Smart pitch: Milestone 3


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Smart pitch: Milestone 3

  1. 1. Everlasting Bloom CUNY SmartPitch Milestone 3 by: Karina N. M. Williams
  2. 2. What is Everlasting Bloom? ● Preserving Memories ● A for-profit 3D printed floral arrangement business ● For all events and special occasions o Primarily for the production of wedding arrangements  Bouquets, centerpieces, keepsakes etc. ● Couples will have the option between fully customizable floral arrangements or they can choose to ‘customize’ pre-made options in a database.
  3. 3. Why do you need our product? ● In 2011 there were 2,118,000 marriages in the United States. o That is 6.8 per 1000 total population ● In 2010, there were an estimated 16,182 florist establishments o 530 Wholesale florists in the U.S.A. ● The average wedding bouquet costs: o $60 - $300 (real flowers) o $50 - $200 (artificial flowers) ● These costs do not include the expenses incurred by couples who want: o Tropical flowers o Out-of-season arrangements o Dyed arrangements in-keeping with their wedding theme
  4. 4. Why do you need our product? ● Weddings are a ceremony of hope and everlasting love ● Couples choose every detail with thought and care ● Yet real flower bouquets wilt and eventually die ● Artificial bouquets gather dirt and dust, and fade without proper care ● 3D flowers last can last as long as your love and are not limited by seasons or even the limitations of nature in terms of colour or size. Rose in bloom (File being prepared for 3D printing) Rose bud (File being prepared for 3D printing) Red rose (File being prepared for 3D printing)
  5. 5. Our target audience and Market ● Our target market is soon to be married couples. More specifically we cater to:  Couples marrying in the tropics ● Flowers wilt in heat  Technology savvy couples ● Who want to be different ● This is at heart a novelty item, but it is also a practical item for the couples interested in memories that can last a lifetime. Frangipani Flower as found in nature Side view of Frangipani flower file being prepared for 3D printing
  6. 6. Our ‘ask’ is: Total Ask:$ 8800.00 (rounded up from $8797.50) Breakdown of costs: ● Creation of Website and online presence (maintenance): $ 3000.00 ● Purchase of Kinect to begin 3D scanning: $250 ● Marketing costs (local television, newspaper and periodical, online marketing): $ 4000 ● Listing as online wedding vendor on planning site ( : $400 ● Contingency costs (10% of expected costs):
  7. 7. Next steps to get started: ● Purchase of Scanner to create an initial design datatbase ● Create an Etsy and Shapeways store: o Using Shapeways to print some samples as well as sell and print using their online store o Pricing of product once samples are printed (Shapeways prices will be benchmark + designer fee) ● Negotiations with a local florist and/or wedding planner to partner for events  Partner will receive a percentage of profits
  8. 8. Long-term Game plan: ● Kickstarter project to finance purchase of own printer and office space: o Ideal printer for expansion:  Projet 860Pro 3D printer starts at $113,900, and has the largest build envelope of 20 inches by 15 inches by 9 inches. o More affordable options:  Projet 460Plus 3D Printer starts at $45,710.  Projet 660Pro 3D Printer starts at $68, 650. o All options include a 1 year warranty. However, options, shipping, local taxes and duties not included. ● Increase staffing to meet needs. ProJet 860Pro Creates high quality, full- color plaster products.