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Heart Transplants India


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Fortis Heart Failure Centre has been tirelessly striving to bring better heart care to the country. Along with performing path-breaking surgeries, our team of experts at Fortis Heart Failure Centre has also been constantly introducing world-class heart management methods to India.

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Heart Transplants India

  1. 1. You may be at Risk for Heart Disease But Don't Know it
  2. 2. Heart Transplantation is a surgical transplant process done in patients by replacing their damaged heart with a healthy heart. Heart Transplantation can be done is two ways, Orthotopic & Heterotopic procedure. Transplantation procedure needs a donor to donate a working and healthy heart. The donor heart should be close enough in matching with patient's tissues, otherwise the patient's body may reject the new heart. Heart Transplantation
  3. 3. good candidate for Heart Transplantation Life threatening & abnormal heart beating which doesn't respond to medications. Severe angina Severe defects in the heart, which cannot be treated with surgeries and medications If the patient have severe coronary heart disease. End Stage of Heart Failure – when medications, other treatments is no longer affect the patient
  4. 4. Patients who are not eligible for heart transplantation ● The patient is over aged ie. above 55. ● Have infections like active hepatitis. ● Having insulin dependent diabetes. ● Having kidney, lungs, liver or nerve diseases. ● The patient is malnourished means the patient doesnt have proper health to undergo a surgery.
  5. 5. Orthotopic Heart Transplantation The patient's heart is removed and the new donor heart is fixed. This is done if the patient's heart is so weak and the donor heart is healthy to handle the patient's functions
  6. 6. Heterotopic Heart Transplantation Without removing the patient's heart, the donor heart will be attached and this is effectively called as “Double Heart”. To give a chance to recover the patient's heart. The patient's heart will get support from the donor heart to function normally
  7. 7. Fortis Heart Failure Centre Chennai have done the first successful in June 2010, till now 75 transplants have been done successfully. Also Fortis is first to do HVAD implant surgery, and several other surgeries heart transplantation
  8. 8. For More Details Visit Now : Mail us: