Las Vegas Travel Guide


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Your Guide to Sin City! Contents: Driving Vegas, Historic Sites, Golf, Free Activities, Shows, Family & Kids, Buffets, Foodies, Gambling, Hotels

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Las Vegas Travel Guide

  1. 1. Fox Las Vegas8801 S Las Vegas Blvd.Las Vegas, NV 89123(855) 849-4210 2
  2. 2. Driving in Las Vegas: Ever since Las Vegas was built it was tradition to travel to the city by car. A fast connection through freeways and an extensive road system make it easy to find your way to and around Sin City. If you want to consider driving to Las Vegas, Fox Rent A Car has a few tips for you that you should follow to get there timely and safely. Have a great drive to Las Vegas! How to get to Las Vegas The main freeway to Las Vegas is the I-15, which leads to Los Angeles in the Southwest and to SaltFox Las Vegas Lake City in the Northeast. The driving times from Los Angeles are about 5 hours and from Salt Lake City 7 hours, depending on traffic. A piece of advice: never drive to Las Vegas on a Friday after8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. work; you will for sure get into very heavy traffic. Try to reach on Thursday night, the drive will be much easier and faster. If you prefer not to take the 15 freeway from Los Angeles, try the I-40 and hit the 93 or 95. The speed limit on freeways are 65 mph on two-lane freeways, and multiple-laneLas Vegas, NV 89123 freeways may have a speed limit if 75 mph. If you are not sure, stay down at 65 mph until you see a sign, you can’t go wrong with that.(855) 849-4210 Getting around in the city Las Vegas rush hours usually are from 8am to 10am and 4.30pm to 7pm. It affects the main streets into the suburbs, as well as the freeways. If you get into traffic, stay calm. Las Vegas drivers love to honk, don’t get upset about it. On Friday nights and every time there is a big event in one of the hotels on the Strip, you also have to expect traffic. If you don’t want to go to those events, consider taking the streets behind the Strip, this will get you to your destination much faster and easier. If you are visiting Las Vegas as a tourist, be careful and patient and plan your route before you leave. Parking on the Strip Driving on the strip can be messy already, but so is parking too. Most hotels offer both, free parking and valet parking. Once you got out of your car, consider walking up and down the Strip. This way you can have more fun and spend less time on the road and parking garage. General Rules and Laws Nevada law allows you to drive at the age of 15 ¾, you need to have a co-driver who is older than 21 and has a valid driver’s license. Having insurance and being able to prove it is mandatory. You must wear your seat belts at all time and legal alcohol limits are restricted and strongly enforced. Drivers over the age of 21 can have an alcohol to blood ratio of 0.08%, younger drivers may only have 0.02% at maximum. Never drink and drive! You can find all Nevada traffic rules and regulations at the driver’s license manual of the Nevada DMV. Fox Rent A Car wants to know – what is the worst traffic event you have had on your way or in Las Vegas? Tell us your stories to get others better prepared. 3
  3. 3. Historic Vegas Sites See the city from a perspective you would only imagine at some place else! Las Vegas and old buildings? History? Good joke! Las Vegas is the city that reached its glamour by building bigger, more luxurious, more expensive, higher and crazier, by realizing unbelievable and world famous projects, just to pass it by another bigger and even crazier project! However, there are actually some buildings that have survived the urge for permanent innovation and Fox Rent A Car presents five of the most historic places in Las Vegas, NV.Fox Las Vegas Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. It was in 1855 when Mormons settled in the area that would later become America’s most famous tourist attraction. What is the Mormon State Historic Park today, used to be a place where mail serviceLas Vegas, NV 89123 between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles would take rest at. Later on, due to springs and growing vegetation the city grew and now, it presents the oldest structure in Southern Nevada that is not built(855) 849-4210 from Native Americans. Atomic Testing Museum Each year only a few thousand people come and take a tour of the Nevada Test Site Center, can you imagine? This Test Site has a tremendous importance for the country and the whole world, since in 1955 a nuclear bomb was tested there. Only a few houses close by the Site remained and can now be seen on those tours, held by former employees. There have been many other weapons been tested as well, but none of them had such an impact as the nuclear bomb. A must see for everybody who is interested in history! The Railroad Cottages Between 1909 and 1911 the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad build a total of 64 cottages for the mid-level workers to live in. Only a handful of those cottages still exist, one of them you can find at the Clark County Heritage Museum, others have been removed to Las Vegas Springs Preserve. If you are interested to see how railroad workers used to live, this is a place you should check out. The Golden Gate Casino Back in 1906 this hotel opened its doors named Hotel Nevada, and it is still open today, just with a different name! If you decide to stay or play there, expect tastefully decorated rooms, a full-service casino, and some great food. Try the shrimp cocktail! The house belongs to the Fremont Street Experience that you must have seen. Get ready for street artists, shows, and even free concerts! El Portal Theatre Can you imagine Las Vegas without an A/C? Be happy that you will never have to experience this! Before the El Portal Theatre opened its doors in 1928, no building had an air-conditioning installed. In addition, this was Las Vegas’ one and only movie theatre! Today, the building hosts an Indian Arts & Crafts store and still shows some of the building’s featured that every old-fashioned civil engineer will just fall in love with. 4
  4. 4. Golfing in Vegas Instead of staying in the air conditioning casinos you might be interested in measuring yourself with Tiger Woods and improve your handycap… As you might know, Las Vegas has become one of the hottest (well, literary) Golf destinations. There are more than 26 golf courses to choose from in Las Vegas, which one is the best choice for you? Here are the top 10 golf courses in Las Vegas. 18 Holes Public Golf Courses: The Highlands Falls Golf Course in Las Vegas is that it offers you a great golf course in Las Vegas at a veryFox Las Vegas reasonable price and is in very good condition. Visitors describe this course as fun and not too difficult to play. The Painted Desert Golf Club is a more challenging public golf course. As the first course designed in the desert style, it offers you a great scenery and should be on your must play list! The Siena Golf8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. Club offers you a panoramic view in a course surrounded by mountains just minutes away form the Las Vegas Strip. If you like to be challenged by bunkers, this is your course! The Desert Pines Golf Club isLas Vegas, NV 89123 recommended if you are looking for a less dry environment and more shade under beautiful pine trees. You will use all your clubs on that course that is relatively challenging, but offers you a fun time on the(855) 849-4210 green. 27 Holes Golf Courses: The Badlands Golf Club is a more expensive public golf course but a true challenge for you and all your golf clubs due to its rough desert setting. A lot of visitors describe this course as one of the most difficult courses played in their golf history. TheSilverstone Golf Club offers you 3 different 9 holes courses in a desert mountain setting and is recommended for golfers with less experience. Long Shots : The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort is in the Pauite Indian Reservation. This is a great 18 holes course, described as a first class golf course to play. The Rio Secco Golf Club is a very spacious 18 holes golf course, where most holes are par 5s. At the foothills of Black Mountain Range this course is one of the most expensive and difficult of all Las Vegas Golf courses. TheBali Hai Gold Club is the most glamorous golf course in Las Vegas, but also the most challenging one. If you are not scared to get that birdie in, this is the number one golf course to play in Las Vegas according to all the awards it earned.The TPC ( Tournament Players Club) Las Vegas is unique per its design and its playability . This spectacular 18 holes requires you to play strategically. Now you can pack you clubs and get your caddie ready, the greens are expecting your visit. 5
  5. 5. Free Things to do in Las Vegas Las Vegas is well known for all it fabulous shows – Blue Man Show, Le Cirque du Soleil… – and we all know it’s pretty hard to attend one of those for less than a hundred bucks. But let’s not feel defeated! Las Vegas is all about the Show. So if you can afford those expensive shows, enjoy some of the free shows that Las Vegas has to offer! Indoor shows: Every day, starting after 11 am, the Circus Circus casino offers free circus shows. It is free to enter the premises, and the shows take place every 30 min. So come on in, just visiting the casino itself isFox Las Vegas already a show! One of the best free shows you can watch in Las Vegas is definitely the Show in the Sky at the Rio’s Masquerade Village. It is a fabulous show that will leave you speechless. Also, Las Vegas is about8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. fashion, glamor and lights, so the mall regularly features free fashion shows. Now if you have kids with youLas Vegas, NV 89123 in Las Vegas, they will love the 2 next free shows available. The Silverton Hotel is home of the Mermaid Aquarium, and offers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday free fish feeding shows. Finally, stop at the Hawaiian(855) 849-4210 Market place around 1 or 3 pm. They present every day their beautiful tropical birds, with fun exciting shows. If you like to watch animals, you can always go check out the Lions at the MGM Grand and the popular white tigers at the Mirage. Outdoor: As mentioned before Las Vegas is all about the Show, so casinos often have free shows in front of the entrance to attract you! At the Treasure Island casino you can find Pirates dancing and singing. Their show takes place every 90 min. The magical fountains in front of the Bellagio are a great free show to attend. You can’t miss it! Every 15 min, as soon as it is dark enough, the water dances with the music and the lights for your amazement. The last free show to mention is the Mirage volcano show, where a lava eruption explode over the fountains, a great show almost as good as one of those Hollywood movies! Off the Strip There is not just The Strip in Las Vegas, there is a lot more to Sin City. Downtown Las Vegas use to be the original casino street.Fremont street was to the Old Vegas what the Strip is to today’s Vegas. But it still is very interesting and offers a lot of free things to do as well. Fremont Street lights up with an impressive shows of lights,videos and music. It is quite a show! The Neon Museum offers free tours once in a while. Downtown is also where you can find the Art District in Las Vegas. Galleries organize tours and various events that you can attend for free. The Botanical Cactus Garden & Ethel’s Chocolate Factory offers a free self-guided tour of the factory. Weather you are with children or not it is a very interesting visit. You see how all their candies and goodies are created, and then you even get to sample them! Of course there are a lot more fun other free things to do in Las Vegas. This should get you started! You can find another list of other free things to do in Las Vegas here. Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas and take advantage of its surroundings as well. 6
  6. 6. Cheap Show Tickets in Las Vegas In Las Vegas you have the choice between 2 main ticket booths to find cheap tickets for shows. On the strip, Vegas Tix 4 Less and Tix4Tonight have desks where you can buy last minutes tickets for Las Vegas shows and sometimes even for half the price you would pay at the box office. Tix4tonight has quite a few locations, so you don’t really have an excuse not to take your girl on a big night out! You can find them in the Showcase Mall, the Hawaiian Marketplace (in front Polo Towers), in front of the Riviera Hotel on the North Strip, the Bills Gambling Hall and Casino, the Four Queens Hotel on Fremont Street -Downtown (it closes at 7pm) and in the Fashion Show Mall across the Wynn Hotel.Fox Las Vegas Vegas Tix 4 Less offers on top of its desk inside the Showcase Mall, a sidewalk kiosk in front of the mall. Another8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. good way to find cheap tickets for shows are the package deals offered by your hotel. Check with Casino Perks as well to find out about “2 for 1″ coupons and save even more.Las Vegas, NV 89123 Be Entertained by these Shows(855) 849-4210 $ - Brad Garret’s Comedy Club This new addition to the Tropicana brings back one of the only comedy clubs on the strip. It regularly plays host to popular acts and provides a platform for new up-and-coming acts. And with rates starting around $40.00 per ticket, it provides an excellent night of entertainment that’s still cheaper than a night in the casino! $$ - Phantom of the Opera This long-running classic is a permanent show at the Venetian and has been entertaining fans internationally for years. While the story hasn’t deviated much, the excellent production and phenomenal performances keep audiences coming back for more. Prices start around $80.00 per ticket. $$$ - La Reve La Reve comes from Franco Dragone, former director and creator of Cirque du Soleil, and combines classic Cirque elements with a new twist. Set in a unique circular theater; La Reve (French for “The Dream”) follows a beautiful dream sequence displayed through acrobatics and aquatics. While all the seats are close (the furthest seat is only 27 feet from the stage), the Champagne Circle seats offer an amazing array of romantic extras include a bottle of champagne, chocolates, extra room and behind-the-scenes video monitors. Prices start at $100 per person, and go up to approximately $200 for the Champagne Circle. 7
  7. 7. Traveling with Children in Las Vegas: Shows for Kids Just because you are in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you can’t find great shows for a younger audience. So here are shows you might want to consider when traveling with children in Las Vegas: The Disney’s Lion King Show at the Mandalay Bay Casino is a great option for a fun family experience. Every kid has fall in love with this magical Disney movie, so they most likely will enjoy this amazing musical production.Fox Las Vegas The Lance Burton Master Magician show is another fantastic shows kids will love. Take your kids to the8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. Monte Carlo Casino for one of the most extravagant experience they’ll ever have. Lance Burton makes them participate in his shows, which makes it even more interesting for them.Las Vegas, NV 89123(855) 849-4210 All the Cirque du Soleil shows are a delight. If you kids will sit through most movies they will have no problem enjoying the Treasure Island Show: Mystere. They will be amazed by the dances and music and the artists will grab their attention better than TV will ever do! Amusement Parks Adventuredome is a 5 acres theme park that lets you and your kids have a extraordinary day of fun even without worrying about the hot summer days of Las Vegas!! It has many rides and attractions to find something to please every one, so kids, teenagers and grown ups can all have fun together. If you want to find some good arcade games, but also spend some family time playing together, Coney Island Emporium at the New York New York Casino is always a popular family destination. It’s a fun arcade and amusement center to spend a few hours of entertainment and good laugh for fun family memories! Animals Las Vegas is the city of all extravaganza, from casinos to shows to the people…even the animals! Kids will enjoy that. Las Vegas has 3 casinos that you should include in your visit to impress kids who are animal lovers: The Mirage for its white tigers, for the dolphins show in the Secret Garden, and its famous 20,000 gallons aquarium in the lobby; and the MGM for its lions; and finally the Mandalay Bay for its breath taking shark reef exhibit. And don’t forget! There are great family adventures to plan close to Las Vegas such as the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon; and fun free attractions not too miss as well! So as you can see, Las Vegas can also be a wonderful destinations for a family trip! 8
  8. 8. Best Las Vegas Buffets Las Vegas offers a lot of fine dining options and the restaurants and famous buffets have great chefs from all over the world. Whether you are in Las Vegas for business, golf, visiting or gambling, you have to eat and take advantage of the great buffets and restaurants in the city! There are so many choice. So here is a description of the best Las Vegas Buffet and Restaurants you should try out. $ - The Season Buffet is a nice, but smaller buffet, not on the strip. They have a good choice of sea food, an impressive salad bar. The service is great. They have theme nights to offer a variety of dishes all week long. You don’t need to wait in line or make reservation like most buffet off the strip and kids will enjoy it! They do not serve breakfast.Fox Las Vegas8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. Now restaurant wise, if you are looking a nice ambiance and a delicious menu meal, step away from the strip and go to Off the Strip Just Real Food. This smaller restaurant offers amazing service, the staff is really friendly and you are well taken care of. Their portions are quite large and very tasty. If you have a weakness for CremeLas Vegas, NV 89123 Brulee, keep some room for desert!(855) 849-4210 $$ - The Carnival World Buffet ( in the Rio Casino), is the number one buffet in Las Vegas. You have a hard time choosing what to eat with such a wide selection of food! You really can find everything: from steaks to crab legs, sushi to Italian food … and an impressive choice of desserts, if you have a sweet tooth! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a special price for kids. Dishes, The Treasure Island buffet is a bit cheaper then the Carnival. The pastries and dessert selection is one of their strongest point, especially their donuts. Smaller than most Las Vegas Strip buffets, with only 6 food stations, Dishes offers a restaurant-like setting and their staff is quick and friendly. The FireFly Bistro is a great place to discover another style of cuisine. This Spanish tapas restaurant gives you attentive service, a cozy atmosphere and offers a whole new experience for your taste buds. Just like a real Spanish restaurant, it gets crowded later in the night, so make sure you come early or make reservations. Their gazpacho is truly a delight! $$$ - The Buffet at The Wynn will change your mind about “buffet” food. They serve Quality, so you better come hungry! It is the fine dining version of buffets in Las Vegas, the gourmet you have been looking for… You can even have dessert after your breakfast! But everything has its price. You might have to make reservation at least the day before, and you also might have to be a little patient, but what can be better than wait in line to built your appetite! Now if you are looking for THE fine dinning experience, you must try Rosemary’s Restaurant. They have a fixed price for 3 courses dinners, which you might want to consider. Unlike a lot of fine dining places today, they serve you excellent portions. Their wine menu is complete, and of course the food amazing. What is most appreciated is the consistency of the service and the food. Well you’ve got quite some places to try during your stay in Las Vegas. I hope you’re hungry! 9
  9. 9. Las Vegas for Foodies Here is a list of the top spots for foodies in Las Vegas. Joël Robuchon Located at the Mansion at MGM Grand, the chef here was named ‘The Chef of the Country’ by French restaurant guide Gault Millau in 1990. It has kept up with its reputation and the culinary delight that it offers is amazing. There is an eight course menu that includes the best dessert options that you can think of. When going there, make sure that you are ready to pay for your sins too.Fox Las Vegas Lotus of Siam While the ambiance and décor of the place may not be something to write home about, Chef Saipin Chutima will8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. make sure that you are licking your fingers by the end of the meal. The restaurant has the best Thai food that you can find. The grilled Issan Sausage with chile, peanuts and ginger is often touted as their best.Las Vegas, NV 89123(855) 849-4210 Caesar’s Palace If you want to taste what some celebrity chefs can concoct for you, this is the place to visit. You can choose to visit the hotel when a Grand Tasting is being organized by the pool to get the best deal too. Enoteca San Marco Created by the star chef Mario Batali, this restaurant is located in the Venetian Casino. As you sit on the patio and enjoy the Italian savories, you will not remember whether you are in Las Vega or Italy, such is the power of the taste that the chef conjures. Hash House A Go Go For some awesome breakfast after a night out gambling, visit breakfast joint with a twist. The specially of the place is crispy potato hash added to various kinds of dish options like the roasted chicken, corn beef, smoked salmon and more. Affordable and yet yummy, treat yourself to this delight especially if you have missed your dinner due to over involvement at the roulette table. MIX lounge The MIX lounge at Mandalay Bay has a contemporary ambiance and a menu to match. Classic French and American dishes are what you should choose from. The place advertises itself as drug free and therefore a great family place to go to. Fleur de Lys For some affordable fare, check out French Chef Hubert Keller’s place. You can get a three course ‘Seasonal Prix Fixe’ at a reasonably low cost. MGM Grand Buffet While you can enjoy a classy and elegant meal at Joël Robuchon, check out the All Day Meal pass at the hotel that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. 10
  10. 10. Best Las Vegas Casinos When you are going to Las Vegas you have quite a large choice of casinos. Although you should try to see all of them for the fun of it, you might be interested in different features, and search for the one that best matches what you are interested in. You can find tips on the best Las Vegas casinos for gambling, hotel, location and finally for their food. The Best Las Vegas Casinos for Gambling If you don’t want to spend most of your evening in front of a slot machine, but actually like to bet andFox Las Vegas interact with other players you need to find the Casino with the right tables. Remember that in all casinos, you have to be 21 to gamble.8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. Cheap GamesLas Vegas, NV 89123 Most Casinos in Vegas have “Craps tables” for a minimum of $5 + and Poker for a minimum $10+ (can even start at $25). Casino Royal as well as the Flamingo offer low bet tables, for less than $5 ( between(855) 849-4210 $1 and $3). Casino Royal is a smaller casino and not the as nice inside as the rest of them… but it’s cheap! The Flamingo casino is small, especially compared to its hotel, but still offers the most popular games for a good price. Best Experience Circus Circus is definitely not going to take your breath away with its looks, but it is a family oriented casino, which is great if you are visiting Vegas with your kids. They have a pretty big amusement park in their dome, where the kids can waste hours in the video arcade, fair booths and even do rides on a huge roller coaster. There is something for everyone. The Mandalay Bay offers the best Poker tables, but more than that you get a great experience as the staff is super friendly, and even helpful during your game! And if you don’t know how to play, but really would like to try, this is your destination: free lessons are offered in the afternoon. Great Choices, High Prices Caesars Palace is one of the most famous casinos of Las Vegas, often described as the true experience of Las Vegas. It is one of the largest casinos for gambling, but also one of the most expensive. You pay for the location, the choice and the service. MGM Grand… is grand! It is the largest Casino in Las Vegas, so obviously comes with lots of gambling options! It even has a Child Development Center, so you can leave your kids there and not worry, they will be in good hands, learn and play, while you gamble. The best casino experience can’t be complete without gambling in the Bellagio and Wynn. These two casinos provide the best ambience, enjoyment, entertainment and service in all of Las Vegas. Most likely the farther you go from the Strip, the cheaper the hotel casinos are. Also keep in mind, that after spending quite a while on the Strip you might enjoy getting away from it to rest! 11
  11. 11. Best Las Vegas Hotels $ - El Cortez Hotel El Cortez offers 3 types of rooms: the vintage, the pavillion, and the tower rooms. The vintage rooms are simple, the pavillion are a little upgraded, and the best ones are the tower rooms. You don’t get the great luxury of the rest of the Casinos, but it is cheap… and if you only plan to be there to sleep, the beds are comfortable and the rooms are clean! $ - TropicanaFox Las Vegas This old dame is quickly being transformed from relic to best-in-class. Under new ownership and management, the Tropicana is undergoing extensive renovations. Providing brand-new rooms, a cleaner,8801 S Las Vegas Blvd. brighter casino, and the introduction of new restaurants, the Tropicana is experiencing a complete overhaul while still providing bargain room-rates.Las Vegas, NV 89123 $$ - Mandalay Bay(855) 849-4210 This 60-acre property is a self-contained plethora of beaches, entertainment, and dining choices. The rooms are still among the largest and nicest for its class, and the prices are usually much better than the newer hotels on the strip. Come summer time, there’s no better option for outside entertainment than the pool/beach complex and outdoor summer concert series. $$ - The Mirage Often over looked because it’s an older hotel, and isn’t the most attractive from the outside, The Mirage is a great place to stay. With its location, service, quality and cleanliness of the rooms, you can’t bet the prices. You will be surprised by the modern inside of this casino. And if you need a break of the Strip in the hot afternoon, you can go rest by the pool! $$$ - Encore The Encore is the sister property of the Wynn, and is a short walk from all its entertainment, spa and culinary choices. Encore’s room layout and design put it over other similar hotels, easily making it one of the best rooms in Vegas. Located on the north end of the Strip, it also offers some of the best views available. $$$$ - The Skylofts at The MGM Grand If you are looking for a perfect suite, spotless, equipped with all the latest technology and comfort… and of course don’t have a problem paying for it, The Skylofts is a great choice! Along with the luxurious, chic atmosphere comes amazing, fully attentive service. Remember to check for deals. All year long, Casinos such As Circus Circus, Sahara Hotel Casino, Flamingo, The Stratosphere, Excalibur, … offer special prices for a couple nights, or for reserving off weekends, or including a free meal. 12
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