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Content Marketing and SEO


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A visual deck on the state of content marketing in 2013.

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Content Marketing and SEO

  1. 1. Content Marketing and SEO
  2. 2. A database containing an index of the content of the WWW, which returns to the user a list of web pages that match a search query performed on that database. 2. Software programs called ‘Spiders’ are sent out by search engines to scour the web, looking for web pages to add to their ‘INDEX’. 1. The Internet contains billions of websites and documents. 3. A user searches a Search Engine for whatever they want. 4. The Search Engine queries its spider-compiled index for matches to the query, and ranks them in order of relevancy. 5. The Search Engine returns a results page of websites to the user What is Organic Search?
  3. 3. X X X X And what are the key issues for SEO? Accessibility e.g. Links to Product pages cannot be followed by spiders because navigational menu is unfriendly to Search Engine Spiders.
  4. 4. X X X X And what are the key issues for SEO? Relevancy Your site and its pages need to be relevant for every conceivable search term that is relevant to your products, services, brand, and reflective of your business objectives. Need some blue shoes No mention of ‘blue shoes’
  5. 5. X X X X And what are the key issues for SEO? How popular are these sites? X Credibility Search engines factor in the link popularity of sites before deciding on where to rank them.
  6. 6. Content Marketing It’s on the up 6 Content Marketing in 2013Content Marketing in 2013
  7. 7. On the up 7 90% believe that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months 73% of respondents agree that ‘brands are becoming publishers’
  8. 8. On the up 8 34% dedicated content marketing budgets 46% dedicated team members 52% cite increased engagement as most common objective
  9. 9. The result?
  10. 10. 10 Blind to it
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Content Marketing It’s on the up 14 Content Marketing in 2013Content Marketing in 2013
  13. 13. It therefore must be…. 15
  14. 14. American Express Open Forum 16
  15. 15. Pepsi Max #LiveForNow 17 Video link
  16. 16. KISSmetrics Blog 18
  17. 17. ASOS Best Night Ever 19
  18. 18. Hubspot 20
  19. 19. Huggies: Dad’s pregnant too 21 Video link
  20. 20. How not to do it 22
  21. 21. How not to do it 23
  22. 22. Content Marketing Strategy 24 Content Marketing Strategy
  23. 23. Content Marketing Strategy 25 What has worked before?
  24. 24. Who.AI – Identify relevant sites which pertinently discuss our target topics What works best on Social?
  25. 25. 27 Planning and idea creation
  26. 26. Learn from your mistakes 28
  27. 27. 29 In Summary Great content is a pre- requisite of great search engine optimisation Brands must become publishers to create useful content for consumers Content in 2013 must add value and fix the hurt to stand out above the crap Data analysis is vital to successful content marketing strategies
  28. 28. 0207 653 6709 @found_onlineThank you!