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Founder Labs

  1. 1. www.founderlabs.orgFounding Sponsor Shaherose Charania
  2. 2. Opportunity for investors Tech startups with a diverse founding teams are proven to be bigger, faster, stronger.*Tech startups with diverse founders are more capital-efficient than the norm - realizingcomparable returns with 1/3 less capital investment.Tech startups with diversity in top management achieve 35% higher ROE and 34% bettertotal return to shareholders versus their peers. *Cindy Padnos, Illuminate Ventures, Research Study
  3. 3. Opportunity for investorsFast growing startup opportunities in mobile will thrive with an ecosystem of knowledge, mentors and investors.
  4. 4. Founder Labs is a pre-incubator for new mobile startup ideasFounder Labs is a source of new mobile startup ideas with diverse foundingteams.Founder Labs is a 5-week pre-incubator focused on the first phase of launching amobile startup - finding a team and validating the business idea. Through FounderLabs, aspiring founders build a founding team, learn technical, lean startup skills,validate ideas to find the right product-market fit and rapidly prototype and test.What does this look like? The breakdown: 50% male, 50% female. 50% technical, 50%non-technical. 10 engineers/developers 5 designers 5 business/marketing mavensThese 20 participants work in teams, 5 days a week, to produce 5 minimum viableproducts over the 5 week period.
  5. 5. Founder Labs is a pre-incubator for new mobile startup ideasFounder Labs is a pre-incubator program for individuals to:1.) Build a founding team2.) Learn technical, lean startup and rapid prototyping skills3.) Validate ideas to find the right product-market fit with customer development skills4.) Build an initial prototypeParticipants are selected from a submission pool of highly talented and ambitiousyoung executives from a variety of fields.Teams work in parallel on developing a minimum viable product through rapidprototyping, and constantly testing these prototypes and business assumptions withtarget markets.During the Founder Labs pre-incubator program, teams moonlight on a problemhypothesis with the intent of applying to incubators such as 500Startups, Astia,TechStars or YCombinator after the idea is validated and a basic prototype (minimumviable product) created. Alternately, teams may launch and grow their startupsindependently after the program.
  6. 6. Founder Labs is a pre-incubator for new mobile startup ideasFounder Labs is a one of a kind program focused on the first stage ofentrepreneurship in mobile.Founder Labs is a unique program serving a specific need in the entrepreneurialecosystem. It adds to the startup value chain with it’s unique positioning:1.) Pre-team, pre-idea focus on getting teams formed and ideas validated2.) Focus on Mobile and (in the future) other emerging industries3.) Creating diverse founding teams
  7. 7. Visiting Advisors Visiting Advisors are leaders in their field teaching key startup lessons. Each Thursday, Founder Labs teams present their progress and learn a new startup skill from Visiting Advisors. Visiting Advisors are selected individuals who are leaders in their field. During the week, the teams conduct live customer interviews and rapidly prototype a minimum viable product. Founder Labs Weekly topics lead teams from idea generation to idea validation, to customer validation to minimum viable product. Startup Funding Lean Startup Theresia Gouw Business Marketing Ranzetta (Partner, Accel Partners) Customer Modeling Dave McClure Development (500 Startups) Alexander Osterwald (Author, Business Steve Blank (Author, Idea Lean Startup Customer Development) Model Generation) Ann Miura-Ko (Partner,Generation Eric Ries (Author, Floodgate Fund)and Design Lean Startup) ThinkingRajiv Patel (Lift Projects)
  8. 8. Mentors Mentors provide support to the teams during the 5 week period. Each Wednesday, teams meet one on one with Mentors to gain insights, guidance and feedback on their startup idea, customer development progress and minimum viable product.Carol Realini, Founder, Chairwomen, Obopay John Malloy, Founder Partner, Blue Run VenturesChristina Brodeck, Angel Investor, prev YouTube Jon Callaghan, Founding Partner, True VenturesCindy Alvarez, Product Manager, KissMetrics Julia Hartz, Founder, EventbriteDan Martell, CoFounder, Flowtown Mari Baker, CEO, PlayfirstDavid Weeky, Founder, PBWorks and Hacker DoJo Mike Rowehl, Hacker, Investor, EntrepreneursHiten Shah, Founder KissMetrics Puneet Agarwal, Partner, True VenturesJenny Fielding, Startup Advisor Rebecca Lynn, Principal, Morganthaler VenturesLars Kamp, Senior Exec, Accenture (Mobile practice) Saad Khan, Partner, CMEA CapitalJeff Clavier, Managing Partner, Softech VC Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Entrepreneur
  9. 9. Founder Labs Success StoriesWe already have some success stories!Founder Labs is a place for to build a co-founding team, learn startup skills, validateideas, build a rapid prototype and establish a valuable network of mentors andinvestors. Meet two success stories!Case Study: FoodspottingFounder Alexa hatched the idea of Foodspotting at the pre-cursor to Founder Labs, a program called Jumpstart YourStartup. She then attended a Women 2.0 Startup Weekendand built a basic prototype and met her first investor.Foodspotting recently raised $3mi from Blue RunVentures.Case Study: SpoondateFounder Raissa, relocated from Europe (via Africa and NYC) toattend Founder Labs. In Founder Labs she met her co-founder,Van Nguyen and released an alpha product.Within 4 months of finishing Founder Labs, she securedangel funding from accelerator fund 500Startups.
  10. 10. Founder Labs Notable Up StartsFounder Labs is the source of emerging ideas.Founder Labs is start of new, fresh startup ideas and where new, diverse foundingteams are built. Meet some notable starts from Founder Labs that we have our eyeson! Case Study: Cake Health After completing the Founder Institute, Rebecca came to Founder Labs to find her team and build a basic prototype for her business idea. Cake Health is currently under product development and has established their founding team. Case Study: House of Mikko Founder Kimberly came to Founder Labs with just a business idea and has walked away customer validation and minimum viable product. She validated customer needs and is currently continuing to build her product and community.
  11. 11. Founder Labs to dateWe have hosted 3 Founders Labs to date.Founder Labs is growing and evolving. Our first two Founder Labs, at TrueVentures focused on the consumer web. Upcoming sessions will be focused onmobile. The entry into New York is significant. Summer 2010 Fall 2010 Winter 2011 San Francisco San Francisco Menlo Park Spring 2011 Summer 2011 More... New York San Francisco
  12. 12. Founder Labs in the News
  13. 13. Founder Labs Team We have all done this before! Meet the Founder Labs Team Founder Labs is run partially by staff and partially by the dedicated startup community’s members as Founding Fellows and Super Mentors. Meet the immediate Operating Team, Program Advisors and Founding Fellows.Operating team Visiting AdvisorsShaherose Charania, CEO, Co-Founder Steve Blank (Creator, Customer Development)Baat Enosh, VP Operations Eric Ries (Creator, Lean Startup) Dave McClure (Partner, 500Startups)Program Advisors Alex Osterwald (Author, Business Model Generation)Brad Feld (Partner, Foundry Group) Theresia Gouw Ranzetta (Partner, AccelDavid Cohen (Founder, TechStars) Partners) Ann Miura-Koo (Partner, Floodgate Fund)
  14. 14. www.founderlabs.orgFounding Sponsor Shaherose Charania