends out a strong message to all the women in the world that ‘They are Beautiful when they are Natural’ Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
  23. 23. • With strong Social Communities and an ability to talk to followers real time, Brands are co creating Advertising Campaigns along their Fans. • And when the consumer owns the campaign as much as the brand, it is sure to go viral. • Maybelline co created India’s first crowd sourced ‘Kiss Song’ with its 3Mn strong Facebook Community. And the Maybelline girl sang and shared it with all her heart. Maybelline – Baby Lips EzCd92-Ou-RwegqMCKpda59w2Ox&index=25
  24. 24. • Influencers play a key role in the success of a marketing campaign on digital. By making them try a product and sharing their reviews, their followers get first hand feedback. • Hence by reaching out to a few select people, brands can change opinions of millions. • Ford Fiesta managed to change the age old perception ‘Ford does not make cars for the young generation’ through its Fiesta Movement Ford Fiesta Influencer Reach-out