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Reshaping LATAM: Founder Institute's 2016 Growth in LATAM


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Our challenge, and our mission, is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and empower talented and motivated people to build impactful companies that create one million jobs.

While seemingly insurmountable (borderline "crazy"?), we achieved a lot of milestones towards this mission in 2016, especially in Latin America.

Technology companies all across the LATAM region are growing at an incredible rate, internet and mobile adoption has skyrocketed, and both local and foreign investors are taking notice. We have taken notice, too.

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Reshaping LATAM: Founder Institute's 2016 Growth in LATAM

  1. 1. LATAM IMPACT REPORT 2016 LATAM TOP GRAD INVESTORS FEATURED GRADS SANTIAGO MEDELLIN CURITIBA SANTIAGO Girltank is a crowdsourcing platform to build a network of high-impact young women social entrepreneurs and bring their ventures to scale. They run programs all over the world and is have a signficant impact on creating gender balance in entrepreneurship. SiembraViva offers a direct channel between local organic farmers and consumers, helping to improve the health of both consumers and the agriculture industry. They were a finalist of The Venture's Global Initative, and have secured investment from global VC firms. Hppy helps companies track and manage employee happiness and increase employee engagement. The company has created a thriving community and is helping organizations across several different countires build a better workplace culture. PeaceLabs is a platform where entrepreneurs, volunteers and impact investors come together to co-create social projects. They have already launched six major projects and have changed the lives of over 1,400 people. FEATURED MENTORS NOTABLE PARTNERS SUMMARY OF 2015 YEAR IN REVIEW 115 CITIES 50 COUNTRIES 2000+ FOUNDER GRADUATED $15BN ESTIMATED PORTFOLIO VALUE JOIN THE REVOLUTION GREAT FOUNDERS START HERE LAUNCH A COMPANY: FI.CO/JOIN START A CHAPTER: FI.CO/LEAD *DOUBLED NUMBER OF LOCATIONS SINCE 2015 14+ CITIES 250+ MENTORS #FIWORLDWIDE | @FOUNDING SANTIAGO GoPlaceIt is a platform helping people in Latin America find real estate properties quickly & easily. They have raised $1,230,000 in funding, and are growing at an impressive rate. MEDELLIN Bankity is a consumer financial budgeting app with more than 30,000 downloads. They also won a notable startup pitch competition, and closed a successful seed round. BOGOTA helps consumers find & apply for financial products that match their needs. They have raised multiple rounds of funding, including 800,000 from a European VC firm. SAO PAULO SANTIAGO COSTA RICA is a transportation booking engine that is growing quickly. They were the first Chilean-born company to be accepted to Techstars, & have raised over $450,000 in funding. Indigo Drones is a company that utilizes aerial drones for imagery, remote data monitoring, & management of crops. The company has already signed three contracts with pineapple, banana & coffee producers. Mass Labs is an analysis service for passenger transportation companies, aiming to optimize transit. They have already raised an angel round and are generating revenue. PUERTO RICO BOGOTA MEXICO CITY Spotery is a platform that helps communities locate everyday event facilities and under-used spaces. They were accepted into Parallel18 International Accelerator and received a $40,000 grant. Androcial is the creator of WomyAds, a marketing platform that offers big brands access to a global network of online influencers. They received a grant from Innpulsa, & recently crossed 57 million users. DevBlocks is a B2B and B2G software that improves the electronic document systems within small to medium corporations. In 2014, they were accepted to Startup Mexico. TOP GRAD PRESS FEATURES FOR MORE INFO GO TO HTTP://FI.CO/COMPANIES 170+ GRAD COMPANIES $5M+ FUNDING RAISED BY GRADS CHRISTIAN VAN DER HENST PLATZI, MEXICO CITY CESAR SALAZAR 500 STARTUPS MEXICO CITY LUIS SAMRA EVERNOTE, SANTIAGO ESTEBAN MANCUSO VELUM VENTURES, BOGOTA DAVID BEATTY GOLDEN SEEDS MEDELLIN JUAN SALCEDO TAPPSI, BOGOTA VICTOR CHAPELA SUGGESTIC, MEXICO CITY THE FOUNDER INSTITUTE HAS BEEN BUILDING STARTUP ECOSYSTEMS AND HELPING TALENTED FOUNDERS LAUNCH COMPANIES IN LATAM SINCE 2011. OUR MISSION IS TO ‘GLOBALIZE SILICON VALLEY’. IMPACTFUL GRADS SEE RECENT ACTIVITY AT HTTP://FI.CO/WORLDWIDE