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Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration

FotoIN Webinar - Learn how an automated and streamlined field photo documentation process increases productivity and efficiency and even generates new revenue opportunities in the restoration space.

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Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration

  1. 1. Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration Presented by: Sly Barisic CEO and Founder
  2. 2. Agenda 2 1. Importance of Photo Documentation in Restoration a. Main Photo Use Cases b. Value Proposition 2. Operational Challenges 3. Technology Solutions 4. Main takeaways 5. Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Introduction 3 CEO and Founder, FotoIN Mobile • 4 years working on photo documentation in business • Knowledge and experience in: • Process management • DB and data, Analytics, • Mobile and Cloud tech, • API, Integration, • User experience, User interface, • Product Design, Customer Success Education: • Longwood University • BSBA in Finance • University of GA, MBA • Finance, • Real Estate, • Entrepreneurship and • Risk Management • PMP certification in 2008 Professional experience: • Private Equity Commercial RE Fund • Executive Investment Director • Capital One Card • Sr. Business Analyst • Risk and Loss Management • Operations • US Card Customer Experience Sly Barisic
  5. 5. Photo documentation a must have for biggest clients and valuable across the business 5  Quality Control  Safety Management  Reporting Progress to Clients/Owners  Daily reporting  RFIs, Punch lists, Change orders  Reducing Warranty and Litigation exposure  Resolving disputes with subs and clients Audit trail, including OSHA compliance  Analytics and Planning  Estimating  Documenting property conditions before and after  Documenting contents conditions  Thermal imaging  Insurance companies mandate it Government has to have it  Commercial clients want it
  6. 6. Photo documentation benefits in Restoration 6  Legal, compliance, insurance • Easier Audits • Ensuring process compliance • Faster claims processing  Quality • Faster collaboration on defects and issues from the field • Eliminating tear downs and re-work • Avoiding hours/days of back and forth communication  Safety • Accountability • Educational • Avoiding injuries and medical costs  Revenue opportunities and bottom line • Better estimating of all the work that will be done • Great sales tool as an offer to customer • Resolving disputes to save money
  7. 7. FRAGMENTED CAPTURE MANUAL FILING AND ORGANIZATION Current photo documentation process is inefficient and provides limited value LIMITED ACTION “SAVE AS” Field Worker Office Manager 7
  8. 8. Operational challenges to consider when solving for Photo Documentation 8 1. Well defined objectives – Why and what needs to be photo documented with photos? 2. People impact – Who will be doing it and how? 3. Organizational support – How will the process be managed and monitored? 4. Picking the right solutions – Will technology be used and how will it be procured?
  9. 9. Tech? What to look for when considering technology solutions 9  Has to work well with existing systems and workflows  Simple and Easy to Use • Mobile not Web based • Works offline, without internet • Verifiable data captured together with the photos vs. separately • No heavy training required  Efficient vs. laborious • Doesn’t waste time • Doesn’t distract from core process • Too many manual steps and data entry points will limit adoption • Has to be flexible and configurable  Manageable • Robust admin and management • Easy keyword search and filtering • Open API for data flow • Integration support important
  11. 11. Automating Photo Documentation Increases Efficiency, Productivity and Bottom Line “Understand that a 5 percent increase in production efficiency…can double net profit” Phil Rosebrook Jr., CR, Business Mentors “Technology can give you up to 25% EBITDA gains…” Kris Rzesnoski, Reztimate Consultant/Xactimate Certified Trainer, RIA Conference, Orlando 2016
  12. 12. Restoration – photo documentation process before FotoIN 12 • Admin manually access each account, • figure out what work order photo represent and • ‘save as’ each photo to internal server FRAGMENTED CAPTURE MANUAL FILING AND ORGANIZATION LIMITED ACTION “SAVE AS” 200+ Field Technicians Over 20,000 projects 150 PMs, Supers, PEs • Take a photo of the work order • Phone + Google photos to capture photos • Note captured by pen and paper
  13. 13. Restoration selects FotoIN to fully automate its photo documentation process 13 5. Simplified centralized photo documentation management with FotoIN’s Web Admin Console Batch updating of photos for Emergency Service jobs with FotoIN Desktop Studio 1. Connect directly with ATI’s Salesforce account to automate project geo-fence creation when new opportunity is created 2. Field technicians snap and tag, FotoIN assigns the correct project 3. Automatically sync and file photos to the correct project folder in ATI’s Egnyte storage 4. Photos also accessible via the FotoIN Web Portal
  14. 14. Other technology to consider 14 Cloud • Sharing, Access • Uptime, Security • Special requirements • Open to integrate/connect Mobile • Apple vs. Android • GPS chips, Space, Battery • Processing power • Scanning, Signatures Photo • Thermal imaging • Image quality • File size • Embedded data for verification
  15. 15. Key takeaways 15 1. Photo documentation extremely important in Restoration:  Impacts the bottom line directly  Manage it across the organization  Executive leadership is key  Think culture vs. just a process 2. Automating the field to office process brings many benefits (ex. ATI):  Improve field to office communication and collaboration  Increase efficiency, productivity and client satisfaction  Open new revenue opportunities  Have visual evidence to resolve disputes 3. Photo documentation technology solutions:  Define objectives and needs  Address all stakeholders specifically  Has to be user centric – if not easy to do, it wont get done
  16. 16. APPENDIX SLIDES For more information contact Sly Barisic, CEO and Co-founder:
  17. 17. Government a big client for Restoration industry The Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 (P.L. 113-2) provided $829.2 million for the Department of the Interior to address funding needs relating to response, recovery and mitigation of damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. In accordance with the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-240), the total amount available after the 2013 sequester is $786.7 million. On May 7, 2013, the Department released $475.25 million of this funding for 234 projects that will repair and rebuild parks, refuges and other Interior assets damaged by the storm. The funding also provides investments in scientific data and studies to support recovery in the region, as well as historic preservation efforts. The strategic plan includes a list of approved projects. The funding and projects identified in the strategic plans, allocate approximately 60 percent of Interior's Hurricane Sandy supplemental funding. The remaining funding will be allocated for mitigation projects that increase coastal resiliency and capacity to withstand future storm damage, and restore and rebuild public assets.
  18. 18. Easy to capture photos with automated location and project association 18 OPTIONS: Open app straight to report ot camera mode Snap many photos in a row by skipping camera photo preview Skip edit after each photo capture Import photos from the device
  19. 19. Easy data capture with the photo: annotate, tag and comment 19 AUTOMATED DATA: • Naming • Project • User • Address • GPS • Date & Time • Data embedded in file OPTIONS: •Configurable tags & annotations •Tags memorized for next photo •All labels configurable •Works with any language
  20. 20. Easy standardization of photo and data capture with template forms 20 CONFIGURABLE: • Templates • Chapters • Questions • Answer types • Answer values OTHER OPTIONS: • Edit photos from the forms • Export to PDF • E-mail • Upload and file • Metadata from the form and the photos • Import many photos
  21. 21. Automated organization and filing to existing systems and folder trees 21 ✓ Simple customization of filing paths * * * * ✓ PROPRIETARY CONNECTORS, PLUG-INS AND TOOLS: * * * * * In development
  22. 22. Easy visual verification with embedded data 22
  23. 23. Easy access, search and use of photos, reports, and data 23 OPTIONS: • Easy keyword search • Filter by key variables • Export data to Excel • Export reports to Word
  24. 24. Customers increase productivity, save time and reduce costs with FotoIN 24 EASY ACTIONABLE OPEN WHO Field and office users Management, Partners IT FEATURES Easy mobile capture tool Automated data, filing Full configuration Web portal Web dashboard, reporting Data embedded in files Analysis and insights Real time collaboration Any smart device Use with existing system Open API Custom integrations BENEFITS Increased productivity Increased efficiency Faster turnaround Risk Mitigation Verification of field work Improved quality, safety Control data and files Control access Audit readiness VALUE Save 40% of the time Resolve issues faster $ 7x ROI project $ Reduce dispute, legal costs $ Eliminate re-work $ Management insights $ Reduce IT costs $ Flexibility Automate workflows  Photo documentation solution for any field industry
  25. 25. Customers increase productivity, save time and reduce costs with FotoIN 25
  26. 26. FotoIN automates the workflow and makes visuals actionable 26