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July 2014 clif notes

  1. 1. July 2014 CLIF Notes 1 CLIF NOTES FOR THE FORT DRUM COMMUNITY July 2014 1. ARMY CAREER & ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) 2. ARMY CONTINUING EDUCATION SYSTEM (ACES) 3. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS) 4. BETTER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SINGLE SOLDIERS (BOSS) 5. CHAPEL 6. COMMISSARY 7. CYSS 8. CYSS SCHOOL LIAISON SERVICES (SLS) 9. CYSS SKIES 10. CYSS SPORTS 11. CYSS YOUTH CENTER 12. DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (DES) 13. EXCHANGE 14. FAMILY AND MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION 15. FISH & WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 16. FORT DRUM MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES (MCH) 17. FORT DRUM THRIFT SHOP 18. HOUSING 19. INTRAMURAL SPORTS PROGRAM 20. MAGRATH SPORTS COMPLEX 21. McEWEN LIBRARY 22. MEDDAC 23. MONTI PHYSICAL FITNESS FACILITY 24. NORTH COUNTRY SPOUSES CLUB 25. PARKS AND RECREATION 26. SAFETY 27. USO - FORT DRUM 28. VETERINARY SERVICES 1. ARMY CAREER & ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) LORRIE GULER, 315-772-3284  ACAP SEMINARS: Call the ACAP Center at 772-3434/3286 to reserve a seat in seminars. The following seminars are scheduled: o Boots 2 Business – 4-5 Aug, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm o Advanced Resume – 25 Aug, 8:00 am - 10:00 am o Federal Resume – 25 Aug, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm o Advanced Interview – 25 Aug, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm o Technical Track- 6-7, 19-20 Aug, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm o Education Track – 4-5, 6-7, 11-12, 13-14, 18-19, 20-21, 25-26, 27-28 Aug 9:00 am – 4:30 pm o Career Fair- 14 August 10:00 am-2:00 pm at Magrath Gym NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: lorrie.s.guler.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.acap.army.mil Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrumACAP 2. ARMY CONTINUING EDUCATION SYSTEM (ACES) MARY ANNE VAUGHN, 315-772-0343  ARMY EDUCATION FAIR: will be held 7 August, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Education Center, 4300 Camp Hale Road. Over 30 colleges will be on hand to provide information on certificates, associate, bachelor and master degree programs. This is open to all Soldiers, Spouses, Family Members, Veterans and DoD Civilians. Refreshments will be provided. Come and see what higher education opportunities have to offer you! For information call, 315-772-2011. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.goarmyed.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Army-Education-Center/321867727827654?ref=hl 3. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS) CATHY FERRAN, 315-772-4979  RESILIENCE TRAINING: 12 August, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. ACS. Join us to learn more about your Character Strengths. For more information, call 315-772-0470 or visit http://www.drummwr.com/OperationReady.htm  FAMILY ADVOCACY BOOK CLUB: 20 August, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, ACS. For more information call, 772-5914 or visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Family-Advocacy-Program/135628466505169 Click the above hyperlinks to go directly to Agency Section in CLIF Notes Section in CLIF Notes Table of Contents
  2. 2. July 2014 CLIF Notes 2  INTERNATIONAL SPOUSE SUPPORT GROUP: 22 August, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm. An outing to Carthage for Military Appreciation Day at the Carthage Farmers Market. We will have lunch and a visit to a local business owned by one of our foreign spouses. Come join the fun. Call 772-6902 to sign up.  CAREER FAIR: Customer Service and Administrative Professionals: 28 August, 9:30 am – 11:30 am, Monument Ridge Community Center. For more information call, 315-772-9611 or visit https://www.facebook.com/fortdrumemployment ACS CALENDAR including all August events can be found at: www.drummwr.com/ArmyCommunityService.htm NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com/ArmyCommunityService.htm Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/FortDrumACSOutreach 4. BETTER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SINGLE SOLDIERS (BOSS) MICHELLE RODEN, 315 772-7807  BOSS 5K: 16 August, 9:00 am – The race will be start at Magrath Sports Complex upper parking lot. Open to Active Duty military assigned/attached to Fort Drum, Family members, Retirees, Reservists, and DoD Civilians employed on Fort Drum. Register at the race site starting at 8:30 am the day of the event until the beginning of the race at 9:00 am. Dogs are welcome. Please remember to bring your NYS registration and leash if you bring your four legged friend. Come dressed as your favorite Super Hero!  BOSS MEETING 5 August, 1:00 pm Join us for a free catered meeting while we discuss upcoming BOSS activities at the Nash Blvd. BOSS Center, building T-2190. The BOSS calendar at Fort Drum is always jam-packed with great events and service opportunities for Single Soldiers. Don’t miss out! For those Soldiers assigned as their unit-level BOSS Representative, this meeting is your place of duty. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email Address: michelle.m.roden.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/BOSS.htm Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortdrum.boss 5. CHAPEL CAROL BURKE, 315-772-4451  CATHOLIC KIDZ CAMP: will be held 28 JUL-1 AUG at the newly renovated Main Post Chapel. Please call Janel Roberts at 315-681- 4620 or email ROBERTSJANEL@YAHOO.COM  VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL IS COMING: VBS will be held 18-22 August from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. If you would like to volunteer to help, please call 772-5591. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? On Duty Chaplain 772-5591; After Duty Hours Chaplain 772-5647 Click the hyperlinks Email: carol.a.burke.civ@mail.mil Website: Fort Drum Religious Support 6. COMMISSARY PATTY MUSHTARE, 315-772-6185  FARMER’S MARKET SALE: We will be having a Farmer's Market Sale in August.  BACK TO SCHOOL: The Commissary will be decorated for BACK TO SCHOOL. We will have many items on sale for the lunch pails and backpacks for afternoon school activities.  CASE SALE: The Commissary will be having a September Case Lot Sale. Dates will be announced on our web site www.commissaries.com. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.commissaries.com/stores/html/store.cfm?dodaac=hqcney Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/YourCommissary
  3. 3. July 2014 CLIF Notes 3 7. CHILD YOUTH SCHOOL SERVICES (CYSS) KARIN SIKIRICA 772-9470  CYS SERVICES SUMMER PROGRAMS: SAC and Middle School Camps, Sports Camps, Skies programs, Special Events – find all information in the CYS Services Summer Booklet available at all CYS Services facilities and FMWR window at Clark Hall or online http://www.drummwr.com/ChildandYouthServices.htm NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: http://www.drummwr.com/ChildandYouthServices.htm Click the hyperlinks Email: petra.r.carter.naf@mail.mil 8. CYSS SCHOOL LIAISON SERVICES (SLS) MICHELE CARLTON 772-3214  SCHOOL OPEN HOUSES: Many schools will have open houses this summer in August just before school opens. If not in August in early September. Take advantage and go to your child’s open house. Meet the principal and the teachers and become familiar with the school building.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Look on your schools web site for school supply lists. Many of the local stores print out these lists and have them handy for parents to shop. School supplies can run scarce toward the end of August.  SCHOOL BUS INFORMATION: Many schools do not send out your child’s school bus information until the last days of August. Please look for the bus stop and bus times in this information. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: michele.l.carlton.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: http://www.drummwr.com/SchoolLiaisonOffice.htm 9. CYSS SKIES DEB KENNEDY, 315- 772-6551 • SEWING & HANDCRAFT CLASSES: Learn how to crochet, make stuffed animals and sock puppets, and make things out of plastic canvas. Fees range from $10-$15 per student per program. Classes meet at different times and dates depending on the session. Registration varies – check our summer booklet for detailed information. • ANIMAL MYTHS AND LEGENDS: Tuesdays in August, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm hours at the SKIES Center. Part of the McEwen Library’s Summer Reading Programs – Learn about all kinds of crazy animals and creatures…some known to exist and others we are still looking for! Cost $40.00 per student. Registration deadline 28 July. • SPECIAL SUMMER PROGRAMS: Include Stained Glass programs, Spa Workshops, Preschool Pottery, Art Introduction, Sewing Classes, Cooking Classes, NativeWays and Grossology! SKIES also is helping with the McEwen Library’s Summer Reading Program “Paws To Read!” Check our summer booklet for details, costs, and registration deadlines. Programs for ages 18 months through 18 years of age. Call 772-0629 for information on these programs. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: deborah.l.kennedy14.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/SKIES.html Facebook: www.facebook.com/FortDrumSkies 10. CYSS SPORTS JON BURNARD, 315-772-4102 • FALL SOCCER: registration will end – 15 Aug. Open for ages 4-12. The fee for this program is $20 for 4-5 and $40 for 6-12. The season starts 8 Sept– 22 Oct. • BASKETBALL GRADES 1st-4th : Registration continues until 24 Oct. The fee for this program is $40. Season Starts 3 Nov - 10 Jan 2015. Volunteer coaches are needed for basketball Soccer- sign up at P-10790 Chapel Drive NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: Jonathan.m.burnard.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/YouthSports.htm Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/FORT-DRUM-MOUNTAINEER-CYSS- SPORTS/214490878183
  4. 4. July 2014 CLIF Notes 4 11. CYSS YOUTH CENTER STEVE FERGUSON, 315- 772-6717  YOUTH SPONSORSHIP NIGHT: 1 August, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm New Teens to the community, in grades 6-12, are encouraged to join us for this free event. Meet other teens that are new to the community and trained teen’s sponsors while having a fun filled evening. Prior registration is needed. • INDOOR REBALL: 8 & 22 August, 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm - This open play event will be held at the Youth Center for youth 10-18 years of age. We will provide all the equipment needed. You must attend the player brief at 5:15pm to participate. The cost for this event is $10, and a parent permission slip is required. • WATER SAFARI TRIP: We will be going to Old Forge for some exciting water rides, so hurry and register for this trip. Spaces will fill up fast. Cost: $30, Permission slip required. We will depart the YC at 9:00 am and return by 5:30pm to the YC. The High School trip will be 9 August and Middle School trip on 20 August. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: steven.a.ferguson.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/YouthServices.htm Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-CYSS- YouthProgram/370723860409 12. DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (DES) CHIEF JULIAN, 315-772-4483  EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS: dial 911 from any land-line. That call will go directly to the DES Dispatch Center. If you dial 911 from your cell phone, that call will go directly to the Jefferson County Dispatch Center. Advise the dispatcher you are calling from Fort Drum and they will redirect your call to the DES dispatch center. Current technology does not allow for the separation of cell phone calls on or off the installation. For non-emergency calls for service: Police 772-5156/5157 Fire Prevention/Training 772-3372/4420/4702 Director 772-5721 Police Chief 772-4483 Fire Chief 772-3547/4420 Physical Security Chief - 772-3105  FIRE PROTECTION: NEVER leave your BBQ Grill or recreational fire unattended..  DES BIKE PATROL: DES Bike Patrol is in full swing! This is another tool to report criminal activity. A community Policing Event: On 5 August your Community will be celebrating NATIONAL NIGHT OUT! The DES Bike Patrol will be escorting McGruff the Crime Dog and will also be joined by the NYSP Motorcycle Patrol. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: todd.m.julian.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortdrumfes 13. EXCHANGE THEA SARVER, 315-773-5631 • MAIN STORE: 2 August, 2:00 pm: Back to School Fashion Show; August: Fit for School Program! Let us size you for that perfect shoe for Back to School! 14 August: Stop in and “Meet the Manager”, 20-22 August: Semi-Annual Tire Sale 29 August -1 Sept: Labor Day sale event. Need a new Laptop for back to school, come and see our new line and our professional Power zone associates will assist you. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.shopmyexchange.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/AAFES.BX.PX 14. FAMILY AND MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION HAROLD GREER, 315-772-5685  FORT DRUM RIDES THE RIVER: on 28 August in Clayton, NY. Tickets are $5 per adult ticket and $3 for children between the ages of 6-12. Children 5 years of age and younger can enjoy the day for free with no ticket necessary. Each ticket includes admission to the Antique Boat Museum where visitors can take a self-guided tour of the museum, grounds, and explore the 106-foot Rand McNally
  5. 5. July 2014 CLIF Notes 5 houseboat “La Duchesse”. Children’s activities will be available featuring crafts, Family photos, and more. Ticket holders can take a boat ride on the St. Lawrence River and enjoy a barbecue picnic lunch at the museum river shed then hitch a ride on the Family and MWR trolley to explore the village of Clayton and its many shops, galleries, museums and restaurants. Bus shuttle transportation to Fort Drum Rides the River will be provided from Magrath Sports Complex. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drummwr.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrumFMWR Email: erin.k.barrett.naf@mail.mil 15. FISH & WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM RAYMOND RAINBOLT, 315-772-9636 • FORT DRUM RECREATION PASSES – Recreational activities including fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, hiking, etc. are allowed with on Fort Drum. Fort Drum access passes are available on-line for free. New York State licenses are also required for hunting, fishing and trapping. See the Fish & Wildlife Management Program’s web site for more information and passes: www.FortDrum.iSportsman.net. • OUTDOOR ADVENTURE DAY – The 2nd Annual Outdoor Adventure Day will be 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday, 23 August near the Natural Resources Permit Office off of NYS Rte. 26 between Great Bend and Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield. This is a free family- oriented event with live demonstrations and hands-on activities related to the outdoors and natural resources. For more information: http://fortdrum.isportsman.net/outdoor-adventure-day NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: Raymond.E.Rainbolt.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.FortDrum.iSportsman.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Fish-Wildlife-Management- Program/1640465892759058 16. FORT DRUM MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES (MCH) MEGAN KLOSNER, 315-955-6810  HOMES AVAILABLE TODAY! : Homes for Junior Enlisted and Junior Non-Commissioned Officers available with little to no wait for newly arriving and newly married Soldiers. Contact the Welcome Home Center today! 315.955.6644.  CHOOSE YOUR SAVINGS! : Two bedroom homes for Junior Non-Commissioned Officers! Move in at the Junior Enlisted Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rate or choose to receive your first month's rent free*. Two bedroom Junior Non-Commissioned Officers can also choose their home from multiple available units. Those interested are encouraged to contact the Welcome Home Center for additional details 315-955-6644. *Offer ending August 31, 2014.  THE TIMBERS: REFER A FRIEND! : Anyone who refers a new Timbers resident will receive a $100 gift card when the resident signs a 12 month lease. Contact the Timbers Leasing Office today! 315.777.8000. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.fortdrummch.com Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortdrummch 17. FORT DRUM THRIFT SHOP MELISSA REXROAD, 315-772-7189 •CLOSED: The Thrift Shop will be closed 19-28 August. • DONATIONS & CONSIGNMENT: We accept DONATIONS 24hrs a Day in our NEW DONATION SHED located by the stores Main entrance (Tax Receipts are available for donations). For more information visit us on Face Book or the Web. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Thrift-Shop/283730534983453 Click the hyperlinks Website: http://thriftshopinc.webs.com Email: thriftshopfd@hotmail.com
  6. 6. July 2014 CLIF Notes 6 18. HOUSING BILL BAMANN, 315-772-7256 • A RENTER’S MARKET: There continues to be an abundance of rental housing available in the off post housing market with many newly constructed rental units becoming available this summer . Check with Fort Drum’s Welcome Home Center at Clark Hall for the latest information on availability of approved adequate rentals. • APPROVED ADEQUATE RENTAL HOUSING: Many rentals advertised in local periodicals and on-line have not been inspected and approved as adequate for military renters. If you do use another source for rental information, be sure to check with the housing office to be sure it’s an approved rental before entering into any agreement. • COMMUNITY HOUSING OFFICE CAN HELP: Never enter into a lease without checking first with the Army Community Housing Office to see if the rental you are contemplating has been inspected by us for basic safety and habitability issues. Always get your lease reviewed by Legal Assistance or the Army Community Housing Office prior to signing to be sure all your rights are safeguarded. The Army Community Housing Office at Clark Hall (Rm A2-54) is always available to assist Soldiers with any off-post housing issue, from finding the right housing to resolving landlord-tenanct disputes. Stop in or call 772-6883/772-9397 to speak to a counselor. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: william.l.bamann@us.army.mil or trudy.d.corbett.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drum.army.mil/PublicWorks/Pages/Housing.aspx 19. INTRAMURAL SPORTS PROGRAM ALLEN JANSSEN, 315-772-6663 • GOLF (2 CPT CREW): Two-person Captain and Crew Golf Tournament will be conducted 23 August, 9:00 am at the Willowbrook Golf Course. Open to all active duty military, Family members 19 years and older, Retirees, reservists, National Guard and DoD Civilians employed on Fort Drum. Sign-ups are due to the Intramural Sports Office, P-10050, NLT COB 22 August Can sign-up day of event at the golf course prior to start of tournament. Cost is $30 for 18 holes of golf, cart and prizes. Please email your team members (rank, name, unit and phone numbers) to diane.m.sykes.civ@mail.mil, or call 772-6663. • 5K RUN: A 5K Run will be conducted on 20 August, 7:00 am on a 3.2 race route starting at Magrath Sports Complex. Open to all active duty military, family members 19 years and older, Retirees, reservists National Guard and DoD Civilians assigned/attached to Fort Drum. Sign-ups are due to the Intramural Sports Office, P-10050, NLT COB 18 August. • BOWLING (SCOTCH DOUBLES): A Scotch Doubles Bowling Tournament will be conducted 16 August, 5:00 pm at the Pine Plains Bowling Center. Open to all active duty military, Family members 19 years and older, Retirees, reservists, National Guard and DoD Civilians employed on Fort Drum. Sign-ups are due to the Intramural Sports Office, P-10050, NLT COB 15 August. Can sign-up day of event prior to start of tournament. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: allen.y.janssen.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Diane.m.sykes.civ@mail.mil 20. MAGRATH SPORTS COMPLEX RANDY GILLETTE, 315-772-9670 • AEROBIC CLASSES: normally held at Monti Physical Fitness Center will be held at Magrath Sports Complex (scheduled posted at both facilities), 7 July – 17 August, while Monti is under renovations. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: randolph.r.gillette.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: http://www.drummwr.com/MagrathSportsComplex.htm 21. McEWEN LIBRARY ALLEN GOUDIE, 315-772-9099 • “ANIMAL FEET” WITH THE THOMPSON PARK ZOO: 2 August, 1:30 pm at the McEwen Library. The zoo will be bringing some of their demonstration animals to the library.
  7. 7. July 2014 CLIF Notes 7 • "RESCUE ME" PROGRAM: 16 August, 1:30 pm. Author Val Silver will be coming to discuss her book “Rescue Me: tales of rescuing the dogs who became our teachers, healers, and always faithful friends.” Ms. Silver will be talking about the book and her experiences with rescued dogs. The program is geared for adults and children 3rd grade and up. • “PAWS TO READ” SUMMER READING CLUB WRAP-UP PARTY: 23 August, 1:30 pm. Open to any child who has completed at least one book log in the library’s summer reading program. There will be crafts, games, and raffle prizes. Please complete all book logs and RSVP by 20 August if you will be coming to the party. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: allen.r.goudie.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/library.htm Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Robert-C-McEwen Library/269047099442 Online Card Catalog: http://mylibraryus.armybiznet.com/search~S24 Blackberry or iPhone Access: www.mylibraryusmobile.fmwr.net/ 22. MEDDAC COL MATTNER, 315-772-4024 • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Want up-to-date information about your MEDDAC? Like us on Facebook to find out all the latest news about what’s going on in our clinics, see event photos, or leave comments and questions. Visit us today at www.facebook.com/pages/US-Army-Medical-Department-Activity-Fort-Drum-NY/291076844239665. • ARMY MEDICINE SECURE MESSAGING SERVICE (AMSMS OR SMS): SMS is secure messaging designed to connect providers and their patients. SMS will coordinate care between the health care team and patients wherever they are, any time of day, allowing them to safely send a message to a doctor or nurse from the comfort and privacy of home. Sign up for these services are available when you check in for your PCM visit. For more information, please contact us at 315-772-2778 or in person at Guthrie and Connor Clinics. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: www.drum.amedd.army.mil Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/US-Army-Medical-Department-Activity-Fort- Drum-NY/291076844239665 23. MONTI PHYSICAL FITNESS FACILITY TERRY BUCKLEY, 315-772-4806 • MONTI PHYSICAL FITNESS CENTER: will be closed for floor refinishing and renovations, 7 July – 17 August, reopening normal hours on 18 August. Aerobic classes normally held at Monti Physical Fitness Center will be held at Magrath Sports Complex (scheduled posted at both facilities) and Atkins Functional Fitness Center will be open expanded hours to accommodate patrons. We apologize for any inconvenience. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: terry.l.buckley.2.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/PhysicalFitnessCenters.htm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monti-Physical-Fitness-Center/175507862493965 24. NORTH COUNTRY SPOUSES’ CLUB (NCSC) KYLEE DURANT, 408-1272 • MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Will be held on 6 August, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Leray Mansion.  EVENT: Back to School Bingo and School Supply Give Away will be held 23 August. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Website: http://northcountryspousesclub.weebly.com/ Click the hyperlinks Emails: NorthCountrySpousesClub@weebly.com NCSCPresident@gmail.com 25. PARKS & RECREATION EUGENE SPENCER, 315-772-6568  ATV SAFETY CLASSES: Outdoor RecreatIon will be offering our ATV Safety Institute Safety Classes every Wednesday. Class will begin at 9:00 am the cost of this class is $5 per person. You must be 18 years old or older to take this class and 18 years old or older to drive Outdoor Recreations ATVs. Click Here for the ATV Safety Class flier.  BOATER SAFETY CLASSES: 7 & 21 August from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. You must successfully complete this class in order to rent Pontoon boats and Fishing boats. Click here for the Boater Safety Class flier.
  8. 8. July 2014 CLIF Notes 8  BOAT TRIPS- will be conducted every Wednesday and Saturday, now through September. Cost for these trips will be $20 per person with a max of 4 persons per trip. Please see our flyer or contact ODR staff at 315-772-8222 for additional information. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: eugene.w.spencer2.naf@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: www.drummwr.com/ParksandRecreation.htm Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum- Recreation/546416075378830?ref=hl 26. SAFETY JOHN DROZD, 315-772-3022  TICK SAFETY: If your Family is playing in grassy or wooded areas, don’t forget to check for ticks. Under the arms, legs, waistline, and navel are some of tick’s favorite spots. They like warm, moist areas!  TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS: Research basic information about your destination. Leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted individual. Make a list of important emergency information. Go over basic safety information rules and procedures in case you were to get lost or ill.  ROAD CONSTRUCTION ZONES: Please remember to practice safe work zone driving. Stay alert and minimize distractions. Keep your headlights on. Pay attention to the road. Merge into the proper lane safely. Do not tailgate, obey speed limit and flaggers. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: john.e.drozd.civ@mail.mil Click the hyperlinks 27. USO - FORT DRUM KAREN CLARK, 315-774-0356 • USO FORT DRUM GETTING A FACE LIFT: Please excuse the mess as we will be getting a mini face lift here at the USO Fort Drum from now through 12 July. During this time, we will be operating out of our Multi-Purpose room with shortened hours 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm M-F, but we will still provide our home away from home goodness. • USO FORT DRUM SPECIAL DELIVERY: The USO has teamed up with best-selling author of the ‘What to Expect’ Series, Heidi Murkoff, and her What to Expect Foundation to support military Families across the globe. The shower aims to provide expectant mothers an opportunity to celebrate their pregnancy, meet and talk with author and celebrity Heidi Murkoff, and have the opportunity to network and connect with other moms-to-be who are far from home/family. The shower will be held on 22 August from 11:00 am – 2:30 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Watertown. For more details please contact Allen Jones, Operations and Programs Manager at ajones@uso.org. NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: kclark@uso.org or usoftdrum@uso.org Click the hyperlinks Facebook: www.facebook.com/USOFortDrum 28. VETERINARY SERVICES CPT DAVID MARQUEZ, 315-772-4262 • HEAT EXHAUSTION ON THE RISE: Pets must acclimate to the rising temperatures during the summertime. Use caution when exercising your pet and provide plenty of water/rest breaks in-between exercise. Signs of overheating include excessive panting, bright red lips, vomiting, and/or lethargy. Call us if you have any questions.  MORE APPOINTMENT AVAILABILITY IN AUGUST: We will be adding another military veterinarian to our team and will have more appointment slots available in August. Call after July 15th to schedule an appointment! NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Email: david.r.marquez@us.army.mil Click the hyperlinks Website: http://www.drum.amedd.army.mil/vets/