Aerogel Insulation Campaign for India


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A volunteer campaign in India to insulate home and fight climate change. A project of Green Earth Aerogel Technologies (a non-profit organization based in Spain)

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  • Aerogel is a WONDER MATERIAL in the 21st Centuary. No health hazard and No Toxic. Save India and Save Indian from such HOT Weather.
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Aerogel Insulation Campaign for India

  1. 1. Saving lives in India & Fighting climate change with
  2. 2. 2015 Heat wave India Over 2,500 people died during the heat wave
  3. 3. Existing solutions are not enough
  4. 4. Temperature under the shade is still hot
  5. 5. India needs a better solution that is: ● Low cost / economical ● Quick and Easy to implement ● Long lasting with durability ● Ecological/ environmentally safe ● Immediately available
  6. 6. Aerogels can help with home insulation
  7. 7. Aerogels can be paint additives ● Paint becomes an insulating material for homes ● Aerogel paint insulation is easy to implement ● Aerogel paint insulation is long lasting ● Aerogel paint insulation is environmentally safe ● Aerogel paint insulation can be fire resistant ● Aerogel paint insulation can reduce temperature
  8. 8. We need ● Volunteers to implement aerogel insulation to homes ● Participants who wish to insulate their homes ● You to share our story and goal to save lives ● India to reduce energy usage to save the planet
  9. 9. Green Earth Aerogel Technologies Calle Josep Pla 2 Torres Diagonal Litoral B3/1 08019 Barcelona, España Web: Email: Tel: +34932204288 Cel: +34605456485 Contact us to participate or volunteer