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Media management 2016

A System Manual showing Fortune Affiliates how to pull media items from Marketing Tools.

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Media management 2016

  1. 1. MEDIA MANAGEMENTNovember 2016
  2. 2. HOWTO PULL MEDIA: 1. Log into your account 2. Click Marketing tools on the menu
  3. 3. MEDIA MANAGEMENT  MediaTypes are all within one easy to navigate accordion just click the type you want to view:  Exclusive Media (will only display if you have exclusive media)  Image Banners  Flash banners  Direct Downloads  Text links
  4. 4. MEDIATYPES  Exclusive Media  Media that you have had designed exclusively for your use only  Image banners  Can be .gif, .jpg or .png banners with your unique tag coded into it  Flash  Rich media banners with your tag  Direct Download  Link that clicks straight through to downloading the casino with your tag  Text link  Text that will click through to the casino with your tag
  5. 5. FILTER OPTIONS  You can now filter your media search by:  Product  You will find marketing material under “Casino”.  Language  Choose from multiple languages available. Each brand is supported in certain languages only.  Brand  Select one or multiple of our casino brands.  Country  For example Australian or Canadian Dollar specific banners.  Dimension  If you are looking for a specific size banner  Keyword search  If the filters don’t meet your needs try the keyword search
  6. 6. MEDIAVIEW • As you hover over media items with your mouse, the media item will pop out and display in a bigger frame.When you mouse over the banner you can view the entire media item as seen below.
  7. 7. PULLING MEDIA  Use the filter to narrow your media search  Once you have found the creative item you wish to use, click the Get Media button directly under the creative item
  8. 8. PULLING MEDIA  From here you can select existing traffic sources (Please see the Tag, track and traffic sources manual for more information) • From here create new traffic sources • You can also edit existing traffic source names
  9. 9. JAVASCRIPT, HTML OR LINK ONLY  When pulling media you can either select the Javascript code, HTML code, or the HTML Link Only.  If you select the HTML code you have the option to style it where Javascript is more set.  Link Only contains only the link to the casino with your tag, without the image source part of the HTML.You can use this as aText Link.
  10. 10. QUESTIONS? Contact your Account Manager or email Support at