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Infographic: Mapping Ransomware Landscape.pdf


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The threat of ransomware is more than a headline and according to a survey more than 63% of businesses were threatened with downtime, and $850M in ransom was paid in 2016. Download the infographic which outlines how ransomware infiltrates organizations, what forms it takes, and how you can combat it.

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Infographic: Mapping Ransomware Landscape.pdf

  1. 1. MAPPING THE RANSOMWARE LANDSCAPE Citations: 1. Minal Khatri, “Ransomware Statistics – Growth of Ransomware in 2016,” Systweak, August 25, 2016. 2. “State of the Channel Ransomware Report 2016,” Datto, 2016. 3. Angela Moscaritolo, “Ransomware Hit 40 Percent of Businesses in the Last Year,” PC Magazine, August 3, 2016. 4. Vincent Weafer, “Franchising Ransomware,”, July 1, 2015. 5. “2016 Q3 Malware Review,” PhishMe, October 2016. 6. “Non-Malware Attacks and Ransomware Take Center Stage in 2016,” Carbon Black Threat Report, 2016. 7. Ibid. Read Mapping the Ransomware Landscape for more information. THE UGLY TRUTH OF RANSOMWARE IN 2016 RANSOMWARE: IT’S EASY TO LAUNCH RANSOMWARE WITH: BUT IT’S HARD TO STOP: EMERGE VICTORIOUS BY IMPLEMENTING: THE MAJORITY OF INFECTIONS ENTERED THROUGH ONE VECTOR: GREW IN MAGNITUDE INFECTED DEVICES EACH MONTH 30to50K TOOK IN RANSOM PAYMENTS $850m CAUSED BUSINESS-THREATENING DOWNTIME IN OF COMPANIES 63% MADE OF ORGANIZATIONS LOSE MONEY 34% OF PHISHING EMAILS DELIVER RANSOMWARE 97% EMAIL WEBSITE ATTACHMENTS UNKNOWN SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS APPS OFF-THE-SHELF RANSOMWARE RANSOMWARE AS-A-SERVICE RANSOMWARE AFFILIATE PROGRAMS RANSOMWARE CONSTANTLY EVOLVES VARIANTS GREW TENFOLD IN 2016 IT PROLIFERATES ACROSS THE NETWORK IT SPREADS 63% OF THE TIME Shared intelligence for fast response Segmentation to stop the spread of malware inside your network A sandbox to catch new and evolving ransomware Layered security that covers all attack vectors 5 2 3 1 5 4 7 6