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Heroes Homecoming Events

  1. 1. Sanctioned List as of September 23, 2011 Beginning Ending Day Date Date Time # Event DescriptionThursday 3-Nov 13-Nov C28 USO of NC Fayetteville Airport Travel Center (Firm) Renee Lane. Thursday, November 3rd, 7:00am. USO of NC Fayetteville Airport Travel Center USO of NC staff and volunteers will welcome and assist Heroes Homecoming attendees flying into Fayetteville Regional Airport. Ribbon-cutting is 10 am on November 7th. Reservation Required.Thursday 3-Nov 20-Nov 8:00PM D2 Cape Fear Regional Theater presents "Miss Saigon" (Firm) Bo Thorp. Cape Fear Regional Theater Performance of Miss Saigon from November 3rd through November 20th. (No shows on November 7,8,14 &15)Friday 4-Nov 10:00 AM C10 Event Kickoff (Firm) George Breece. Friday, November 4th. NC Veterans Park Ampitheater. Opening Ceremony for Heroes Homecoming event.Friday 4-Nov 9:30 AM C24a The Heroes Crusade: Golf Tournament (Firm) Doc Tinsley. Friday, November 4th. 9:30am. Cypress Lakes Golf Course. Charity golf tournament with shot-gun start. Captains Choice.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 8:00 AM I14 History Displays in Downtown Windows (Firm) Jami McLaughlin. Downtown Alliance. Displays posters in downtown storefronts with key historical events noted. Attendees would be encouraged to go from window to window to read chronological history of the conflict.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM D6 A Tribute to Local Vietnam War Veterans (Firm) Bruce Daws. Fayetteville Area Transportation & Local History Museum. Wall-mounted panels containing profiles of local Fayetteville/Cumberland County War veterans. Supplemented by weapons, uniforms, military gear, etc.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM D8 Voices of the Vietnam War (Firm) David Reid. Museum of the Cape Fear. Display oral histories of Vietnam Veterans.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM D16 JFK Special Warfare Exhibits (Firm) Roxanne Merritt. JFK Special Warfare Museum. Display and Exhibits of Special Forces involvement in the conflict.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM D20 82nd Airborne Museum - The 82nds Golden Brigade, Vietnam (Firm) Jimmie Hallis. 82nd Airborne Museum. Display and Exhibits of 82nd Airborne Division involvement in the conflict.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM D11 Vietnam Photography Project Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. (Firm) Chris Kastner. Cape Fear Studios. Vietnam Veterans will be invited to bring forward photographs, slides and negatives to be developed, copied, preserved, etc. Exhibits to be developed and displayed.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM D23 MARS and Ham Radio - Talking Home From Vietnam (firm) Burt VanderClute. ASOM. Event to take place during entire event. Personnel deployed to Vietnam had the opportunity to send messages (called MARSGrams) or place a phone call ("phone patch") home.Friday 4-Nov 13-Nov 12:00 PM I13 School Curriculum/Project Hometown Heroes (Firm) Frank Till. Superintendent, Cumberland County Schools. Develop curriculum to deliver to school children to educate them on the conflict and the story of our Veterans. Project Hometown Heroes ongoing where CCS high school students interview Veterans on their war experiences. Interviews will be recorded and archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.Friday 4-Nov 5-Nov 8:00 PM D5 "Truth and Consequences" (Firm) Lynn Pryer. Gilbert Theater. November 4th & 5th, 8:00 pm. Play reading a portion of an original script set in Vietnam during the war. Original Vietnam related songs sung by local musicians. Choral and individual readings of war related poetry.Saturday 5-Nov 9:00 AM C24b The Heroes Crusade: Fallen Warrior Rugby Tournament (Firm) Doc Tinsley. Saturday, November 5th. 9:00am-6:00pm. Methodist University Jordan Soccer Complex. Features mens and womens teams, playing in honor of Fallen Ruggers.Saturday 5-Nov 11:00 AM D13 Vietnamese Cultural Event (Firm) Lien Sherman. American-Vietnamese Association. Saturday, November 5th, 11:00 am - 9:00 pm. Grilled Ginger Vietnamese Restaurant Food, dress, cultural entertainment events of native Vietnam. (5052 Yadkin Road, 910-867-2227)Saturday 5-Nov 11:00 AM I10 Native Vietnamese Experiences (Firm) Lien Sherman. Saturday, November 5th, 11:00am - 9:00pm. Grilled Ginger Vietnamese Restaurant Panel discussion to include native Vietnamese imprisoned by Communists; a boat person who found their way to America and now works for DuPont; and a successful local Vietnamese family.Saturday 5-Nov 1:00 PM D1 ASOM Film Festival - Operation Dumbo Drop (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOM. Family friendly movie; suitable for children; sponsored by Fayetteville Observer.Saturday 5-Nov 6:00 PM D1 ASOM Film Festival - The Green Berets (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOM. Speaker: Special Forces Vietnam Veteran who also was in the film and served as an advisor to the actors during filming.Sunday 6-Nov 9:00 AM C24c The Heroes Crusade: Run/Walk/Bike (Firm) Doc Tinsley. Sunday, November 6th. 9:00/10:00 am. Downtown Fayetteville. Medical Arts Building. The Run/Walk/Bike will start and finish at the Medical Arts Building. The 5k will finish as the Vietnam Memorial Wall arrives at the ASOM.Sunday 6-Nov 12-Nov 10:00 AM D22 Call for Photos (Firm) Michael Cain. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. November 6th & 10th-12th, 10 am-6pm. ASOM. VVMF to raise awareness of their attempt to collect photos of all names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.Sunday 6-Nov 14-Nov 3:00 PM C2 ASOM Foundation "Salute to Veterans" (Firm) Paul Galloway. Sunday, November 6th through Monday, November 14th Flags on display honoring the Veterans. Vietnam Veteran flags will be positioned near Moving Wall.Sunday 6-Nov 14-Nov 3:00 PM C11 Vietnam Wall Traveling Memorial (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOMF. Sunday, November 6th through Monday, November 14th Opening Ceremony on 3 PM Sunday. Closing Ceremony on 3 PM Sunday. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Sunday 6-Nov 14-Nov 3:00 PM C7 Rolling Thunder Support of Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall (Firm) Jim Hollister. November 6th through November 14th. ASOM 24/7 security provided by Rolling Thunder and Nam Knights Motorcycle Club for the Moving Wall.Sunday 6-Nov 6:30 PM I1 Fayetteville Then & Now (Firm) Jeff Thompson. Arts Council. Sunday, November 6th. 6:30 pm. A look back at changes in the City, the downtown, the mall area and Fort Bragg. Panel discussion. Potential panelists to include Harry Shaw, Roy Parker, W.T. Brown, Rock Merritt. Possibly consider video that includes oral histories.Monday 7-Nov 6:30 PM I5 Keynote Address (Firm) John Duvall. Monday, November 7th, ASOM. Keynote address featuring retired U.S. Army General and Vietnam Veteran James Lindsay.Tuesday 8-Nov 6:00 PM D1 ASOM Film Festival - Platoon (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOM. 25th Infantry Vietnam Veterans. Hopefully to include Captain Dye, technical advisor on Platoon and other military films. Captain Dye is a US Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.Tuesday 8-Nov 7:00 PM I2 Friends of Library Author Visit - James D. Johnson (Firm) Kellie Tomita. Main Library. Tuesday, November 8th. 7:00 pm. Fayetteville author and retired Lt. Col. James Johnson "Combat Trauma: A Personal Look at Long-term Consequences.Wednesday 9-Nov 12-Nov 8:00 AM C1 Aircraft Display with SF A-Camp Display (Firm) Ronnie McCann. Wednesday, November 9th thru Saturday, November 12th, Hay Street - Medical Arts open lot The Special Forces Association is participating in this project with displays of Vintage Aircraft, displays/layouts of items that were in SF A-Camps along with the NC Montagnards and veterans in the community.Wednesday 9-Nov 12-Nov 8:00 AM D7 Montagnard Marketplace Exhibit (Firm) George Clark. STMP. Wednesday, November 9th thru Saturday, November 12th, Hay Street. Static display of Montagnard village with Montaganards telling their stories.Wednesday 9-Nov 12-Nov 10:00 AM D18 Recognition of Medal of Honor Recipients (Firm) Steve Cohen. Wednesday, November 9th through Sunday, November 12th Recognize CSM Robert Patterson and Colonel Joe Marm, local residents who were awarded the Medal of Honor during Vietnam. Invitation extended to all surviving MOH recipients. Includes a full day of activities at Fort Bragg on Wednesday and attendance at all event during the week.Wednesday 9-Nov 10:00 AM D17 Veterans Benefits Fair (Firm) Ed Drohan. VAMC. November 9th, 10:00 - 2:00 pm. Sponsor a Veterans Fair at VAMC to provide Veterans the opportunity to speak with officials from the Veterans Administration.Wednesday 9-Nov 2:00 PM D9 POW/MIA Symposium (Firm) Jon Chase. ASOM. Representatives from the Defense Prisoner of War - Missing Personnel Office will provide briefings that cover accounting strategies, operational updates and answer questions.Wednesday 9-Nov 6:00 PM D1 ASOM Film Festival - Hamburger Hill (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOM. 101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans.Wednesday 9-Nov 7:00 PM I3 FSU Chancellors Series (Firm) Emily Dickens. FSU. Wednesday, November 9th. 7:00 pm. Dr. Sharon Raynor, author, Breaking the Silence: The Unspoken Brotherhood of Vietnam Veterans. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Thursday 10-Nov 12-Nov 8:00 AM I8 Adrian Cronauer (Firm) Johnny Dawkins. PSAC. Thursday, November 10th - Saturday, November 12th. U.S. Airman who was DJ in Vietnam. "Good Morning Vietnam" Multiple events during period.Thursday 10-Nov 13-Nov 8:00 AM C16 Welcome Home Veterans Signs in Area Businesses (Firm) Toni Dixon. Fayetteville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce - MAC. Have areas businesses include messages on their signage "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans" November 10th - November 13thThursday 10-Nov 12-Nov 8:00 AM D21 Martha Raye Exhibit (Working) Roxanne Merritt. Daughters of the U.S. Army. Downtown Fayetteville Exhibit of actual Martha Raye living room and memorabilia. 11/10 - 11/12Thursday 10-Nov 13-Nov 8:00 AM C18 Flags in Cemeteries (Firm) George Breece. Society of Patriots. Thursday, November 10th through Sunday, November 13th American flags on display in each cemetery in the city. Starts at Cross Creek Cemetery.Thursday 10-Nov 9:30 AM C27 Robert Patterson Return to Massey Hill (Firm) Medal of Honor Recipient returns to Massey Hill High School to make a presentation to seniors at Massey High Classical High School. SGT Patterson was recognized in a similar assembly at the school in 1969. Visits Terry Sanford High School at 2:00 pm also.Thursday 10-Nov 10:00 AM C6 Rededication of Vietnam War Memorial on Fort Bragg (Firm) Bob Graveen. Thursday, November 10th. Fort Bragg Main Post Parade Field Rededication of the relocated Vietnam War Memorial on Fort Bragg.Thursday 10-Nov 11:15 AM C3 Gold Star Recognition Ceremony (Firm) Julie Milani. Luncheon Reception to be hosted by Melissa Helmick, wife of 18th Airborne Corps Commanding General LTG Frank Helmick. Recognize Gold Stars wives from the period at Veterans Day activities. November 10thThursday 10-Nov 11:00AM C14 VA Hospital - Vietnam Veterans Recognition (Firm) Willie Wright. AUSA. Tuesday, November 8 & Thursday, November 10. VAMC Recognition service for Veterans at local VA Hospital and assist Veterans to Vietnam Wall Traveling MemorialThursday 10-Nov 12:00 PM I4 Honoring the Nurses Who Served in Vietnam (Firm) Drew Ziegler. Methodist University. Thursday, November 10th. 12:00 pm. "Honoring the Nurses Who Served in Vietnam" luncheon. Event Sponsors are Methodist University & Army ROTC Nursing. Guest speaker is LTC Teresa Hendrix, U.S. Army Nurse Corps Historian.Thursday 10-Nov 6:00 PM D1 ASOM Film Festival - We Were Soldiers (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOM. Speakers to include five soldiers from the battle. Sponsored by Fayetteville Observer.Thursday 10-Nov 13-Nov 6:30 PM I9 Stephen Mansfield (Firm) David Teague. Manna Church. November 10th, 6:30 pm (live); November 13th (combination of live and video) Cliffdale Site-8:00am,9:30am,11:00am,12:30pm; Executive Suite Place-9:00am,11:00am; Hope Mills Site 9:30am,11:30am; North Site (Overhills)- 11:30am. International bestselling author, The Faith of the American Soldier.Thursday 10-Nov 6:00 PM C19 American Red Cross - Red and White Wine Gala (Firm) Victoria Raleigh. American Red Cross. Thursday, November 10th. Holiday Inn Bordeaux The 8th Annual Wine Gala will feature over 70 wines to enjoy along with showcasing the American Red Cross support of military members and families throughout the Vietnam War.Thursday 10-Nov 7:00 PM C12 Vietnam Veterans Recognition at HS Games (Working) Leon Mack. CC High School Booster Clubs. Recognize Vietnam Veterans as part of high school football games halftime programs. Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Friday 11-Nov 10:00 AM C13 Veterans Day Service - Wreath Laying Ceremony at Vietnam Memorial (Firm) Bob White. Friday, November 11th, 10 am. Freedom Memorial Park. Formal Veterans Day service to include wreath laying ceremony.Friday 11-Nov 10:30 AM C22 Rededication of Vietnam POW/MIA Plaque (Firm) Don Talbot. Freedom Park. Rededication of the memorial plaque originally dedciated in 1973 to 19 local men who were prisoners of war or missing in action during the Vietnam War. The plaque was recently intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in California. (11/11) LTC Ray Schrump to be recognizedFriday 11-Nov 11:00 AM C23 Veterans Day Ceremony - NC Veterans Park (Firm) Official annual recognition of Veterans Day at NC Veterans Park. Official City Event.Friday 11-Nov 12:00 PM C4 POW/MIA Vigil & MIA Recognition Ceremony (Firm) Paul Galloway & Jim Hollister. Friday, November 11th, 12:00 noon, ASOM. The Missing Man Table Ceremony will be held every hour in honor of the remaining 41 MIAs.Friday 11-Nov 5:00 PM D1 ASOM Film Festival - Good Morning Vietnam (Firm) Paul Galloway. ASOM. Speakers to include Adrian Cronauer.Friday 11-Nov 8:00 PM C21 Community Concerts - Darius Rucker (Firm) Bill Kirby. Community Concert event featuring Darius Rucker. Friday, November 11th, Crown Arena.Saturday 12-Nov 6:00 AM C26 Knights of Pythias Pancake Breakfast (Firm) Neil Lindsay. November 12th, 6:00 AM. Cumberland Lodge #5 at 210 Russell St. Breakfast to host Veterans prior to Veterans Day Parade.Saturday 12-Nov 11:00 AM C9 Veterans Day Parade (Firm) Don Talbot. November 12th, 11:00. Downtown Fayetteville. Annual Veterans Day Parade.Saturday 12-Nov 8:00 AM C20 American Red Cross - Veterans Day Parade Support (Firm) Victoria Raleigh. American Red Cross. Saturday, November 12th. Freedom Park. The Red Cross will supply coffee and donuts to parade participants.Saturday 12-Nov 11:00 AM D12 Vietnam War Living History Day (Firm) Leisa Greathouse. Museum of the Cape Fear. November 12th, 11:00-4:00pm. Living history program with Vietnam War re-enactors - include encampment, vehicles, dog handler, displays of weapons and equipment.Saturday 12-Nov 9:00 AM C25 Veterans Day Car Event: Car Show/Cruise-in (Firm) Jim Greathouse. Fayetteville Area Transportation & Local History Museum. Saturday, November 12, 9-3 pm. The Car Show will be a "Peoples Choice" awards event. Visitors will be asked to judge the cars in four categories.Saturday 12-Nov 1:00 PM C30 Veterans Family Day in the Park (Firm) Bruce Daws. NC Veterans Park. November 12th, 1:00pm-4:00pm. A post parade activity for Veterans and their families. Will feature music from bands as well as signers. Childrens activities will be coordinated with Fascinate-U Museum. Various veteran organizations will be set-up at tables around the park. Military book signing will occur inside the Visitors Center. Food vendors will also be present.Saturday 12-Nov 2:00 PM Oral Histories Presentation (Firm) Deborah Mintz. Arts Council. Saturday, November 12th 2 PM. Presentation of the oral histories of Vietnam Veterans, native-born Vietnamese and residents of Fayetteville during that period. The oral histories project was funded by the N.C. Humanities Council.Saturday 12-Nov 2:00 PM D24 Killing Memories Documentary Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. (Working) James Ytuarte. Cameo Theater. Presentation of the award-winning documentary of four Vietnam Veterans return to Vietnam. Three of the Veterans are expected to return and share their experiences.Saturday 12-Nov 3:00 PM D10 Veterans Graduation (Firm) Robin McGregor. CC Schools. Saturday, November 12th. 3:00pm. ASOM. Graduation ceremony for service members who left high school to serve during the Vietnam era.Saturday 12-Nov 7:30 PM C8 USO of NC Variety Show (Firm) Renee Lane. Saturday, November 12th. Crown Theatre. Showtimes TBD. USO of NC is sponsoring a variety show with music and entertainment highlighting the Vietnam era. Invited celebrities include Adrian Cronauer, Connie Stevens, the USO Liberty Bells.Sunday 13-Nov 8:00 AM C5 Fellowship Breakfast (Firm) John T. Johnson. Sunday, November 13th. Featuring Lt. Colonel James Johnson. Hay St. United Methodist Church. Fellowship breakfast for Veteran attendees.Sunday 13-Nov 8:00 AM I9 Stephen Mansfield (Firm) David Teague. Manna Church.November 13th, 8 am, 10 am & 12pm. International bestselling author, The Faith of the American Soldier.Sunday 13-Nov 11:00 AM C29 Lay Service (Firm) Jack Cox. Fort Bragg Main Post Chapel. November 13th, 11:00 am. Every year the 11:00 am Protestant Service has a Lay Service to honor our fellow servicement and thank God for his protection. A member of the congregation talks of his or her religious experiences. This year COL (R) Willie Wright will be the Lay Leader. The 82nd Chorus will sing during the service.Working EventsTBD TBD D26 Texas Tech University - Vietnam Exhibit Page 6 of 6