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Air filter change north pekin il


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Air filter change north pekin il

  1. 1. TOYUI‘A OF PEKIN Sales: (888) 492-1873 9.‘! ‘)8 J’ How Clean Is Your Air? Cabin Air Filter For The Air You Breathe Filters Should Be Replaced Every 15.000 Miles. - Helps capture circulating dust and other unwanted air particles. ° Great for those sensitive to dust, po| len and other allergens. - Provides a more comfortable breathing environment within your vehicle. $ 500 OFF 7|. 3 YA! AND NAZAlDOU$ WAS? ! Dl$PO$At FIE PL SE PRESENT COUPON WHEN 0ilOER l8 WRITTEN COUPON CIPIRES Hi3()‘201{l
  2. 2. TOYOTA OF PEKIN Sales: (8888) 492-1873 9 . =- Complimentary Alignment Check We will give you a computer printout from our Hunter side slip machine. Toy u . '.1 3 mt , ‘., ' P SE PRESENT COUPON VVHEN ORDER IS WRITYEN C POM EIPIRES Hv. il. l"4'()l()
  3. 3. TOYOTA OF PEKIN Sales: (888) 492-1873 Service includes: Quick and accurate diagnostic battery test Results provided within minutes + Performed conveniently while your vehicle IS in for service . Computer-generated printout
  4. 4. TOYOTA OF PEKIN Sales: (888) 492-1873 t'>(i. '-‘B J’ Variable Discount Coupon With this coupon you may receive a discount on service or parts depending on the dollar value of the purchase. 5 5 DISCOUNT on purchase from S 35 - S 49.99 810 DISCOUNT on purchase from S 50 - 5 99.99 S15 DISCOUNT on purchase from $100 - $199.99 $25 DISCOUNT on purchase from $200 - Up Nor v. i.'-sj mrri any C»'1f‘C" ci: -i, -part. .73»-o. -tisoo spvscu-'5 cu m-. ~-. r.- s. 'i. ;~p rig-r-tius Yr, -.; i.zis 0v"'y VLUS tmr AND NAZAIDOUS WASH DKSPOSAL HE PLEASE PR ENT COUPON WHEN ORDER ts WEITTEN COUPON £1 £3 nima-oio
  5. 5. TOYOTA OF PEKIN Sales: (888) 492-1873 1 Factory recommended every 5,000 miles 9 Service includes: T Up to live quarts of conventional oil Rotate tires + Set proper tire pressure Genuine Toyota oil filter Tire-tread inspection + Multi-point inspection $4995 V-8 models additional See your Toyota scheduled maintenance guide for additional mileage—specific recommendations. TOYOTA REQUIRES OW-20 SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL FOR SOME 20iO MODELS AT YOIXD MILE INTERVALS. TOYOTA SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL SUGHTLY HIGHER. SEE A TOYOTA DEALER ASSOCIA TE FOR DETAILS.
  6. 6. TOYOTA OF PEKIN Sales: (8888) 492-1873 Che_ap-To-Keep Service Package Service includes: 0 Oil and Filter change ASK Us 0 Balance and rotate tires FOR DETAILS! 0 4-wheel alignment ALL Fan $1 2 495 VLUS TAX AND NAZAIOOUS WASTE DGPOSAL Flt UP TO 501’ OT A Olk SYNTHETDC E71 TPA EKCLUDES SDCMS COUPON E I ! i3ll‘? D1D
  7. 7. TOYOTA OF PEKIN Sales: (888) 492-1873 GENUINE TOYOTA Wiper Blades/ Refills Discount Present this coupon and receive a discount on GENUINE TOYOTA factory installed wiper blades/ refills. 0 Top-grade materials for long lite 0 Built for your Toyota Tar-.3-5.1:: c. 'ii“, ' $ 0 0 F'. ‘n.1r. rv ; :.'o. '.n. 'it COiJ‘r“. ‘.‘. "i at tinw C. ’ iwsln I. ','. ‘ F P TA! AND NAZAIOOUS WASTI DISPOSAL Fl‘ II PL SE ESENT COUPON WHEN ORDER IS WRITTEN COUPON HIES 1!i, IL1‘? I)1D