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What is the Founder Institute? An Intro to the Startup Accelerator


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The Founder Institute is the world’s premier pre-seed startup accelerator, with chapters across 180+ cities and Graduates that have built companies exceeding $20B in estimated value.

We provide high-potential entrepreneurs and teams with the critical support network and structured process needed to build an enduring company. Since 2009, we have helped over 3,300 Graduates raise over $700M funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more.

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What is the Founder Institute? An Intro to the Startup Accelerator

  1. 1. The World’s Premier Pre-Seed Startup Accelerator | #FIWorldwide
  2. 2. | 012 Who are we? THE  FOUNDER  INSTITUTE     helps  entrepreneurs  build  an  enduring  company   with  a  support  network  invested  in  their   success,  and  through  a  structured  business-­‐ building  process.     THE  PROBLEM   Too  many  aspiring  entrepreneurs  never  start,   and  too  many  early  businesses  fail,  because   they  lack  feedback  and  focus  in  the  earliest   stages.     See  our  story:  
  3. 3. | 013   Who do we help? Idea-Stage Prototype-Stage Early-Company             You  just  have  an  idea,  and   may  sAll  be  FT-­‐employed:     ✓  Validate  and  improve  your   ideas,  strategy,  and  pitch   ✓  Find  Co-­‐Founders,  early-­‐team   members,  and  advisors   ✓  Launch  your  company  using  a   proven  step-­‐by-­‐step  process     You  have  an  MVP  or   prototype  in  tesAng:     ✓  Get  expert  feedback  to  make   smarter  product  decisions   ✓  Secure  advisors,  partners,     and  key  hires   ✓  Nail  your  go-­‐to-­‐market  and   begin  fundraising  (if  needed)     You  have  a  company  and   revenue,  but  are  pre-­‐funding:     ✓  Get  expert  insights  on  your   data  to  increase  tracJon     ✓  Secure  advisors,  partners,     key  hires,  and  investors   ✓  Launch  an  enduring  business   with  a  global  network   Founders  and  Teams  that  are  Pre-­‐Funding  
  4. 4. | 014   How do we compare? Inspiration/ Education Pre-Seed Accelerator Seed- Accelerator Angel/VC             Aspiring  Founders     learn  the  basics   through  online   courses,  events,   and  bootcamps.     Founders  or  Teams   validate  and  launch  a   business  with  mentor   support  and  a   structured  process.     Teams  with  a  product   and  some  tracJon   acquire  operaJng   capital  to  prepare  for   angel  or  seed  funding.     Fast-­‐growth  startups   raise  money  from   angels  or  micro-­‐VCs.  
  5. 5. | 015 What are the results? 60+ Countries 175+ Cities 20B+ Graduate Portfolio Value 20K+ Jobs Created See  our  global  network:  
  6. 6. | 016 Graduate Results 30+ Graduate Companies Acquired $700M+ Raised from Investors Investors included:Recently-Funded Grads: See  more  Graduates:  
  7. 7. | 017 Why is the program so effective? 5 Guiding Principles
  8. 8. | 018   Guiding Principle #1 the Founder Institute can provide you the structure, mentorship, and network to make years of progress in just 3.5 months Great Companies Start with Great People (not “great ideas”)
  9. 9. | 019 1. We Find Great People Learn  more:   You  don’t  need  to   submit  an  idea  to  apply   One-­‐hour  long  online   psychographic  &  apJtude   test   85%  accuracy  in  predicJng   early  entrepreneur  success   Each  cohort  is  a  cluster  of   high-­‐potenJal  early-­‐stage   entrepreneurs    
  10. 10. | 0110   Guiding Principle #2 Great Companies are not Built Alone (feedback is invaluable)
  11. 11. | 0111 2. We Establish a Critical Support Network Learn  more  at   75% Distributed  to   each  cohort   25% Founder   InsJtute   Mentors   25% Directors  Graduates   25% Graduates  contribute  4%  in   ‘warrants’  to  a  15-­‐year  pool   Returns  are  shared  with  all   members  of  each  cohort   (including  Graduates)   Build  your  business  with   local  startup  experts  that   are  invested  in  your  success   25% The  Equity  CollecJve  
  12. 12. | 0112 Support Network of Top Mentors 2:1  Avg  Mentor:  Founder   raJo  in  each  program   Mentors  provide  training,   feedback,  and  raJngs/   evaluaJon  every  week   20-­‐40  Local  CEOs,  Founders   and  experts  invested  in  your   success   See Local Mentors:
  13. 13. | 0113   Guiding Principle #3 Entrepreneurship Cannot be Taught (it can only be learned by doing)
  14. 14. | 0114 3. We Create a Structure for Doing 1. Idea 2. Business 3. Launch 1.  OrientaJon   2.  Vision  &  ValidaJon   3.  Cust  Development   4.  Revenue       5.  Branding  &  Design   6.  Mentor  Idea  Review   7.  Legal   8.  Go-­‐to-­‐Market   9.  Product  Development   10. Mentor  Progress   Review   11. Hiring  &  Onboarding   12. Growth   13. Equity  &  Funding   14. Leadership  &   GraduaJon   See  full  process:  
  15. 15. | 0115 Make Real Progress Every Week Challenging,  pracJcal   company-­‐building   assignments  (not   “homework”)   “The  Founder  Ins;tute  is   the  most  raw,  ‘street’   program  out  there  for   startups”     -­‐  Jason  Calacanis  (This  Week  in  Startups,  Author   of  “Angel”,    ini;al  investor  in  Uber)   See Sample Session: Constant  raJng  and   evaluaJon  of  your  pitch,   progress,  and  strategy     Weekly  night-­‐Jme  sessions   with  startup  mentors  
  16. 16. | 0116   Guiding Principle #4 Startups are Hard (much harder than commonly portrayed)
  17. 17. | 0117 4. The Founder Institute is Hard <  35%     (only  the  best)     Make  it  to  GraduaJon   Total  commitment  is  20-­‐30   hours/week   Founders  need  to  meet  min     raJng  thresholds  from   Mentors  to  stay  in  program   Drop  outs  can  enroll  in  next   semester  for  free     HONEST  feedback  during   every  step  of  the  process   (“No  Threes  Allowed”)   ...because  building  an  enduring  company  is  much,  much  harder.  
  18. 18. | 0118   Guiding Principle #5 Entrepreneurship is a Journey (success is measured in years, not months)
  19. 19. | 0119 5. We Support our Graduates Beta Angel Seed             ✓  Dedicated  support  contact         in  Silicon  Valley   ✓  Private  Grad  mailing  lists   ✓  Access  to  7500+  mentors   ✓  $2M+  in  partner  discounts   ✓  Invites  to  FI  sessions  &   network  events  (FounderX)     ✓  Dedicated  fundraising  coach   in  Silicon  Valley   ✓  Access  to  shared  database   of  investors  &  advisors   ✓  Pitch  deck  ediJng/  feedback   ✓  Virtual  training  sessions   ✓  Pipeline  &  negoJaJon  help     ✓  Deal  syndicaJon  across  our   network   ✓  Facilitated  introducJons  to   investors  &  advisors   ✓  Virtual  Demo  Days   ✓  Elite  partner  deals   ✓  Biz  Dev  &  PR  assistance   See  our  Grad  Support  :  
  20. 20. | 0120   Low Costs $50  USD*   ApplicaJon  Fee     *  free  for  event  aKendees        at     $LOW**   Course  Fee       *  full  refund  offered  before  3rd  session   **  covers  ‘break-­‐even’  administra;on            of  semester  (venue,  food,  FI  HQ            staff,  tech,  etc)   Learn  more:  
  21. 21. | 0121   In Summary the Founder Institute can provide you the structure, mentorship, and network to make years of progress in just 3.5 months The  Founder  InsJtute  can   provide  you  with  the  support   network  and  structured   process  needed  to  launch  an   enduring  company.  
  22. 22. THANK YOU!!! Learn More: Apply Free: Free Resources: