October 29, 2009 Coalition Meeting


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  • WecomeWhy Are you here?Mayvbe a family member
  • WelcomeWhy are you here?The FORWARD Staff40 years in the making/it will take a village or in our case a county..........One person one step every day-refer to charge
  • Set the tone...30,000 foot level:Obesity means an excess amount of body fatNo general agreement exists on the definition of obesity in children as it does for adultsMost professionals use published guidelines based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) to measure obesity-do you know your BMI?BMI is measured by multiplying the individual’s weight in pounds by 703 and then dividing that number by the individual’s height in inches squaredObesity in children is defined as a body weight at least 20% higher than a healthy weight for a child of that height, or a body fat percentage above 25% in boys or above 32% in girls
  • Refer to data snap shot
  • Refer to the Body clingCost of obesity on Health Care is attributed to $147,000,000Poor work and school performance-including social and emotional impactsWhat can we do?
  • How?
  • Organize a countyResources, staff, focus-advisory board of expertsLow hanging fruit/early winsEngage othersWork together/coordiante/measure/succeesBut it is so big????How will we succeed?Complex issueCosts and stakes are highWhat is your role??
  • Ann to start hereDuPage has a rich history-Access DuPage/Positive ParentingDuPage is rich with diversity, resources and passionDuPage is not very different form ¾ of the other counties across the USDuPage can be a model of success through our creativity, coordination, leadership and passion
  • Paul Zientarski what are you doing?
  • Sally sampson, what are you doing?
  • , what are you doing?
  • For FORWARD this means:
  • Packets of informationWebsite with postings form today’s meetingBe a voice Be an example-Start moving and eating better
  • Give “case” for data collection in DuPage: need a baseline to understand scope and track progress, predictor of chronic disease impact and health care costs as these children become adults, this information will help us know gaps and needs of the communityWe will share the data snapshot as an initial look at the sources we have today for obesity and overweight status of children in DuPageBy the Spring of 2010 we hope to have additional sources and the measurement that FORWARD will undertakeWill work with schools and other agencies serving children for accurate, reliable data-Measurement must be done with sensitivityA database is needed and we are hoping to work with the Fittrac system which is a local database being used by PE classes in DuPage schools already
  • -The snapshot contains the of the sources known to us and available at this time. Briefly explain Caveats:-The sources and methods of collection are not uniform- this is why we are considering these SNAPSHOTS or peeks into the situation locally-Some sources are from self- report – those surveyed are asked if they consider themselves to be under, healthy, overweight or obese-Some sources are from BMI (explain BMI=height/weight measurement for age and gender comparison) -BMI although not the perfect measurement is one of the more widely-used and accepted measurements. Best when combined with other indicators.-Give definition of obese and overweight for children-Share our snapshot number highlights-Compared to National and IL info we are about the same- (Kara) We need more uniform and widespread data collection; this will be our future work-ask for committee participation and support, other data
  • Our standard operating model includes the following activities:Deploy national and local experts to help school districts and schools develop an action plan for healthConduct a community readiness assessmentUtilize an assessment of school needs for health, nutrition and physical activityProvide training to school staff, students and parents to implement the action planDeliver materials, programs and community support Evaluate and promote successOur InfrastructureAFHK has a national staff of 14 full time staff with expertise in the field of nutrition, physical activity and social justice AFHK has a highly collaborative partnership network of 65 national organizationsAFHK has a national volunteer network of over 11,500 professionals advancing solutions to the issue
  • -FORWARD is an inclusive coalition and our strength comes from the diversity, experience and knowledge of our partnersOur efforts must be coordinated and organized to make an impact-Join the efforts of the Resource and Partnership Committee including Developing special areas of partnership- parent and student advisory groups, corporate councilDesigning methods of supporting and recognizing partnersCreating connection between partners and sharing information, resources and best practices-identifying barriers and missing resources
  • Website and inventory as important tools for communication and sharing information and connecting partnersThe inventory will be a “one stop shop” for sharing resources and programs with the community related to health. Wellness, nutrition and PA-this is being done in partnership with Positive Parenting DuPage and their extensive experience and work in cataloging and maintaining resources-will continue to be developed and adding resources
  • -We ask that each of you start today by pledging to be a FORWARD Partner-Brief description of purpose of the FORWARD pledge and window cling for partners to proudly display
  • Tammy to offer contentTalking Points:1.    Thank you all for coming this morning2.    Wow! What an exciting and meaningful morning3.    As you learned, The FORWARD Initiative is an means  to organize, validate and lead this meaningful work to create better healthier lives for ourselves and our children4.    We hope that you will take advantage of this effort and lend us your skills and resources 95.    We will need all of you to help on this journey6.    Today, through you presence, we have had a great start!7.    And as you depart here ---as parents, teachers, health care providers, business owners, aunts/uncles and leaders in our families and communities FORWARD asks that you make this a priority 8.    Today, we ask each of you to start with one healthy change, place it in the jar on your way out9.    And be an example for your children, colleagues, friends and neighbors10. To think just a year ago this was an idea and today we have come together to pledge to Reverse the Trend11. It will not happen overnight, it took over 40years to get here.....12. But Together We Will 13. I am inviting you all now to join me now for a walk outside as we start today together to make DuPage County a healthier place to live, work, learn and play...14. ......moving FORWARD 
  • October 29, 2009 Coalition Meeting

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    6. 6. Mahatma Gandhi
    7. 7. Average composite of 20 students brains taking the same test Brain after sitting quietly Brain after 20 minute walk Research/scan compliments of Dr. Chuck Hillman University of Illinois
    8. 8. ••••
    9. 9. ProActive Kids ProgramA free intensive six-month, after-school program for kids ages 8 -14. Centered in DuPage County,PAK was developed with a respected group of health care, education, nutritional and athleticleaders that have come together to create a child-centered, life-changing program. Physical Fitness Nutrition Advice and Education Individual Counseling/Education Family Discussion/Education Intro to Options—Learning New Activities Lead by Example—Student Mentoring Graduation/Celebration Stick with it = HEALTHY KIDS www.proactivekids.org (630) 681-1558
    10. 10. •••••••
    11. 11. Partnerships Education Children with Leadership and and Uniform Data and Healthy and Connections Messages Knowledge Lifestyles andCoordination Weight Range
    12. 12. www.forwarddupage.org 630-682-7979 ext 7037
    13. 13. • Understand the prevalence of childhood obesity and overweight in DuPage: an important measure of health• The Data Snapshot being shared today• A Full Profile for Spring 2010• Establish a method of collection from information on existing school physicals (K, 6th and 9th)• Conduct measurement for 3rd graders in DuPage County Schools
    14. 14. •• – – – – –•• – –
    15. 15. Childhood Obesity in Community Practice David Dungan MD FACP FAAP DuPage Medical Group
    16. 16. 3 ½ yr old Filipino Male• Age 2: weight is 40%, BMI at 45%• Age 3 ½ : weight is 99%, BMI at 99%So what happened?Adiposity rebound, related to Western diet.
    17. 17. 13 year old Caucasian male• Initial BMI of 33.48• Places him obese range for adult• Poor diet, loves to snack at corner store after school• Plays a sport but very little aerobic activity in that sport• Very few family meals together at home
    18. 18. • Growth chart
    19. 19. 17 ½ year old Hispanic male• Severe morbid obesity with BMI of 46.7• Already has obesity related complications of hypertension, diabetes, and mixed hyperlipidemia…that is adult disease as a teen• Very high risk for coronary artery disease and other vascular complications before age 30 without any changes• Will have much shorter life expectancy and high cost of care due to medical complications
    20. 20. Date Age Weight BMI BP11/13/04 16 301 lb 43.7 140/922/11/06 18 315 lb 44.92/27/06 302 lb 43 134/903/27/06 295 lb 42.15/1/06 287 lb 40.98/1/06 18.5 288 lb 40.9 120/829/11/07 19 320 lb 45.6 140/928/20/08 20 328 lb 46.7 144/94
    21. 21. DMG Employee Wellness• Pilot Program of 20 participants• Multidisciplinary: MD, RN, RD, APN, PhD• Focus on fitness, food choices, stress management, barriers to success• Education on physiology, process, mindfulness, impulse control• Community teaching for food shopping, label reading, restaurant orders, recipes, food preparation, etc• Group discussions, support, and personal growth
    22. 22. Action for Healthy Kids FORWARD Coalition Meeting Rob Bisceglie Executive Director
    23. 23. About Action for Healthy KidsAction for Healthy Kids helps school districts and schools, especiallythose in underserved communities:• Improve the quality of school foods;• Enhance nutrition education;• Improve and increase physical education; and• Increase physical activity for kids.In doing so, we combat childhood obesity while fostering sound nutritionand good physical activity in children, youth, and schools.
    24. 24. Building a Nationwide Movement> 11,800Volunteers in 51Teams 65 National Successful Programs Partner Organizations across the U.S.
    25. 25. Action for Healthy Kids Model Last year, AFHK reached 1,052 school districts, 8,000 schools and 3.7 million kids.39
    26. 26. Why School Prevention? Strong School Wellness Committees and Initiatives 21st Century Learning Proper Student Nutrition and Community/ & Physical Activity Continuous School Economic Prosperity Improvement Healthy Students Student Achievement
    27. 27. Progress or Promises? Do schools have effective wellness policies encouraging daily physical activity? Yes. Physical Education Teachers 35% School Health Professionals 45%Community Health Professionals 17% Superintendents 68% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
    28. 28. Progress or Promises? Do schools have effective wellness policies encouraging proper nutrition? Yes. School Nutrition/Food Service 53% School Health Professionals 50%Community Health Professionals 21% Superintendents 72% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
    29. 29. Who Must Be Engaged with School Prevention? Campaigning for School Wellness by Building School Family-School- Stakeholders Community Partnerships Parents Students Community Stakeholders
    30. 30. Strategies for Parents/Students• Austin pilot funded in part by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Parents CATCH On To School Wellness will recruit and train parents to be key players in the comprehensive school health model• Funded for expansion by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Students Taking Charge introduces youth leaders to the power of advocacy and empower them as effective change agents in school communities
    31. 31. Student/Parent Expansion Seattle Boston New York Philadelphia Chicago Washington, DC Los Angeles Atlanta Austin45
    32. 32. ReCharge! Energizing After-school Healthy Snacking Guide Home Field Advantage family outreach toolsWilson® NFLyouthfootballs Energy In – Energy Out Trackers 200 life-sized food modelsInstructor’s Energy In-Energy OutNotebook with 15 Student Playbook Coach’s Posteractivities Clipboard Online: 11 additional activities, blogs, evaluation tools, success stories, tips for implementation, and much, much more!
    33. 33. Creating a Movement in DuPage If you haven’t already done so, please support the FORWARD coalition and join the IL Action for Healthy Kids Team atwww.actionforhealthykids.org Thanks for allowing me to share some thoughts with you. If you have some to share with me, and we run out of time today, here is my contact information:Office: 847-329-1838; Cell: 224-422-9675E-mail: rob@actionforhealthykids.org
    34. 34. • Importance of Partnership with FORWARD• Developing special partnerships – Student and Parent Advisory Groups – Corporate Council
    35. 35. (FORWARD Website and Inventory screenshot)
    36. 36. ••••
    37. 37. -Participate in the Public Launch in the Spring-Become a FORWARD PartnerServe on a Committee-Participate in the ARRA Funding--CDC: Communities Putting Prevention to Work– DuPage County/FORWARD Grant Application (Visit the CDC Table for more information)