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Infographic: Rethinking Cyber Security.pdf


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Three-quarters of IT professionals are afraid their organization will be the victim of a cyber-attack, indicating a big lack of confidence in existing security deployments. Access this infographic and learn the trends driving security uncertainty and how to protect against the threats enabled by these trends.

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Infographic: Rethinking Cyber Security.pdf

  1. 1. $ CYBERCRIME IS ON TRACK TO COST $6TRILLION IN LESS THAN 5 YEARS ACCORDING TO CYBERSECURITY VENTURES Citations: 1. “Cybersecurity Market Report,” Cybersecurity Ventures, December 2016. 2. “The State of Cybersecurity: Implications for 2016,” ISACA and RSA, February 2016. 3. “Path to Cyber Resilience: Sense, Resist, React,” 19th Global Information Security Survey, EY, December 2016. 17. Louis Columbus, “Roundup of Internet of Things Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2016,”, November 27, 2016. 24. Minal Khatri, “Ransomware Statistics – Growth of Ransomware in 2016,” Systweak, August 25, 2016. 26. “Non-Malware Attacks and Ransomware Take Center Stage in 2016,” Carbon Black Threat Report, 2016. Read Rethinking Your Approach to Cybersecurity for more information. IT PROFESSIONALS ARE NOT CONFIDENT IN THEIR SECURITY A NEW SECURITY FABRIC APPROACH SOLVES THESE CHALLENGES BY: TOP SECURITY CHALLENGES CAN HIDE: THE AMOUNT OF REPORTED RASOMWARE INCREASED FROM $24 MILLION TO $850 MILLION 57% OF ALL NETWORK TRAFFIC IS SSL-ENCRYPTED. RANSOMWARE GETS YOU VIA: SSL ENCRYPTION 28% Email Attachments Decrypting and inspecting SSL traffic to catch hidden threats Covering all delivery channels and automating threat response to stop ransomware Providing end-to-end protection that covers all attack surfaces including IoT 24% Website Attachments FEAR ATTACKS IN THE COMING YEAR 75% DON’T THINK THEIR SECURITY MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR BUSINESSES 86% DON’T THINK THEY CAN IDENTIFY MALICIOUS ACTIVITY IN THEIR NETWORKS 50% INTERNET OF THINGS TOP RISKS INCLUDE: Inherently unsecure devices Loss of availability/ connectivity Unsecure Communications Malware C & C Communications Stolen Data 17% Other 31% Email Links THE IOT MARKET WILL DOUBLE TO ACCORDING TO IHS 30.7 BILLION DEVICES BY 2020, 1 2 23 17 24 26