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Infographic: E-Rate's Role in Protecting The Digital K-12 Learning Environment


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Today’s K-12 learning environment has moved beyond the physical walls of the classroom thanks to behavioral shifts and digital connectivity. However, robust and speedy network services that are designed to keep student and faculty data secure come with a price tag. The cost of ongoing connectivity and keeping networks secure is a constant barrier for most school districts, but thankfully, the E-rate program gives them an opportunity to do just that.

Take a look at the graphic below to see how the classroom environment has evolved, the threats that are being faced, and how Fortinet’s E-rate solutions can assist.

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Infographic: E-Rate's Role in Protecting The Digital K-12 Learning Environment

  1. 1. Visit to learn more about protecting your education organization from today’s threats. What Happens When There Is an INTERRUPTION to the DIGITAL CURRICULUM and DOWNTIME IN THE CLASSROOM? 3OUT OF 4teachers believe that digital learning content will TOTALLY REPLACE PRINTED TEXTBOOKS within the next 10 years EXPANDING THE CLASSROOM E-RATE’S ROLE IN PROTECTING THE DIGITAL K-12 LEARNING ENVIRONMENT K-12 DATA BREACH TRENDS NETWORK SECURITY POSITIVES SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS have access to a computing device for a GOOD PORTION or the FULL SCHOOL DAY 78%OF STUDENTS IN THE U.S. SECURITY & TECH ADOPTION FORTINET UNDERSTANDS AND APPRECIATES the unique challenges educators face in delivering engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning opportunities to students while maintaining a high level of network security to protect data and meet compliance standards like HIPAA, CIPA, and FERPA. more than 50%say that DESKTOPS, LAPTOPS, AND TABLETS are each used AT LEAST ONCE DAILY 1in 10education organizations had been hit with MALWARE ON THEIR NETWORKS IN 2016 CYBER ESPIONAGE was present in 26%of education breaches IN 2016 CYBER ESPIONAGE HITS THE FOLLOWING AREAS THE HARDEST: MANUFACTURING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES EDUCATION INTERNET ACCESS IS LOST SENSITIVE STUDENT AND FACULTY DATA IS LEAKED COMPLIANCE STANDARDS (HIPAA, CIPA, AND FERPA) ARE NOT MET 4OUT OF 10 2017 TEACHERS say their school is “BEHIND THE CURVE” when it comes to TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION and IMPLEMENTATION. SPENDING on hardware, networks, and major system software will see an INCREASE IN $16.2B RISING TO PROTECT PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII) REDUCE TIME AND MONEY SPENT ON IT RESOURCES LIMIT DOWNTIME BLOCK NETWORK INTRUSIONS $4B School districts will have access to APPROXIMATELY in fiscal year 2017 for CONNECTIVITY UPGRADES ADDRESSING CONNECTIVITY CHALLENGES WITH E-RATE FORTINET offers many products and services in the UNITED STATES that are eligible under the FCC’S E-RATE PROGRAM FORTINET’S E-RATE ELIGIBLE SOLUTIONS: Caching Switching Firewalls Access Points Wireless Controller Systems 87%of E-RATE APPLICANTS say FUNDING VITAL to connectivity goals