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Protecting Today's Financial Services Industry in a Digital Environment


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Consumers around the world across a variety of industries are adopting digital technologies to improve their daily lives, and they expect organizations to support this behavior. In the financial services sector, they’re using technologies like digital banking and insurance apps for tasks that used to be completed offline.

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Protecting Today's Financial Services Industry in a Digital Environment

  1. 1. PROTECTING TODAY’S FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY IN A DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT THE GROWTH OF THE CLOUD, IoT, MOBILITY, AND BIG DATA ANALYTICS More than TOP THREE REASONS FOR ADOPTING CLOUD COMPUTING Average IoT per-company spending in financial services expected to grow of IoT budgets will count for monitoring financial products & services The Sectors Most Likely to Adopt Enterprise Mobility in 2016 cited SECURITY as the top driver of spending in 2016 WHAT’S AT RISK? When financial organizations turn to the cloud and IoT, the attack surface is widened and information could be made available to cybercriminals. A "dump track" with a high balance can go for between Companies lose an estimated 3% OF THEIR MARKET VALUE over time due to data breaches FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY BREACH TRENDS PREVENTING BREACHES WITH CYBERSECURITY faced AT LEAST ONE CYBERSECURITY ATTACK in 2016 Financial sector systems were COMPROMISED IN MINUTES OR LESS in 98% OF CASES in 2016 DDoS attacks accounted for 34% OF INCIDENTS 15% OF INCIDENTS REMAINED UNDISCOVERED for months or more The U.S. financial institution’s CYBERSECURITY MARKET is predicted to grow to $68 BILLIONby 2020 Financial services organizations are looking to network security providers to provide: Fortinet solutions are ideally suited for financial institutions, with high-performance, top-rated security backed by the latest threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs. We consistently earn top scores in independent tests and are recommended by NSS Labs. Flexible deployment options: hardware, virtual, and cloud, coupled with a large range of models, will fit your unique environment. Visit to learn more about protecting your financial services organization from today’s cybercriminals. 81%OF BANKING CEOs are worried about speed of technological change 60% of financial institutions are developing a CLOUD STRATEGY Flexible infrastructure capacity Reduction in TCO Reduced time for provisioning $153.5 MILLION by 2018 Up from $117.4 million in 2015 29% By 2020 Telecommunications 40% Financial Services 36% 82% of CIOs Social Security Numbers Employment Information Addresses Account Balances Payment History Credit History Account Information $110 and $1190 on the “Dark Web” 66% Web App attacks made up 48% of all FINANCIAL SECTOR SECURITY INCIDENTS in 2016 FLEXIBILITY CONTROL CONSOLIDATION AUTOMATION of Financial Organizations