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Become a Founder Institute Director


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If you are passionate about growing your local economy through entrepreneurship, then apply to be a Founder Institute Local Director today. Local Directors play a central role in their startup ecosystem, share in the value of the companies created, and become part of a global network of over 10,000 global entrepreneur leaders. To learn more and apply, visit

Based in Silicon Valley, the Founder Institute is the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program. In just 8 years, we have launched 2,300 companies across 170 cities, and these companies have already created over 20,000 jobs and have an estimated value of over $15B. Our mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new startup jobs.

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Become a Founder Institute Director

  2. 2. 50+ Countries 100+ Cities The World’s Largest Pre-Seed Accelerator Become a part of our growing global network by becoming a director of your own Founder Institute chapter!
  3. 3. @founding 3 What does Founder Institute (FI) Do? FI’s flagship pre-seed accelerator* program validates startups for further growth Hackathon Venture CapitalSeed AcceleratorPre-Seed Accelerator Ideation Validation Early Growth Expansion Weeks 1-5 Weeks 6-14 *An ‘accelerator’ is a ~3 month intensive program to push a company forward. ‘Incubators’ provide space, and no fixed curriculum.
  4. 4. @founding Why Be a Director? Community You want to join a robust global network with deep roots in Silicon Valley. Leadership You want to position yourself as a leader in your local startup ecosystem. Use Your Time Efficiently Run your own accelerator in only 8-10 hours a week. Own a Diverse Portfolio You want equity in the most exciting startups in your ecosystem. Help Entrepreneurs You are looking to give back to your startup community.
  5. 5. A tech entrepreneur, whose active involvement in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, and links to Tunisia, make her invaluable to her founders around the world. Emna Ghariani, Tunisia A former tech entrepreneur, deeply involved in the entrepreneurial scene globally through his involvement in Startup Chile, Startup Peru, Techstars and more. Sergio A. Escobar, Montreal Meet Some of Our Directors Director Characteristics: • You have 5-10 years of entrepreneurial experience • You have a robust local entrepreneurial network • Open to part time work to supplement other activities Canadian entrepreneur now building companies in Brazil via the multi- accelerator hub, Jupter. Helping to expand the Founder Institute, which boosts his abilities to find, fund and launch the next great startups. Nima Kaz, Brazil
  6. 6. FI Headquarters Utilizes a combination of both automated, ongoing, and special endeavors to help local directors and create successful semesters. Global Marketing Channels Global Webinars Global Updates List Social Media Global Conference Call Automated Emails Public Relations Meetup Group Global Insight Newsletter Content Marketing
  7. 7. Operational Support FI Headquarters Utilizes a combination of both automated, ongoing, and special endeavors to help local directors and create successful semesters. Online Teaching Platform Full Curriculum Billing & Collections Dedicated Support Contact Online Management Tools Simple Methodology Best Practice Calls Sales Materials for Sponsors Compelling Mentor Offering Legal Agreements All Admissions
  8. 8. @founding What You Do Build a team of 2-3 directors who between you make a 6 month commitment to: • run / facilitate local events (1 night/week) • support and monitor the work of your founders • recruit local mentors • recruit / partner with local ecosystem players • recruit local sponsors (optional: For Personal Income)
  9. 9. What does an FI Founder Look Like? Founder Demographics: • Average age: 32-34 depending on the region • Many have between 5 and 15 years of experience in their field • The majority of our founders have a technical background. Founder Characteristics • Often founders are hardworking and organized, but are looking to leave their current job, or they are experienced entrepreneurs who are looking to start another company, this time with more structure. • Based on our DNA Assessment, we know that many of our founders have high conscientiousness, high extroversion, moderate agreeableness, and are self starters. • Most of our founders excel in problem solving and enjoy daily challenges. • Many have extensive experience in their vertical, but could use a network like FI to find their co-founder, and refine skills they don’t have.
  10. 10. Our Shared Equity Pool Graduates25% 75% Distributed to the other participants 25% Directors Returns are shared among everyone who supported the cohort (including graduates) Everyone is incentivized to help build great companies Graduates contribute 4% in warrants to a 15-year pool Mentors25% 25% Founder Institute
  11. 11. Puerto Rico “The connections, networks and camaraderie you develop with other entrepreneurs doing amazing things are unparalleled. Join the FI community today - you won't regret it!” Director, Toronto “The online tools and support team let me get the fun of running an accelerator, where I can help founders achieve their dreams, for only a one day per week commitment.” Director Testimonials Our directors are founders and local community builders Directors often play multiple roles, giving them a wide reach within their startup ecosystems. This makes them strong advocates. Eugenio Perea Director, Mexico City “The Founder Institute has helped me immensely. It has opened doors at every level, and increased my credibility in the ecosystem.” Marjeta Tomulic Vehovec Director, Zagreb “I love that my work has an impact on the whole ecosystem, because every new company potentially creates new and added value for everyone.” Sofia Stolberg Kamal Hassan
  12. 12. @founding Your Next Steps From Here 1. Director Onboarding 1.Fill out application and survey. 2.Q&A call with FI’s founder, Adeo Ressi 3.Take our entrepreneurial DNA test (see 4.Recommend candidate(s) to complete team of 2-3 5.Team Assessment (~2-4 weeks) Month 1 2. Exploratory Market Test 7.3-4 Market Test Events 8.75 Applicants and 30 Mentors 9.Launch Semester (~3-4 weeks) Month 2 Month 3 3. Launch 11. Recruiting Events 12. Run the Semester 13. Graduation (~ 20 weeks)