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Europe's 2016 Startup Scene - Founder Institute Review


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At 2016, we are proud to have started a chapter in 25 cities (and growing), graduated 400+ companies, and witnessed all of our entrepreneurs' achievements, including raising more than 40 million Euros altogether.

While we are well on our way to reaching our goals, we're looking ahead, and aiming for more! In this year alone, we've added six more chapters including Belgrade, Bucharest, Chisinau, Nicosia, Sofia and Zaragoza. There is no doubt that there will be more work ahead, but as true entrepreneurs, we believe hard work, perseverance, and pursuing your passion leads to success. (If you would like to help launch a new Founder Institute chapter in Europe, visit

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Europe's 2016 Startup Scene - Founder Institute Review

  1. 1. EUROPEAN IMPACT REPORT 2016 TOP INVESTORS IN GRADS FEATURED GRADS ITEMBASE.COM PAYMIUM.COM TRAVELERCAR.COM STAMPLE.CO PEERBY.COM GAMINGBATTLE GROUND.COM BEONPRICE.COM MYETUTOR.ORG GENIAL.LY Itembase helps online retailers of all sizes increase connectivity, revenue, and retention through powerful insights. 120,000+ customers, $3M+ funding. Berlin FI Graduate. Paymium is the first European Bitcoin marketplace for buyers and sellers that is compliant with EU regulations on payment services. $1M+ funding, Paris FI Graduate. TravelerCar is a P2P platform that allows travelers to save money on airport parking and earn money by renting their car while traveling. 100,000+ users, $6M+ funding. Paris FI Graduate. Peerby is a local borrowing/lending mobile application for users in proximity of each other. $4.5M+in funding and customers across multiple continents. Amsterdam FI Graduate. Gaming Battle Ground (GBG) is a platform where video gamers can join or create their own tournaments. They have raised $47K in seed funding and are expanding to Asia. Zagreb FI Graduate. Stample is an online digital content library that helps organizations better manage their key assets. Top clients secured like HP and IBM, and $500,000+ in funding. Paris FI Graduate. Beonprice specializes in technology solutions for hotel revenue management. The company currently counts over 1,500 hotels across 16 countries as clients. Madrid FI Graduate. MyeTutor is an eLearning platform for that personalizes education with adaptive content, helping students to learn better, faster and succeed. MIT award finalist. Athens FI Graduate. is a tool for non-programmers to create interactive content, like dynamic infographics, microsites, social imagery, and more. $300,000+ in funding. Cordoba FI Graduate. FITMOVE- PARIS ECROWD- BARCELONA ALLCANCODE- ATHENS 2HOUSES -BRUSSELS FitMove is a sports coaching mobile platform that helps individuals stay in shape with long distance sport coaches. ECROWD is a crowd investing site for projects with a positive social impact. The company has raised $150,000+ in funding. 2Houses is an online platform that provides easier communication and scheduling for divorced parents with children. $1.6M+ in funding. AllCanCode teaches children to code through engaging, fun, and award-winning adventure video games. $160,000+ in seed funding. FEATURED MENTORS NOTABLE PARTNERS JOIN THE REVOLUTION 115+ CITIES 50+ COUNTRIES 2000+ GRADUATE COMPANIES $15BN+ ESTIMATED PORTFOLIO VALUE GLOBAL IMPACT DIDAC LEE INSPIRIT, BARCELONA HEIKO RAUCH ZANOX, UFO START BERLIN JÖRG RHEINBOLDT AXEL SPRINGER, BERLIN PETER VESTERBACKA ROVIO HELSINKI PETRI AUKIA CODENTO, HELSINKI RODRIGO SEPULVEDA SCHULZ EXPON CAPITAL, PARIS VLADIMIR DE FRANCESCHI SMC BIOTECHNOLOGY, ZAGREB GREAT FOUNDERS START HERE LAUNCH A COMPANY: FI.CO/JOIN START A CHAPTER: FI.CO/LEAD TOP PRESS COVERING GRADS THE FOUNDER INSTITUTE HAS BEEN BUILDING STARTUP ECOSYSTEMS AND HELPING TALENTED FOUNDERS LAUNCH COMPANIES IN EUROPE SINCE 2010. OUR MISSION IS TO ‘GLOBALIZE SILICON VALLEY’. SEE OUR IMPACT BELOW. 25 CITIES WITH FI CHAPTERS 400+ GRAD COMPANIES 1400+ EXPERT MENTORS €40M+RAISED BY GRADS SEE MORE FI GRADUATES AT HTTP://FI.CO/COMPANIES #FIWORLDWIDE | @FOUNDING REGIONAL FOOTPRINT IMPACTFUL GRADS SEE RECENT ACTIVITY AT HTTP://FI.CO/WORLDWIDE