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This presentation is aimed at nonprofit organizations with questions about how to raise funds to cover their technology needs. It was delivered at the NTEN conference in April 2012.

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  • Name of the publication is “Amplifying Social Impact in a Connected Age: A Survey of Tech-Related Grantmaking for Social Benefit” Located on ZD’s website Completed the survey in Fall of 2011 TSPs are non-profit technology service providers. Ex. Tech Soup or Aspirations Survey goal was to: Gather info to help increase quality, quantity of tech-related grantmaking for programmatic impact Identify barriers to funding, rec’s for overcoming ZD’s emphasis is to increase underserved communities’ tech use. We categorize this work into 3 areas: Tech for social impact, program goals: campaigns, advocacy, service delivery, engagement – not ops Newer tools: video, mobile/sms, social media, etc. “ Tech integration” or “transform v. transact”
  • Funders are curious about technology. Provide them with a clear plan on how tech can improve your service providing Provide funders with data that supports your case. Show funders a place where they can get outside info
  • Money (It's What We Want)

    1. 1. Money (It’s What We Want)#12NTCmoney Ruth Williams, ZeroDivide Andrea Berry, Idealware Cynthia Bailie, The Foundation Center
    2. 2. Money (It’s What We Want)#12NTCmoney AGENDA •Introductions (5) •Grantmaking and Technology - Ruth Williams (10) •Fundraising and Technology - Andrea Berry (10) •Q&A (10) •Building Awareness Exercise - Cynthia Bailie (20) •Finding Funders –Cynthia Bailie (15) •Q&A (15) •Wrap up (5)
    3. 3. How to persuade foundations to fund your technology needs April 3, 2012
    4. 4. Talked to funders• Conducted a 6 month survey - 41 funders, 13 TSPs• Learned how and why funders are – and are not – supporting NPO’s in using tech for social change/programmatic work• Exec Sum: or (that’s zero, small “o”)
    5. 5. What we learned• High funder interest; limited familiarity or expertise• Modest investments; mostly back end• Investment are tactical, not strategic• Strategies for impactful tech investment are unclear• Skeptical about tech ROI• Better impact measurements needed• Good News: Future $ possible, Grantees lead the charge
    6. 6. What we recommend to Funder• Increase tech education and advising activities• Expand their pool of investments• Strengthen TSP infrastructure
    7. 7. Recommendations to Persuade Funders• Don’t be shy, ask for funds and other tech support• Provide Funders with good data: modest experiment, show #’s & commitment• Propose TA/trainings across a cohort of their grantees
    8. 8. Funding Your Project
    9. 9. There Are No Magical Tech Funders Unfortunately.
    10. 10. Can You Lower the Price?Check Ask hardware See if consultantsTechSoup for vendors about offer a discount ordiscount software nonprofit compressed discounts project 1
    11. 11. Will Local Businesses Help? • Check with local banks or partners • Might they donate (good quality) hardware or software? • Are there volunteers who could help you design and implement the project? 1
    12. 12. Can You Interest Major Donors?• Do you have donors who might fund part or all of the project?• It’s a nice, tangible investment for the right donor 1
    13. 13. Approach Your Current Funders• Would they be interested in supporting their mission through tech?• Consider including it in a larger project.• Do they offer any capacity services or funding programs? 1
    14. 14. Building Awareness 1
    15. 15. 1
    16. 16. 1
    17. 17. 1
    18. 18. 1
    19. 19. Finding Funders 1
    20. 20. GRANTSPACE.ORG 2
    22. 22. Thank You!Let’s stay in touch:•Ruth Williams | Senior Program Officer| ZeroDivide |•Andrea Berry | Director of Partnerships and Learning |Idealware |•Cynthia Bailie | Director, Cleveland Office and SpecialInformation Initiatives | The Foundation Center | 2
    23. 23. Additional Resources“How a Small Nonprofit Made Simple Tech Tweaks and Saved $176,000.” By William Grassie - Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Nonprofit Services. By MAP for Nonprofits and Idealware - for Information Technology - 2011 Digital Edition. By The Foundation Center - 2
    24. 24. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad!or Online using #12NTCmoney at