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AGS Members' Day 2015 - Website Presentation


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AGS Members' Day 2015
Forum Court Association presentation on the new AGS website

Published in: Engineering
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AGS Members' Day 2015 - Website Presentation

  1. 1. Introducing the new AGS website Ciaran Jennings Forum Court
  2. 2. Why the site had to change… • An aging site - created over a decade ago, is expensive to change and update • A changed world - we use technology in very different ways to before – smartphones, social media, hungry for content • Relevance – the AGS needs to present itself differently in order to communicate its relevance • Value for Members – deliver more benefit, visibility of our work and make it shareable
  3. 3. Key priorities • Provide more benefit to members • Attract new members • Communicate the value of the AGS • Widen and strengthen the AGS’ influence (social media sharing) • Enable visitors to find member companies • Provide an income via the sale of events and publications
  4. 4. Next steps 1. All Members will be sent a log-in to administer their directory entries • Name and fame their practitioners • Flesh out the information available to potential clients • Log-in will allow free access to AGS publications 2. Working Groups and AGS members will be encouraged to write content • Creating articles and opinions that can be put on the site • Shared on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc) • Also, share information from other organisations • Drive visitors and traffic to the site